Why do poos have the best gods?

why do poos have the best gods?

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Because the Poo's who founded Hinduism were much greater Poos than what we have now. Hindu populations degenerated due to both race-mixing and inbreeding. We need Eugenics to make India great again.

>degenerated due to both race-mixing and inbreeding
with who? what did poos used to look like?

Define best.

He probably talks about the conquest of the Indian subcontinent by the Aryans.(not to be confused with larping Germans). The Aryans were white as a race and the enslaved were the shitskins you refer as Poo's. Those were the ones that came out with the caste system. Since they were way fewer than the Poos, in time they were blacked. The muslim invasion of India and the British Empire helped to accelerate the process. Although even today the rich Indians are much whiter than the ones we make fun of. Makes you wonder really...

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does shiva
ganesha ring a bell?

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>indian subcontinent?
do you mean india as a whole?
>The Aryans were white as a race and the enslaved were the shitskins you refer as Poo's
when did niggers ever make there way into india?

meant to say where the fuck did white Asians come from?

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Slightly more complicated than that; The Indian demographic stroy is a tragic one.

The Aryan caste system was like a slow but effective Eugenics program; designed to consolidate the best genes at the top of the pyramid while lowest had upward mobility since upper class males were allowed to marry lower class females but not vice-versa.

This was effective up till the advent of Buddhism some 2 millennium ago. After that, the situation changed dramatically; Aryans lost their appetite for violence and warfare. The populations were pasified and peace reigned for several centturies untill the muzzies came running in, troturing, raping and destorying everything in sight. Over the next centruies the Hindu's went through a closure phase as insecurity and foreign invasions strengthed their in group preferences and in breeding became rampant; The genetics at the top degenerated over several generations and the genetics at the bottom start inbreeding with the upper classes due to the chaning demogrpahics; The British accelerated this process with their polcies and the final nail in the coffin was the green revolution which caused the lower caste population to explode because of increase in the volume of food production. The only silver lining to this whole process is that Indian's realize this, even if somewhat unconciously and their is an effort to counter this; I do expect some kind of Eugenics policies will be introduced to balance things out; Indians still have a sense of the Aesthetic if nothing else.

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Ganesha is a boy faggot; Shiva cut of his head because Ganesha was cockblocking him from fugging Parvati; He later apologized but replacing it with an Elephants head and they liver happily ever after.

Why is lord Shiva so based?

wasn't Hinduism founded 1500bc, how the fuck is any of this shit accurtite when Islam was founded almost 600 ad?

lol, I was wondering that very thing this morning. Even their names are badass af. Bhrama? Vishnu? Oh shit!

because hinduism and buddhism were based around enlightenment and peace rather than raping children, blowing themselves up and beheading anyone they deem an infidel

I refer the land Indian subcontinent for a simple reason. The land where the events took place is not just the modern day India. It includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka.

The Aryans came from Central Asia or if you want to believe the Nazis they came from Europe. They conqured the Indus Valley Civilization and created the cast system. I never said niggers lived in India, I said that the people before the Aryans were way blacker than the white Aryans. Pic related, what the average pre Aryan invasion Indian looked like.

More aryan than you, 40% whitey.

The real question is why do I always see Hindu deities when I do psychedelic drugs even though I don't believe in that shit?

>when did niggers ever make there way into india?
You don't know about Dravidians? Non-IE Tamil-speaking Indians still fucking exist today. Dumb leaf, lurk more.

its just the Kali-Yuga, poos are degenerated, but so is the rest of the world. none of the other countires are doing much better, at least when you look it in the perspective of the Gods.

So every culture and society eventually becomes blacked? That's depressing.

How do Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism still alive after Islam force conversions? A lot of other religions got driven out by Abrahamic religions through war and force conversions but these still thrive, are they stronger and better religions Sup Forums?

I don't like this picture because who ever made this blatantly chose ugly people to depict all south Indians and Sikh and Punjabi women to depict North Indians and while that is not entirely the case; It is true that South Indians have much more Aboriginal genetics in them. However, South Indians are still cultured people with long history of civilization and Indians do believe in civic nationalism to some degree.

Are you Indian or have any Indian ancestry?

>We need Eugenics to make India great again.
This is pretty much how World War III started in Star Trek.

Because they are based. Hinduism (and technically Buddhism as an offshoot of Hinduism) are the only remaining descendants of the ancient Indo-European religion, at least in terms of continuity in mythology.

