Left wing response to race realism?

Serious topic.
If race realism becomes mainstream, and the leftists are forced to abandon blank slate, how do you think they will transform their policies?

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What policies are you referring to?

Things like educational levelling (Head Start) and affirmative action; complaining about niggers doing more crime and getting killed more by police.

I suspect this will shatter the left-liberal alliance.

Liberals will go libertarian, coming from both left and right wing.

True leftists (ultra egalitarians) will see genetic advantages as the motherlode of "unearned privilege" and start to force race mixing. Brave New World.

Progressives of all sorts will return to eugenics.

Well it's quite simple. Individuals are different and find their proper place in society based on their abilities through the free market. If races have differences then certain races will fall into certain slots in society more than others. And we can stop giving a damn about wasting money on anything but healthcare issues, since you can't force a stupid kid to be smart and a stupid race won't just become smarter.

On the whole society wouldn't change since all populations have variance (bell curve) so everyone would be judged on individual level but races would matter on societal level (dumb niggers filling the bottom).

That is the libertarian response to race realism.

A proper leftist sees all of this difference as cruel unfairness and is willing to overturn society to fix it.

I'm a socialist. I have no problem with groups of people being different since individuals are different already and the society works.

Ah OK, interesting.
As a socialist, are you worried about societies filling up with stupid people? Would you want eugenics?

Some will turn to the right as their idea of equality is shattered. Hardcore leftists will probably just continue to denying it.

Well we can't force people to not breed since it require some real police state but we certainly should be engaging in eugenics. People should know that some people simply shouldn't breed since bad genes are impossible to get out of our gene pool without genetic engineering. Medicine has advanced so much that more and more faulty genes survive. The best we could do would probably be sterilizing people with 2-3 children in shithole countries without compromising basic individual freedoms. Others don't have enough population growth for it to be a problem.

The original eugenics proposed by Galton (I think) was positive eugenics: give strong incentives for those with good genes to breed frequently. As the upper echelons of society overfill, their genes will rain down into the lower levels.

The other possibility is genetic engineering. Whoever embraces this fully (either China or internationalist elites) will probably end up dominating the world.

more pity gibs and appeals of emotion

>h-he can't help it! he's genetically inferior! please let us force you at gunpoint into giving us more money to sustain degenerate lifestyles. Where is your humanity?!

ignore this & go to
>IᖴᑌᑕK TOᑎIGᕼT .ᑕOᗰ

It's a class issue, not a "race" issue. Blacks are more likely to be poor, poor people are more likely to become criminals (sometimes out of necessity). People who look like they're poor are more likely to be considered a threat and get shot.

And que people saying
>Then why do poor white people commit less crime then poor black people, go prep the bull Hans.

Yes there are pastas for this.

>let's look at this one buttfuck county with 24/sq mi population density
There's not enough people to rob or steal from there. Also if everyone is poor there, there's nothing to steal.

Try again. Better luck next time.

Take a look at myth 5

Well personally I went nat-soc. "Race-realism", or scientific racism, shatters the entire post-WW2 intellectual framework

t. leftist

The real Left

Further testing is needed about myth 5

>If race realism becomes mainstream

Never will happen. You can represent them all kind of studies or proofs, they will scream racism, call the scientists racists and dismiss the whole topic.

The whole leftist agenda is built on imaginary fake science, do you think they will ever accept any contradicting?

You speak like the right wingers neve has a beef with science

IQ tests aren't objective measurements of intelligence (I would argue that such a thing can't exist). They also measure education. SAT scores are obviously a measure of education, though I don't know what fields are tested. Additionally, all these graphs are for the US or parts of it, so this mostly shows blacks perform worse under burger education.

more screeching about 'white privilege' and more gimmies for the nigs obviously, you shuold know how neo-marxism operates

They scream because this topic is taboo, but it is changing. People are starting to accept the facts of the matter. I predict that it will become mainstream in 5-10 years.

>IQ tests aren't objective measurements of intelligence
IQ tests are a pretty good predictor of future success. Hans, I understand that all of this can be hard to accept if you're a retard but it is pretty obvious that not all ethnicities have the same average intelligence

I've heard some liberals say it would be a good thing because then they could explicitly devote more money and resources towards Blacks to help them reach the same level as everyone else.

>IQ tests are a pretty good predictor of future success
As is education. I argued that you can't measure intelligence completely independent of education. And since we're talking burger education, it's all meaningless.

there are purely abstract IQ tests to test fluid IQ
dont test crystallized intelligence - which is derivative

>Fluid intelligence or fluid reasoning is the capacity to reason and solve novel problems, independent of any knowledge from the past

you can stuff your eeducation up your ass, if the average IQ of the population you're trying to educate is around 80

>how do you think they will transform their policies?

