State of UK politics

When a candidate named Lord Buckethead is able to run against the ex-prime minster and get more votes than UKIP

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He was on BGT?

UKIP did poorly not because it failed, but because it succeeded.

The only thing that could lead to a UKIP turnaround is a serious backslide on Brexit.

Is he /ourguy/?

Orange is 33 in gematria. Mason trannies wear orange a lot.

No offence intended but why doesn't the US have any politicians called Lord Buckethead?

It seems like a major flaw in your political system.



Vermin Supreme > Lord Buckethead

dont forget elmo

Please God, let this dark night ascend to the thrown of British Prime Minister, Amen

She can't even take centre stage in her own constituency, how did she expect to win the damn thing?


Ukraine tier

He would force crush the enemies of the west.

WTF Nigel, how could a knight who say Neee not win?

I pledge my allegiance to Lord Buckethead

They have a sick guitarist named buckethead

I stand corrected.

>UK has Lord Buckethead
>US has Donald Trump

At least Lord Buckethead is not the country's leader

Look at the calves on that bitch...does she ever walk anywhere?

Digies confirm

Buckethead vs Vermin cage match for supreme ruler of the Anglosphere?

>Bongs in 2016: My word chaps, American politics is bloody embarrassing!
>Bongs in 2017: عقد البيرة بلدي

Boss hog got my vote yessir!

What has this got to do with Lord Buckethead?

install genshoe

I get that reference

I fucking hate these kinds of American posters. Absolute bottom of the barrel

I'd rather have Buckethead than May or Corbyn desu.

Her reaction is priceless



>When a candidate named Lord Buckethead is able to run against the ex-prime minster and get more votes than UKIP

Is he the leader of the Knights Who Say Neeee?

Is the UK serious?

No. Literally everything ever is just banter.

The UK doesn't even exist my dude

>the motherfucker is a vampire satanist
>he keeps running for president

>just watched this yesterday, don't know if I'm happy or sorry to say that this is the most American movie ever

It's a documentary, but i fucking laughed and cringed. camera quality gets better as the movie progresses

The UK is a fuckin joke
How can these brittle teeth having limp wristed faggots still be so smug?
It's beyond SAD, really.

Buckethead getting out the vote


I love this guy, managed to get 3 votes, what a great use of £500

When did all the world turn into autistic retards?

everytime I look at her I cringe. Not because she is old but because she looks too weird with her posture and everything. It's like she's an alien or something who didn't adapt to our ways to trick us it's human. :))

>he really did it
>or at least tried to

well fuk yu den nigga


Ukip was always a Tory meme

redpill me on that election britbong, what consequences will it bring for brexit and the EU?

Everything's fuckd m8

Will they go crawling back to mama merkel?

Probably not, we'll just get a shitty Brexit deal.