Mfw islam will take over the world and Sup Forumstards think they can stop it

>mfw islam will take over the world and Sup Forumstards think they can stop it

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muslim truck of peace in D.C. get in here *

we're allowing muslims into our countries


they are not conquering, they are not winning, they are simply taking what is being GIVEN

Here's the problem. Jews are staging terror attacks which makes us hate muslims. All muslims. And when our patience runs out, which it will, the muslims living among us are going to be in for a very rough time.

Let that sink in, Abdu.

Also, what will happen to your people when the oil money dries up? You don't invent anything. You don't have anything to offer the world. You study only one book. You're fucked when the money is gone. You will go back to riding camels in the desert again.

Islam is just an idea. My loyalty is to my blood, and blood can use Islam.



cumskins btfo

convert now

I'm not going to stop shit, I'll just kill myself. People don't want to listen when I'm here, I'm not going to help them when it's too late.

As soon as they ban islam muslims will become easy to spot. Its not long now.

you lost war to emus, you have no right to talk unless i allow you to, you are inferior to me, cumskin, i am arab muslim masterrace

Not only allowing, but paying them to come here.

Muzie will have to get way more creative then there old ways to stop the degeneracy of the west from converting thire soldiers to our side. CAIR is already essentally shruugged off as a radical group. Youre stratagy will fail on the US and when you think its one, remeber. Our IQ's are higher. well flip it back, infiltrate your group then marginalize you by selling you back as slaves to your own people.

As soon as your cult is banned you wont even be able to hide in basements like you did from mongols.

They make more than me and I have a STEM degree.

Last thing you'd want as a sandnigger, cause Euromuslims will just exterminate your kind

lmao americans cant even get their language right
umm thats actually wrong sweaty, islam will win ;)

White Russians destroyed two of your small empires. Spainards destroyed one. The British destroyed one.
Muslims always lose.

russia is already filled with muslims, weak slavshits bow to chechen strong men ! you are pussies, 1 chechen can kill 10000 slavs in one minuet

How does it feel knowing your prophet fucked a 6 year old?

lol no, we are strong allah with us we will win as usual

lolz UR FAG

>Claims to be masterrace
>His greasy,smelly,pube bearded cousins get btfo by fuckign Jews on a daily basis

Have fun being part of greater Israel famalamadingdong

oops, your wrong again lol

>Implying you aren't Palestinian diaspora

How does it feel to know you got cucked out of your homeland by kikes? How does it feel to know you're basically a kike that got cucked into Islam by Saudi's?


lol if you think they'll allow you people to live.

Islam's like a shark and must keep moving and predating
So obviously islam won't take over the world or it would start to self cannibalise

we are immortal

Mad Man Muhammad Gives Child the Dicking of her Young Baby Life for 7 Rock Solid Hours while Britains and Leafs apologize

>he doesn't know that Chechens practice islam less than 300 years and are European
Race > religion
Extermination of non-whites is something we can't avoid anyhow, so maybe islam can help to speed it up

lol you faggots cant even take over israel

Americans know we fucked up by enabling Israel. No need to push Palestine into losing more kids and looking bad to make the US look less pathetic for standing up for like scum..

Actually burgerfriend, he merely married her when she was six. He first fucked her when she was nine. Not sure about first, second and third base though.

What a perfect man he was!

Guys a friend of mine she is begin harassed by a guy who has beating her threatened to kill her Has his friends stalking her, the cops won't do a thing, and I can't do anything because he is smart enough not to come at me directly.

>mfw muslims talk shit on a Tibetan testicle tying forum
come to my town and meet mr .308 faggot

Maybe I can't stop Islam, but I sure as hell can stop the first 5 or 6 that try to come through my door.

If you want to be one of them, be my guest nigger. I've got a loooooot of ammo.

Stop larping please, if you actually were from jordan you'd know islam and all the societies it sprouts are pure shit.

Something like a Shia troll you know call from internet phones 24/7 telling him to leave her the fuck alone, some deceleration of war from kekistan.

man I hope so but that's not going to happen at all. Islam is a scapegoat

>Maybe I can't stop Islam

No need to stop islam, all we need to do is stop retarded leftists from taking pity in its miserable adherents and bringing them over en masse.

40% of muslims in austria are only muslim on paper and literally dont care about your shit.
Not to mention that all muslims combined are not even 10% in the EU... which means you are all opening your mouth way to fucking soon.
You have no stamina and shoot your load as soon as you think its possible and this is your mistake that will save europe from islam and wipes the continent clean. Not to mention the problem of that you would have to take over all of europe pretty much at the same time because if its only for example france, everyone else will then instantly know whats up especially the people that then will vote accordingly. There is no way forward for you that doesnt expose you too soon or gives you enough time to get a majority or to even get close to the same amount of numbers.. and this is with counting all muslims as extremists that will stand up lol
So yeah you are done no matter what.

