Mfw it's night time in USA

>mfw it's night time in USA
>most burger flags you talk to are proxies

burger here. or am i a proxy?

sup nerd

Im a night auditor fagit

>sleeping at night

I see you want the vampire CIA niggers to get you

I have no life, motherfucker.

Hi Austria. Thanks for Hitler.

its real nigga hours nigga

Pol shines brightest at this hour

most burgers are neets newfag

Nah 3rd shift. It's been years since I woke up and went to bed at normalcuck hours.

Naw, I have work in 4 hours and can't sleep.

You mean neets?

It's only midnight thirty here, faggot.

Fucking fight me.

Or people that work weekends.

Fellow 3rd shift fag. Sorry world, but USA is always around.

Cant sleep
Same here

Checked. I haven't seen that one before. What a nice ass.

im g oing to sleep have work tomorrow trying to get niggas to buy life insurance

>he thinks America is a sleepy flyover country like Austria

stupid yuropoor

Or NEET losers.

Or yeah the proxy thing is probably most likely

Nice satan trips, kike.

Nightclub manager. I go to sleep when the sun rises.

I work 10 hrs a day but can't sleep at night, kind of sucks


And it's real Robert hours. Check your keys everyone.

In a country of 350 million you don't think some of us work night shifts or stay up past 12 (0000) am? It's only 12:30 (0030) on the west coast.

I usually get off work between 2 and 4 am. Many hard working anons here make their living at night.

>tfw redditors will never stop coming here now
>tfw being an obvious, obnoxious redditor no longer gets your thread deleted and you banned
>tfw gookmoot has sold Sup Forums to data harvesters (ekansovi)
>tfw the dream is over

How the fuck do people find groups of people that are willingly going out into the streets to praise kek

I sometimes just feel that these people are been paid to look like retards as well as ruin the entire right wing movement

Can confirm, work in IT and help keep the internet working while bitch ass developers get their "beauty sleep".

Im drunk. im up. Im ready to debate you bacon strip

Fuck you kek heretic. kek is love. kek is life.

I quit my wagecuck job a few weeks ago so now I'm back here

>eurofags think 340am is late
only cucks sleep before morning

This kekistan shit is the gayest thing I've ever seen. Fat ugly LARPers running around doing and saying and wearing the most cringeworthy shit.

How are these losers not being beaten up? (Not by niggers or sjw just people in general)

We never sleep Austria.

Am I technically a NEET if I graduated a few weeks ago and still can't find work? Does the education part imply current enrollment?

the autism is too strong
i'll just back off and start getting ready for a night at the bar
Have fun playing kekarooni on some weeb imageboard made for alpha males like myself

I can't sleep because I keep rehearsing the day's regrets in my mind.

I have a sleep disorder, caused primarily by Sup Forums-related anxiety.

I'm a real boy

yea, at least american girls arent as loose as aussie girls. If you come back unlaid you are a disgrace

I'm not a proxy, just a humble insomniac.

I read that in his voice.

>aren't as loose

I don't believe that for a second.

I'm just awake at nearly 5am.

I've lost control of my life. Also Jews are the root of all evil.

Let's be really honest and admit that most of them, day or night, are kikes shilling for shekels

>at least american girls arent as loose as aussie girls.
Yea but they are all fat so no one giving them the D
But the skinny ones are fun to fuck if you don't mind stank pussy during intercourse

austrailian girls are known to be = to eastern euro whores. every aussie that has a sister that posts here has had a sister fucked by some bogan and some marine on leave in everyhole

Fellow insomniac reporting for duty
>tfw will go to bed in 3 hours from probably

I work 2-10s so I have to be up roughly at the crack of noon, this isn't even my final hour fagget. Let this be a warning to all the world, attack burgers at any hour and a great portion will respond. With a vengeance

Why are Aussies so jealous of the US? Is it because we have guns and you got them taken away from you like a little baby?

NEET is a state of mind.

Burger here. I was asleep but I've been having panic attacks at night for the past few weeks for some reason. I've never experienced this before and I can't help but feel like I'm losing control of my life.

If you're actively looking for work, you're still considered part of the labor force. Real NEETs are not.

its tru aussies dont even have bantz anymore. They are weak

>tfw no websockets allowed

What life. You are a NEET what control do you have to lose

Tfw this thread managed to bait all the neet americans in, good job user

Start lifting if you haven't already. Low test is the root of many male psychological problems.

I'll go lay down in a couple hours due to exhaustion. Again.

>absolutely everybody sleeps at night and is awake during the day
you think this lot on here have jobs?

Kill them all m8

Not a NEET sadly. I have to be up in 4 hours.

Really good point. My test is real fucking low right now so you're probably right.

High test causes baldness and homosexuality though

I do, it's also usually at night.

Not everybody can stand daytime, but I imagine bongs have a similar feel being permanently overcast and whatnot...

>supposed to be studying
>it's 1:06 AM

>austrailian girls are known to be

Those broads are insane.
By the time you say "Hello" they've already got your zipper down.
You practically have to drag them to the handi stall in the men's room by their hair.

I imagine every nightclub in 'Straya to be like a San Francisco pride parade, except half the people have girl parts.

>high test causes baldness and homosexuality
that's bullshit

Baldness comes from an unhealthy lifestyle and using products with harmful chemicals to your body

Homosexuality is just a fetish and the reason why more people are homosexual these days is because the media has pushed this fag agenda into every corner of our societies

I just got up cause I went to sleep at like 8 pm (tired as fuck). But I'm gonna go back to sleep

some of us are retirees.

I added the homosexuality part for fun, but there is a direct link between high testosterone levels and baldness.

Don't have work today so I'm having a late night watching movies and such.

DHT only weakens the follicles if you have the genes for balding.

Even if you do, the benefits of lifting far outweigh the cost of slightly faster balding.

>implying burgers sleep

Burgur here I am :)

Remember that our country is only 60% white and those demographics are represented on this board.

There are 5 time zones in the US and 330+million people.
I garenette 99.999 percent of the flags are not proxies

It's not night, it's 6am I'm Newfoundland, 5am in Nova Scotia and 4am in Toronto.

>he can't sleep
>4 hours left to work
Early to rise makes a man wise, I start work at 10 o'clock, I'm up at 4am

I could never get proxies to work right on here...

it's only 1:30 here

It's a fucking big country -- lots of burger Sup Forums neets still up.

fuck off nigger

ignore this & go to
>IᖴᑌᑕK TOᑎIGᕼT .ᑕOᗰ

I work 3-11 so I could either get up before work and get shit done or stay up until 5 during real emu hours on pol