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Press E to execute in firing squad for treason:

>Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.

t.US Constitution.

>Senator John McCain died peacefully at home
>early Friday after being knocked in the head by
>a foul ball while watching his beloved Arizona
>Diamondbacks play. His last wishes were that
>"President Comey destroys all human existence."
>In lieu of flowers, please beg for war with Syria.

This faggot is old enough to believe this thread
Sadly it wasn't true

I met this hot chick tonight.. and then I found out she liked McCain..

Arizona fag btw

Gilbert reporting in. Status: I want to die

laughed so hard i forgot how bad things are here

I think the increasing narrative will be McStain more and more becoming dementia like, until he ultimately winds up put out to pasture and made into glue.

Be patient lads, soon we will all be pressing S on this old silly Neocon

Why is everyone talking about McCain now? Did he embarrass himself during the Comey questioning?

How likely is it that he will be replaced by a democrat?

Yea. The questions were pretty decent and Comey's answers were straight forward. Then McCain goes up and basically says: "Since Hillary was also a candidate for president, should not she have also been investigate for colluding with Russia?"

Shit ain't so bad. I have to ride my bike 10 miles round trip every day to get to a shitty call center to make the least amount of money I've made in my adult life.. think about that.

I used to be white but I'm developing a massive melanin shield

Kek no fucking way, link pls

No way songbird McCain would stab his best friend Hillary in the back

what functional difference would that make

At least you can fit in with all the spics by the time they take compete control of this state. You'll get all the gibs while they slaughter the whites in the street. Fucking Antifa is here so it's already stated

Depends. He keeps winning because the American Indians respect warriors as leaders. It he goes the way of ol' yeller, who ever comes up behind him with miltary background will most likely be given the position.

>I like senators who aren't dead -- Trump

It would only make a difference to the newfag normies who think there's more than a superficial difference between the two parties

Kek thanks I feel better

Honestly AZ wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so fucking hot

Interesting and informative/10

You raised my hopes and dashed them quite expertly, sir! Well done!



McCain is going to live until he is over 100. His mom is still alive.

McCain just got re-elected to the US Senate again in November. Enjoy the next 5 1/2 + years faggots.

McCain complains about other Republicans but he always falls in line with the party.

A RINO is better than a Dem, idiot. If absolutely nothing else, he voted for Gorsuch, and that's all that fucking matters. Conservative SCOTUS is the only thing saving us from becoming a complete left-wing degenerate hellhole.

Arizona could go blue and McCain would still be alive and be re-elected

I heard that recording so,

It's not so bad, at last we don't have humidity

True enough. I'm native to AZ but I live in OK. Currently in Gilbert visiting relatives. OK humidity actually makes me consider suicide. At least in the dry heat you can cool off and not feel like a sumo wrestler just rubbed his nuts all over you

You forget about monsoon season...

A bit unlikely, but not totally outlandish. Arizona's voter statistics by party affiliation are: (R) 1,259,406, (D) 1,102,169, and (Other) 1,235,911. McCain's last opponent in the Republic primary, which allows Independents to participate, was Kelli Ward, supported by the Tea Party, and the results were 51.7% (McCain) to 39.2% (Ward). In the general election, McCain beat out Democratic candidate Ann Kirkpatrick 1,359,267 (53.74%) to 1,031,245 (40.77%), with the R's losing numbers and the D's gaining relative to the previous election.

Anyway, and I can only speculate as I'm not a professional, it looks like while many of the Republican base is swinging further to the left, the AZ voting population overall is swinging to the left/moderate. So, if the next Republican candidate is another Tea Party member, the Democrats will probably win the seat because of the Independent vote, but since Independents can vote in the Republican primary, the next candidate is quite likely to be a moderate Republican like McCain, and this candidate will most likely beat the Democratic opponent.

He was an idiot and very confused. He made no sense. His mind is chop suey

this. I'd rather have a guy who votes with Dems some of the time and nominates conservative appointees than an actual fucking Dem who votes with you some of the time and blocks everything important.

The woman running against him last year would've been BTFO in the general because not enough Calicucks and snowbirds would vote for a "far-right" candidate like that. It's just electoral reality.

