Race mixing is ba-

>Race mixing is ba-

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Whats going on here???????



Jordan why are you shitposting all of a sudden?

Also, that pic hardly proves the point you are trying to make, the girl looks like a fucking goblin

Just think how pretty she'd have been if she wasn't half jungle trash.

Absolutely disgusting and lower IQ overall

thas fake

wyte propaganda

>several le race mixing is le...threads
we are getting le raided by le reddit?for le epic le lulz?
are you guys le marxist le role players?;^)

Also Jerusalem belongs entirely to the jew :^)

ALSO Gaza Strip and cisiordania is rightful kike clay :^))

new thread, bump pls

romania is rightful gypsy clay

>muh one drop


that fucking nose

Why have there been so many fucking race-mixing threads lately? Is JIDF a thing again?

That girl is merely 10 years old with ear piercing, lipgloss, straightened and curled hair, powder in her face, eyeliner, masara and plucked brows with transparant mascara on. O.o RIP childhood..

Bitch looks dog ass ugly to me.

Rather fuck a Kike then put my dick in that thing.

Yeah it's bad. Your country is named like my brother in law and he's a simpleton.

Mixed mulatto girls are for pumping and dumping. Not sure why you would want your daughter or your son to be a sexual trophy but never be loved

She looks like a weird doll.

That's a 1/4th white. So yeah, it's bad. To get that result, you need to spoil two white men/women who could have had white children each.

>Race mixing is bad

Finished it off for ya, m8

Racemixing will provide stronger genes for offspring half-castes.