Gay marriage

Why should it be illegal, pol? Give me real arguments for it, (not religious arguments)

PS: i'm asking to ones who want it to be illegal, dont fucking come here to support it, thats not the topic.

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Because a marriage needs a mother.

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The state shouldn't have a monopoly on marriages, so people can marry trees, its just an imaginary contract, why do they need gov to legitimize it? Are they that insecure?

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You already know the answer to that. You tell me why you think gays want marriage rights.

because marriage is a tradition that is thousands of years old its is between a man and a woman to signify the fact that their union can create life

why should a thousand year old tradition change to accommodate a few turd burglers?

Because marriage in principle is about raising children. So lala homo men can't be married because they can't spawn. So it is just a critical theory attack furthering the destruction of language. I think that Hitler was right about words building bridges.

Gays can adopt or have surrogate children.

>(not religious arguments)

marriage is a religious ceremony. it violates spiritual laws. and the government does not have the right to infringe on the rights of religious ceremonies. Gays had civil union for tax/insurance purposes, and if they didn't they could have pushed for it, and had the backing of the religious community.

also this.

Because societies are allowed to have traditions without having libshits trying to destroy their foundation.

you're right you know, why should a thousand year old tradition change! Bring back baby rape, and hand to hand combat. Bring back death to traitors and those who we suspect as witches. Bring back foot binding, mummification and human sacrifice. WAITA SECOND

all those things still exist in islamic countries

lol wut?

>Why should it be illegal, pol? Give me real arguments for it, (not religious arguments)

why should pot be legal (no plant arguments)

marriage has always been religious.

>Gays can adopt or have surrogate children.

Could we possibly organize a mass vocal recording of /breederpol/ groaning at the thought of gays being allowed to have kids?

For posterity.


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The "sanctity" of marriage hasn't existed since no-fault divorces became legal.

Now it's just a government contract designed to promote co-habitation, merging of assets, and making new taxpayers.

So I honestly don't see why not. If stupid niggers are allowed to raise children, I don't see why gays can't.

In the big scheme of things, it doesn't matter
Bigger problems confronting the world
Gays most likely have the same success/failure rates in marriage as heteros
They most likely fight as often or not as heteros
And after learning how so many heteros murder, torture, abuse etc. their kids, it's most likely fair to say that gays couldn't be any worse than heteros at parenthood
Heteros are promiscuous, are exhibitionistic, are a pain in the arse. So they have no right to toss darts at gays
As for religion, if someone's born gay, that's God's responsibility in the same way some people are born handicapped or as future pyschopaths and serial murderers
Heteros should mind their own business as far as gays are concerned. I mean, some serial adulterer or loser who deserts his third family or some female who has six kids by five fathers should presume to judge gays? Come on ...

Its more harm to give them legal marriage instead of illegalizing it. Now gays get to fight in divorce courts and custody courts and shit.