>ID is Jew

RINOs are faggots, I'd rather vote for Barney Sandals than McCain

He can't die yet! I need to see him hang after being judged by a judy of his peers.

Going to be harder and harder to win in AZ with the increasing spic vote and dying older generations. McCain is the best shot.

That's when all the psychedelic roads come out though

Bufo Alvarius

Kek approved

Phoneposting drunk is challenging

Yeah, be an idiot and vote for the Tea Party candidate, watch her lose by a slim margin and then watch every subsequent election get further and further out of reach when you run even more unelectable candidates.

He makes Sen. Feinstein and Maxine Waters look less senile.

Oh, what's important to keep in mind is McCain's brand recognition. Look at the other AZ Senator, Jeff Flake---he even more narrowly edged out his opponent in 2012:

1,104,457 49.23%
1,036,542 46.20%

That's not a great sign for Republicans, especially with what said here---but, again, keeping in mind a lot of the youth vote is gonna register Independent and they can vote in the Republican primary, the R candidate is quite likely to be a moderate with wide demographic appeal.

Lol that's because it's too hot to have humidity out here

I hope this was true

>A RINO is better than a Dem
This particular RINO is a special flavor of evil though

he has influence on /k/ matters and he shits the bed every time - he's Fudd personified

he also mouths off at Generals called to testify when they try to explain to him how fucking retarded and wrong he is. many such cases!

>he has influence on /k/ matters and he shits the bed every time - he's Fudd personified
He's pro-UBC, voted no on the AWB and mag bans.

Kirkpatrick would've voted for all of it.

I don't want McCain but i dont want a democrat senator.

We already have too many Mexicans in Phoenix.

I meant on the procurement & force structure side

you better fucking vote in the primary

>Favoring electability over principals

Wew lad


Aw man I liked William shatner

Agreed, which is why the next Republican nominee won't be a Tea Party or Trump supporter that us R's (on here, at least) see as the ideal. The center will creep ever-so surely to the left, and a RINO will be the only possible right-wing outcome to occupy the Senate seat. I'd be surprised if Jeff Flake manages to win again in 2018 (assuming the current political climate and its patterns remain consistent) because so far he's been in line with Trump's positions, but who knows, maybe we'll get lucky and the Democrats will run someone too liberal which'll be so stupid as to guarantee a Republican victory. Either way, how the 2018 Senate race plays out will be highly representative of the state's political future.


Got me

>favoring fantasy over reality

>maybe we'll get lucky and the Democrats will run someone too liberal which'll be so stupid as to guarantee a Republican victory
Probably likely. I'm surprised they're running a socially liberal, metrosexual Jew (Ossoff) in the GA special election. Whatever happens they're going to take it as a sign that doubling down is the way to go.

thank me later
>IᖴᑌᑕK TOᑎIGᕼT .ᑕOᗰ

Since it occupies a national stage with wide media interest, Democrats are definitely using the special election as a way to symbolically represent a referendum on Trump, his personal popularity, and the direction/vision he has for the country---a huge victory for the #Resist movement, if he wins. With that said, is Ossoff really that progressive? I've read he is on most social issues, but otherwise he's a moderate liberal on stuff like healthcare (even though he supports ACA, he doesn't approve of single-payer), immigration, and taxes. I could easily be uninformed on just how left the guy is though, as I haven't been keeping updated on the special election and any new policy positions.

Too late. McCain won his primary last year.

Kill yourself

Lol. Underated.

You forgot to add the other treasonous act he committed recently by giving information to "russian hacker" teenagers over the phone recently.
I hope he lives to see the he is executed.
Ironic considering he is one of the major anti-Trump Republicans.

Honestly yes that should have been said - why is it only the Trump campaign could have worked with another government?


at this point I'd be more likely to believe hillary's campaign was sabotaged because someone like podesta's being blackmailed by the russians to crash her campaign with no survivors

that wasn't investigated at all I guess and mccain had a point

he's gone from mental to unintelligible and i'm not just memeing

he was all confused and shit and did it MULTIPLE TIMES

Oh please, if the party fails to fall in line with McCain he knocks it over.


no he doesn't

he makes a lot of noise and breaks a coffee cup or two in a tantrum and then nods off to sleep while the vote's being taken