I would like kekistan to declar war on this little spoiled brats ass, he is literally the yep you can kick my ass but my daddy will sue type ( I broke his nose once still fighting the shit). That's why I can't have it traced back to me. Lord Pepe you are my only hope.

>Islam is a scapegoat

Oh stop it you, islam is pure shit. Sharia is terrible, muslims make each other and especially outsiders miserable because islam teaches and commands them to.

Ofcourse edgy larping Sup Forumstards will claim it's a good thing to kill your own daughters/sisters when they act in a manner you (or in the case of islam: your religion) perceives as degenerate (or haram) but it's terrible.

Islam ruins everything and everyone it touches. Stop pretending it's some noble spiritual practice, it's not. It's a holy manual to savagery.

How can arabs conquer when they lower iq than whites?

Couple of explosions
Driving trucks into people
Taking over the world

Top fucking kekkerino.

Muslims deserve to get shot on the streets. Which will start happening a lot more often very soon, mark my words.
Muslims don't have the manpower to take over anything civilized. As soon as shit REALLY hits the fan, they are fucked so quick it's sad. As long as they kill and rape their own people back in wherever the fuck no-one gives a fuck. Try mounting a real attack and see what actually happens you brainwashed sandnigger. I swear to god the crusades failing was the most dissapointing moment in history.

>We will stop them with the power of our meme magic.
Memes are like the care bear stare for edgelords

>Would totally love to do something but it's just so damn difficult to figure out how
>He must be smarter than me for never leaving the house or picking a fight with me
>How do I counter this?
You walk up to him and trip him on "accident". Help him up and if he assaults you, it's clear he started it by all bystanders. You will then have permission to feed him his own teeth.

Islam, Jews, communist are scum of the earth I say kill them all leave only national socialist to live

Fuck I love you ameribros

Can't, where he lives he has the DA cops all that shit as family friends only in my state my county can I hold him I need total troll harrasment on his phone personal and work,

Its feminists destroying us arabro. Islam knew about it all along.

>enjoy getting fucked over by Shekelburg you sandnigger.

>be American
>get shot
You know what to do, user. It's part and parcel of american life.

Plus the girl, she knows what will happen if I step in, she doesn't want that it would be to big, like national news big, it would make the hatfeilds McCoys look like a Saturday debate on tv.

>Couple of explosions
>Driving trucks into people
>Taking over the world
>Top fucking kekkerino.
>Muslims deserve to get shot on the streets. Which will start happening a lot more often very soon, mark my words.
>Muslims don't have the manpower to take over anything civilized. As soon as shit REALLY hits the fan, they are fucked so quick it's sad.

Oh ya theyre fucked so quick

They can thrive in a fucking desert

You cant live a day without play station and anime porn



Topkek, is that why they come to the civilized world by the millions, begging?

>They can thrive in a fucking desert
>in a fucking desert
yea,and they ride camels and shit

What the fuck are you talking about. My country is doing allright. I personally make more than you. Shut the fuck up.

And have you even seen how these fucking mongoloids live. Nigger you sound like Ahmed

I make 65,318 a year an I happen to be a 6 ft 4in 218lb German American

>My country is doing allright
>Dying out shithole


Im actually laughing crying rn
arabs have to go back 1400 years to find a victory against a european power omg

Seems like the kekistan ppl are asleeping rn

>implying Muslims can ever beat based Jews
keep dreaming you stupid fucking goyim

>conquer the world

you cant touch pork. every where but the middle east and sweden has pork. you niggers wont even be allowed in the rest of the world and we dont need government approval for removing kebab

>Literal sandniggers

Also I make more than you too, stay mad Köksal Baba

I don't think islam will but instead a new religion of peace-and-tolerance-atheism-diversty-feminism-genderfluidity-science/art is subjectif-all that shit combined. It's rather formless right now but it is already being constructed and bit by bit it is taking form. It's back to the middle ages baby, with more internet and consumerism.

Daddy, why are there no Muslims in Star Trek?......
Because it's the future, son!

thank me later
>IᖴᑌᑕK TOᑎIGᕼT .ᑕOᗰ

but sweetie pie, muslims lost every damn war since Rashidun and Umayyad caliphate ceased to exist

to conquere - you need actually WIN wars


Abrahamic religions have no place in the future.


Trips of truth. Soon muzzies themselves will be terrorised.

Eh, at least women, secularists, liberals, progressives, SocDems, multiculturalists, gays, adulterers, the divorced, etc. will have it worse than I will. Things could be worse.

>tfw you'll never follow a prophet who knew what it felt like being balls deep in a nine year old girl

I am much more concerned about Asians then Arabs

We're already killing your kind.

Except Global warming is coming fast, and in next decades everything is going to shit.


We already stopped "you" (you're not part of anything as you seem to think) they have yet to realize it.