Varg is anti breivik

Those kids were sons and daughters of leftist party members in a marxist youth camp, and would work hard to ruin Norway with more refugees and leftist policies.

What would killing another muslim roach achieve? He hit the kids of those who bring them in.

You can blame Israel for refugees all you want but Israel isn't the one opening the gates of Europe. European leftists are. You don't see Japan or Poland hosting any refugees, no matter how many Israel creates.

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Discussing Breivik is irrelevant today


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Gas the kikes - race war now

It's amazing how few Sup Forumstards actually know why he did it. It's fitting israel would be defending Breivik, considering his excuse for the attack.

No matter how much you try to obfuscate we're awake and aware to the jew problem, jew. It will end badly for that.

What was his excuse? I only saw hatred of leftists mentioned in the manifesto

all breivik did was making the left more appealing
he's a dumbass who killed useful idiots instead of people that actually have influence in the political landscape

Varg is unhinged and lacks coherency in what he is saying. If it wasn't for Breivik I wouldn't even be remotely as interested in politics as I am today. He opened my eyes to this madness.

>Stop hating muslims
>Also stop hating leftists
>Actuallly just hate Christians

Isn't Breivik a mason ?
Some rumours hanged out at the time that most of the victims were muslims. It was from a report some US muslim association did, they labelled the massacre as an islamophobe act on muslims (they had no proofs of that) to buff up the numbers of muslims killed by "right-wing" extremists.

>hating anyone
Good goy.

Where does he talk about Brevik? I don't want to listen to 7 whole minutes of his retardation.

>kike morality

Killing kids is NEVER okay

He did it because he felt muslims were making Europe unsafe FOR JEWS.

>You can blame Israel for refugees
What your jewish media, education and culture has done to the West will mandate brutal punishment of you and your people.
I do not care a bit if you are not personally responsible, your people are like cancer and we will treat them as such.

Doesn't seem to be a view the right wing shares with you.

>who killed useful idiots instead of people that actually have influence in the political landscape

Breivik took out young marxists that were being groomed into politics. Breivik absolutely influenced the political landscape.


holy moly who is this honi oni

Brevik was just your typical low iq snow nigger

We're trying to win hearts so the peoples of europe can rebirth, revolt and reclaim our blood lands

And this guy brevik just goes into some school and shoots some random useful idiot kids gives the media headlines for years to come achieves nothing but turning normies against white nationalism. Biggest retard there is

Just your typical stupid snow nigger cunt swinging his axe over his head and telling

How does israel create the refugees you retard

Of course varg does. All he does is punch right. Why do you think the french pay his bills? They made a deak with him while he was in prison to subvert the right and nationalist movements in return for pay and never having to work again.

Oh, defending your goy for once, how sweet of you, you usually don't care when they die for Israel.

People, stop engaging with jews. There's no point in it, they are our enemy.
You want to stop degeneracy and the decay of the West?
Then be responsible and stop any kind of exchange with rats and instead raise awareness among your people until the day comes when we collectively go after them.

>supports family values and monogamy and opposes pornography and sexual degeneracy
>opposes Christianity, the largest international force fighting for those values

This guy has extreme problems with his masculinity.
Since that paid shill golden guy treated him with his backside, Varg has gone completely bonkers with his counter-culture like behavior. What a retard, he's pushing away his young audience and cattering to the lethargic fucks with no more stamina in their balls who think they'll save the word with their weak ass only child.

t. I support abortion

Breivik caused nothing but hard to to us. He made us look as bad as the animals we want to keep out and OF COURSE the MSM blamed the entire right wing.
RW bloggers got doxed and fucked over en masse after Breivik's little stunt, and the Left can now point at him and say "see? they do it too!" which is enough to convince the average retard.

Stop defending Breivik. We will not win this by using the same methods as the enemy.

>hurr durr traitors did nothing wrong because muh blue eyes and blonde hair

By creating, funding and training false flag mercenary armies and helping run the MIC which destroys peoples' homes all over the Middle East, which results, surprise! in refugees. Who would have ever guessed?

Most people are against murdering children and teenagers, besides, it clearly weakens any right wing cause.

Like people are also a lot less fond of Islam since they started killing people.

By funding ISIS. Although I blame more USA and saudis, I can understand Israel's fight for existence. Still fuck you jew.

Varg isn't winning any hearts by saying that everyone who isn't blond with blue eyes isn't white

and that migrants raping non whites is okay

Yes but the right wing rhetoric says people who live outside of America aren't human beings.

>Varg isn't winning any hearts by saying that everyone who isn't blond with blue eyes isn't white
Does he actually say that?


Source? I must read this for myself.

No but he does believe in Nordic supremacism.

his recent videos shit on people with brown eyes and non blond hair

and his most recent says how migrants mostly rape migrants and he talks about it as if its okay

by his logic it's also fine they rape non whites (aka whites with brown eyes)

he's bonkers


Pick one.

Good one.


>by his logic it's also fine they rape non whites (aka whites with brown eyes)

holy fucking shit, didn't think about it that far
if you're right and he's going to push this in one of his videos, you deserve a medal

You're twisting his words, but maybe, in your imagination it was true? In your mind it was real? A miracle?

you can skip to 5:46

He didn't say that at all. He told that they aren't Nordic. That there are Germannic and Slavs and Celts, while medcucks are more of a semitic/arabic type. However, they are free to live in their places.