And then another 10-20 years of your money being forcibly taken away from you in form of taxes et cetera before people get upset, change the way things are, leftists adapt again, ad nauseum.

Leftists have already rejected and reinterpreted science with sex and gender so how they deal with race realism should be obvious.

Poor people are not more likely to be criminals. Wrong.

Whether in Africa, the US, Canada, anywhere Africans exist, they are violent, poor, and stupid. They destroy everything beautiful. It is in their DNA, and no amount of money or education will overcome that, it's a complete waste. They need to be isolated or extinct.


>They destroy everything beautiful.
Who doesn't


Yay, some pattern recognition bullshit.

Most will never accept it just most racists like myself will never accept turning this country mud brown. And the more you fling your own faeces at me the worse it gets.

But those spastic lefties do need a reality check


You're confusing leftists and liberals. The left is a wide spectrum, there wasn't any egalitarianism in the USSR, or Juche Korea for example.

Victoria era police will disagree with you on that
I fail to see what you want to prove because The Dutch, Belgium and Danes are all smart people but don't even reach half of the Germans have accomplished




Alternative: offer genetic screening for children. Remove the worst traits, let people buy upgrade packages, no need for mandated anything but society slowly removes lower IQ etc without infringing rights only incentivizing.


Socialism + Nationalism = National Socialism.

wow all those white criminals

only asians should be allowed to live


Also, Africa is nonexistent when discussing intelligence, accomplishment, contribution, historical relevance.

Totally fucking worthless.

I see a familiar flag in this.


>White on Black: 0

Also, how large is your folder with these graphs?

>left wing


>but it is changing

You base that statement on what? I have never heard about this until now.

Wow, within a large population of white people in a white country founded by whites and primarily populated by whites commit less crime than 15% of their population... who are niggers.

I bet Chinese people commit the most crime in China..

Really tumbles my turnips..

Mixing your race and widening the gap between you and old people ofc because once you are mixed noone will be special and you wont know your own history.
It´s already happening .....i fcking told you that my continent is your guinea pig
You must hold the line
Blacks are tamed here, maybe because they mixed with natives and our natives are submissive thanks to hundreds of years of slavery (not only by Spaniards)

Statistically zero, not real zero. You're ignoring the massive disparity.

Remove low iq at the cost of what? Increase chance for hearth failure? That's why eugenics will never work
You mean sub Sahara Africa, and even then there are some places with a long history like Ethiopia and Mali. Even Zulu has a short lived but interesting history
>historical relevance.
Historical relevance is all a matter of relativity, all the wars that Poland was involved with hardly matter to the history of Spain or England but nobody is dismissing their history


Cherry picked as fuck

You're not helping your case if you tamper with the actual numbers.

No, sorry Tyrone. You are worthless and make the world a worse place just by living.

This looks outright made-up to me. Where is China?


Triangle w a dot ouside the left edge.

Not on a list they don't deserve to be on?

none of this is true

Low IQ + High Time Preference = Poverty
High IQ + Low Time Preference = Wealth

There are more poor white people in America than there are Black People in America.
Blacks still commit half the murders and almost as much crime despite being outnumbered by poor white people.


The Chinese are cruel to the point of inhumanity at times but it is ridiculous to suggest that they that few significant scientific inventories.

Number of dots changes within each line.

[spoiler]Though a lot of these bullshit tests would allow for multiple solutions, with only one being counted as correct.[/spoiler]

>race realism
>all the data to support this theory are trash

Your entire graph ignores 1000 orbso years of superior advancement in China and the Middle East

So are you upset that they are cruel to a dog or cruel an animal? Because if the later you should probably stop eating meat

The low IQ races also make higher pontuation in psycopathy tests. Thats why they abandon their children, dont plan their future, dont marry, take unnecessary risks, etc.

you guys elected an autistic drama teacher

>another one of these threads with cherry picked accomplishments
Wow who would of actually thought that humans as a whole no matter what their skin color are responsible for horrific and stupid acts.
yeah and there are tons of videos of russians fags lighting cats on fire, anyone remember the video of the idiot white woman literally drowning puppies and laughing at it.
so your only argument is to find all the acts of cruelty and try to some how compare them?
why am i even replying to this bait thread?

i dont know maybe people who create shit or at least upkeep it instead of destroying it. do you think it is a coincidence that certain groups are net tax contributors while others are net drains on the system?

there are tough realities that are difficult to swallow for people who havent yet been subjected to the unfiltered truth instead of the (((hollywood))) version. look at malmo in your country for clues

I hunt for my own meat or by from farmers who I know don't torture the animals.