Just consider this: the Indians actively believe in deities that have cognates in the Greco-Roman religion.

they used to look like persians probably

I am white as fuck with 1/8 Algonquin native genes

Because Hindu deities are representations of primordial entities and our animistic instincts.

Is that why shiva's wife had a very complicated hat that turned into this sweet ass fractal couch loveseat thing? Cause that was pretty cool


Also I dabbled in occult and had weird experiences like poster above me with LSD.

I had once a dream of a blue gigantic androgynous man with a trident jumping around.

I tried invoking Hermes/Mercury few times and first time I did it, flashed image of old bearded man with a hat and stick appeared near my door, then I had a vision( felt like I recalled a memory).

First I saw myself hanging on a rope on some tree, then I saw people passing below me and I begged them to get me out. One took a spear and stabbed me into stomach.

After that I fell on ground and saw a glyph of saturn and mercury.

I had dream again of old man and he took me to a class of math. Then he took me somewhere else and said " This is whom I talked about ", to big red haired bearded man.

Red haired man laughed and said " ah i see ".

I memed into meditation and had sort of a vision of a some tall wobvly figure with a crown resting on something that looked like a palace.

He noticed me and asked me "What are you seeking here?"

I told him " I think freedom ".
He replies " I see, I am Indar "

After that everything was gone.

Why are Canadians mentally retarded?

if any of this is true then where are the white Indians? pic related only shows light skin, if this story were to check out there would be a few white Indians because even mexico has blued blond people ie. spanish

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Cyclical history, you eventually either degenerate or get conquered.

Is there a hindu god of poo?

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>tfw can't convert to Hinduism


I don't know why people can't distinguished between skin color and ethnicity; Aryan is an ethnic and linguistic term that refers to the Caucasian peoples; You can determine them buy looking at the facial features. North Indians are not white but Caucasian (although a lot of them can be fair skinned). Pic Related is an Indian actress but a lot of people from the North western regions have similar skin tone and facial features.

You can't convert to Hinduism because dogmatic loyaloty is not a concept built into Hinduism. If you care to, just read the Veda's or the Upanishads although it would make more sense to read western philosophy at this stage in human civilization. Schopenhauer's ideas are heavily inspired by the Upanishads.

>with 1/8 Algonquin native genes
so not white at all then

>I don't know why people can't distinguished between skin color and ethnicity
pic related looks more arab which makes scense since another user said islam took over
>North Indians are not white but Caucasian
Caucasian's are white dummy


what exactly about the hindu dogma prevents people from converting? each person has a shakti in them, and each person has chakras. Brahman gave the Atman to each and every single being, what stops anyone from converting to anything?

Nu Wa is the best god for she repaired the heavens and created humanity.



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I'm a very light skinned Sikh Punjabi. Lighter than most Punjabis even. My maternal side hails from NWFP, Pakistan. What can you tell me about my genetic composition.

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your probably an arab rape baby but I could be wrong, if you have blond hair than you might be the missing link I was looking for in the other anons story

Islam is not an ethnicity; Local populations who converted to Islam don't suddenly become Arabic.

Whites are traditionally western Europeans with blond hair and blue/green eyes; Caucasians are more ambiguous genetic term referring to narrow skulls and sharp noses; They are also more hairy than the other races. North Indians and Iranians are distinctly cacuasian but not white.

Same is true for me; both my maternal and paternal families migrated to Delhi during the partition but they originally lived near Lahore.

I can't tell you anything specific except the fact that you can officially call yourself Aryan.

I am not particularly fair and I don't care about complexion all that much but couple of family members could easily pass of as white if they care to.

The muzzies who invaded India were not Arabs but Turks from present day Uzebekistan. Also, the rape babies inevitably converted to Islam so no, Sikh user is not a rape baby.

>Islam is not an ethnicity; Local populations who converted to Islam don't suddenly become Arabic.
>The muzzies who invaded India were not Arabs but Turks from present day Uzebekistan

alright so your mongol rape babies, stop pretending to be white its pathetic

pic related

not saying you guy didn't somewhat resemble white at one point but every piece of historical fact points to poos being abbo/mongoloid/mud

poos are literally a mixture of every race Sup Forums hates the most aside from jews, ipersonally don't mind mongolians

wait technically by this point your aren't Caucasian, your mongoloid as opposed to Caucasoid so drop that title,

What is the best concept in Hinduism and why is it the Matrix?






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literally, karma

The original inhabitants of India were obviously blue skinned, look it up, blue skin people went extinct not too long ago.

Greek Gods > Poo Gods

>not mentioning Krishna
sort your chakras out m8.