Nords are great people but their place is in the forests and snow. Medcucks are great people, but their place is in the South. Semites are great people, but their place is in the desert. That pretty much sums him up.

You fucking vile kike.

Always spewing poison and lies.

Varg was a fucking death metal retard who burned churches and stabbed another retard to death. Now he larps as a pagan and thinks he's knows shit about anything while living in the woods. Exit society all you want but fuck off and stay fucked off.

Love only Europeans, and hate those who threaten them.

dude he clearly said in his comments that southern european = arab, as in 'what's the difference' when asked about it

he is saying brown eyes and hair are non white, and the pictures he gives show pretty european looking girls/guys with brown hair/eyes but he says they're "not his tribe"

he's completely fine with migrants raping migrants, even some philipino girl being raped which has nothing to do with the recent muslims, so he's probably fine with less white whites being raped and killed

also he keeps saying blood > religion but tells people to unsub from the golden one BECAUSE OF RELIGION

>Jewish communists killed over 20 million Christian Russians by baiting Hitler into a war and with planned famines.

>Russia still hasn't turned Israel into a smoking crater

Russians were the ultimate cucks of the past century and until you bomb Kikesrael out of existence you will remain cucks.

He read 100X more while in prison than most people do in their entire lives.

He actually told people to unsub THG because he doesn't want to gas the christians, but rather fight together the common enemies...


70+ potential retards is not enough to save a country. Those seventy could have been government officials. He picked low hanging fruit because he was a coward. Reminder children are influenced by their parents, and they can be saved.

i'm a kike for calling this guy's shit out? you christcucks are really losing it, soulless freaks

Cute vid

Russians should have defected to fight with Germany.

So, you be sayin' it's OK for you to shill for kikes but not for us?

I dunno exactly, but he described himself as a zionist in the manifesto

How they still haven't acted is extremely troubling.

>famed for high verbal iq
>can't understand a joke

wew lad.

Europe reached its peak under the Christian religion and declined shortly after abandoning it. The only way for Europe to be great is through Christ.

Deus Vult.

>dude he clearly said in his comments that southern european = arab

>show pretty european looking girls/guys with brown hair/eyes but he says they're "not his tribe"

>so he's probably fine with less white whites being raped

Which is it you fucking slimy kike? What are his actual words, not your semitic interpretation?

What Breivik did was terrible, but let's not overreact. After all, NOT ALL right wing people commit attacks, and we should guard against a negative sentiment rising against them. That would be exactly what Breivik wants.

And let's not forget that Breivik was spurred on to commit these actions by a negative environment around him. Mass immigration, political correctness, being marginalized in politics, these are all the root causes of his attack. I mean, imagine you're at a wedding, and some religious extremist from the Middle East who is in your country for no real reason explodes, killing your family and friends. And you know who dropped him there: The European left. Wouldn't you want to commit violent attacks, too?

Now, more than ever, is the time for understanding, for love, not hate. Stop rightophobia. Diversity is strength.

His manifest sympathized with Russians against Chechens, Indians against Pakistanis and Israelis against Palestinians.

He is a retarded violent civic nationalist that never realized the (((truth))).

I phrased pretty clearly what he said and what is my assertion

>when the tranny with a stick-on beard pretends utoya was a real event, and not a hoax

I never thought I 'd agree with a yid but you are 100% correct.
Anyone disagreeing here has either not actually watched his videos or is fact twisting his words themselves.
As much as he hates Jews, and I can't say I blame him, nothing he suggests is any better for Europe. In fact his "ignore the Muslim problem" line of thinking is EXACTLY what the right has been accusing Jews of saying.

He's a contrarian piece of shit and his fans are bottom of the barrel pathetic sheep who cannot think for themselves.

His only correct opinion was supporting Russia against kebabs.

>You can blame Israel for refugees all you want but Israel isn't the one opening the gates of Europe

Fuck off jew

Breivik was Zionist scum not to mention a fuckwit. Both major parties in Western countries flood the West with non whites. Breivik did fuck all besides making the right look worse and killing lots of young white people, most of whom were probably just at the camp to get laid.

She is disliked in Israel.

Jews are not a give mind, and the diaspora do not represent Israel. In fact the israelis are sick on western jews. Go onto any english speaking Israeli forum and you'll see why.

>People need to stop buying the narrative of the MSM that muslim rape white people in Europe, most of the rapes and crimes are between sandpeople themselves, they wouldn't hurt Europeans.

God damn this is what living in a fucking forest does to you.
>Live with the refugees goy, they won't hurt you they only fight themselves

They fight themselves because they are in a fucking refugee camps, what does he think happens when these savages are left to roam the streets.

What a fucking retard...

Did he actually say this?

And how much power would nutcases like that have if it weren't for European Marxists giving it to them?

Marxism must go. Every influential Marxist deserves death.

Would disavow if it wasnt a kike posting it desu

Varg is a snow nog too. Wouldn't expect anything less from him. Still better than brevick

He said that if you have either brown eyes or brown hair you have shit skin blood. He's a retard


>by his logic it's also fine they rape non whites (aka whites with brown eyes)
That's low. Even for a disheveled van dwelling lunatic like Varg.

he won the nobel prize in literature user. also he certainly fucking wasn't a patriot. you obvioulsy haven't read his books.

really calls into question the authenticity of that quote.