Same way they already do, by arguing that despite differences race doesn't really exist because populations blend and merge, particularly in areas where the peoples of one region meet another geographically, and the ambiguity it creates means races aren't really. It's bullshit of course because you can still track the dominant haplogroups and traits in such populations but it's what they argue.

>do you think it is a coincidence that certain groups are net tax contributors while others are net drains on the system?
Yes NEETS are bad
>look at malmo in your country for clues
A city that has always been a working class shit hole? Yeah the grenade attacks are bad, but you know what? It's been worse, at least nobody has stolen a rocket launcher from the military and used it for gang wars like they did in the biker wars

>objective measurements of intelligence (I would argue that such a thing can't exist).
And you would be laughably, objectively wrong.

Hahahah this makes me laugh so much.

So, I am the guy who make that skull compilation, i made it about 6 years ago in my Sup Forums, or rather /new/ back then, days.

I faked it, the native american, east asian are both female skulls, not male, i picked female to because they look more smooth.

You can go on Boneclones.com and see this for yourself.


Aright you win this round Canada

Wait, how do these farmers raise their animals? How much space are they given to move around and live in? How many hormones are they given

>swedecuck giving excuses about why it isn't so bad his unique culture and people are being erased forever

This is why ameriturds have a bad rep. Triangle without any dots is the correct answer

>As is education. I argued that you can't measure intelligence completely independent of education.
Yeah but that's because IQ is essential to education. Stupid people do worse in education

>You base that statement on what? I have never heard about this until now.
I see more and more people accept that there are genetic differences in intelligence. Even Sam Harris came out in public and admitted it. In any case given the way in which zeitgeist is going, I'd consider it inevitable that it will become more mainstream


yes and other larger, much more discernible groups. as for you equating subhuman sunni islamist shitskins with working class swedes, well i really dont know what to do with that

maybe if you just keep on pretending that elephant isnt actually in the room it will go away one day

[spoiler]it wont[/spoiler]

I've never met anyone who cooks anything alive. The fact that it is a dog amplifies the disgust because dogs are sentient. If you don't know that, you're a dirty nigger.

I source all of my beef from local growers who allow their herd to roam freely in plush grasslands with cool, clear, clean, free flowing water. They never see the kill shot coming when it's time for slaughter. They live 10+ years in most cases. Adrenaline in the system prior to death ruins the meat. So shut the fuck up with this garbage of "muh meat industry is bad, maaaaaan." You're a fucking idiot.

Those insects cooking the dog alive should be killed in the most painful way possible.

>Lardtards making things up again
Go take your fake alternative facts somewhere else
>his unique culture and people are being erased forever
That's not how it works

I'm a lefty.

Most leftists i know don't deny that different race groups have different average IQ. that is pretty fuck obvious, most people don't deny this.

But we are proudly standing to protect human-rights and reject a darwinian society. we believe all humans deserve a chance to prove themselves based on their own merits, not based on their race

>vague, vapid nothing response
Got an argument yet, Sven the Swedecuck (or is this actually Achmed?)

>Muslims can't be NEETS
Wow racism much.
>because dogs are sentient
Are you implying that other animals aren't sentient? And I'm pretty sure that lobster are boiled alive for best taste

Furthermore it's good that you get your meat like that, I wish everyone could. But we aren't and some animals in the meat industry has terrible condition that are almost as bad as being boiled alive

So you're fine with allowing those who can't maintain human society to destroy human society so you can feel good about it?

> Cover eyes and ears
> Scream "RACIST" "NAZI" "BIGOT" "FASCIST" over and over
> Smash windows and set fire to garbage cans

You do realise that most black people know they, as a race, are not as smart of white people. Obviously they don't admit it openly much. It's a key driver of hate.

Also the left are racist too. You see it shine through with the "soft" racism of lowered expectation. They obsess about race, and treat what they see as inferior races as pets with no agency, that need to be cared for and sheltered.

I will start brining the arguments when you do it, because
>swedecuck giving excuses about why it isn't so bad his unique culture and people are being erased forever
Is not an argument

Germany, Africans have an average IQ of 85. They're never going to preform as well as whites... on average.

The ones who can't maintain human society? you mean people in the far-right who are against the very concept of human society and only believe in an ethno european society?

>tfw black kids in the top economic quintile perform comparably to white kids in the lowest quintile on the SATs