How do i fix my yellow teeth

How do i fix my yellow teeth
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Brush with hydrogen peroxide and toothpaste then rinse/gargle for 3 mins with more
Whites your teeth to pro level in 6 months of everyday use


Just do a bleaching at dentist. Many bitches do it now because it got so damn cheap in recent years.

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activated charcoal toothpaste
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gargle with piss

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Crush strawberries, rub paste on teeth ,lea e for 10 minutes wash off.

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Just take them out and polish them

Smash them out with a hammer. No more yellow teeth.

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Try opium, the brits found it pretty effective in removing yellows.

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FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide. If its in a brown bottle its not good to put in your mouth, but if its in a white or clear bottle and has "food grade" on the label, put some in a pump spray bottle and spray a few pumps on your teeth and in your mouth and swill it around for as long as you can bear it and spit it out. I use 12% and I dilute it with 50% water so its more like 6% H2O2, but most people use 3%.

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semen is great for your teeth or so i heard

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