Why do you 30+ year old limp dicks defend white women again?

Why do you 30+ year old limp dicks defend white women again?

You must understand artificial wombs are the only way, right?


Shit's pathetic

Fuck, im a fat manchild now

I don't disagree but don't you have more important stuff to deal with, Brazil? Your country is a shithole and you're worrying about white betacucks.

i like to contribute to sexism in Sup Forums in my free time.

fuck off huemonkey

But I'm a long haired sex god and I support Trump.

>current year

fucking betas

im starting to hate white women more and more of each day that passes bye

they hate your grammar

sure your mom is proud

she actually is proud im not getting my wallet sucked off by a parasitic skank

lol, grandkids right around the corner then
your parents wish they taught you better

kek, carry on wayward son

What's with the quality of posts dropping like a rock when Americans are in bed? The VPNs are obvious

who fucking cares, at least im not a cuck

you are literally the definition of cucked,
at least real me get cucked by a female instead of their fucking sweaty palms
kys degenerate virtgin

>cucks calling people cucks

> I'm such an alpha cuzi put my pee pee in many girls XD

Real men raise their kids, they don't leave them with lone mothers to become degenerate. Thats not strenght. Ur just a coward.

Off yourself.

/sg/ is a literal Reddit ghetto

itt: greentexters project, mask with claims of projection
enjoy your lifelong virginity

>calls me a limp dick
>literally still sweating from masturbating 3 times in a row to a video of 2 beautiful white people fucking

/sg/ are real fashy ex libertarian oldfags.

based poland calls it

>masturbating 3 times in a row to a video of 2 beautiful white people
>masturbating to people
you gay dude, you're supposed to be fapping to the chick

That shit would be attractive if we still lived in trees. I'm tired of this regressive ideology permeating every facet of white culture. Fucking wake up, you deluded cunts...

my balls were nowhere near his, so its not gay

ellipses entirely necessary
go back to school

Russia is shit, assad will eventually lose, russia will collapse, again, America will keep doing it's world police thing.

The guy on the right was a Hillary supporter

yeah, fuck it, we're on a roll here, right?

well good thing he's from fucking brasil so that's literally impossible

>still lived in trees
preferably for an anthropology course
lrn2australopithicine faggot

Bitch, you understood me.

until the end, when I expected a succinct piece of punctuation to end your fucking blathering

Ok reddit whatever you say, enjoy your BASED goatfucker

Focusing on bullshit and aesthetics instead of substance is why your side lost, you dense fuck. But go ahead and keep telling me how dumb I am while I leave to do something worthwhile.

> complains about punctuation
> no periods

I know I do. Looking forward to the day white women get hauled off to gas chambers with their black bulls.

confirmed for underage lowlife who overuses this word outside of its limited scope to impress his middle school friends
in his head: "its like fucking latin man, i'm so goddamn smart XDD"

Everytime i see a White person do it I'm disgusted and i know who to avoid bunch of apes civilization/society is way too easy on Women and give them way toomuch Power. they barely do anything than spread their legs and have the most power

implied, unless i do something dumb like this...

>leave to do something worthwhile.
this should be good

>barely do anything
>responsible for the birth of every single one of the 100 billion births in recorded human history
choose one (1)

The two do not exclude eatch other (???)

dat Merkel envy
jelly Krautcuck detected

>polish logic

>the only legitimate accomplishment is having a man finish inside of them

>still more accomplished than the man who finished and is now evolutionarily obsolete
should just eat him for sustenance after, logically speaking

> lack of logic

No you're not. You are the guy on the left

No, that's /ptg/, /sg/ has some of the last bastion of old Sup Forums you would know this had you have been here for more than a year, which you haven't.

>polish comeback

Love you too desu

lol okay you win
love you too pollack

up until 1960s having a man finishing inside of a woman made him her protector and provider for life while in turn giving her different duties

only now women can have children and have state welfare (and forced child support) feed them w/o the man

don't be a retard and stop baiting
also lurk moar