Lord Rothschild Discusses How His Family Created Israel

How the fuck are these (((people))) still in control?

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My guess would be "they have money"

You tell me, you're the one supporting Zionist neoconservatives.

when you family clan controlls over a trillion dollars this shit tend to happen

Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Just give up now, goy.

They took over the financial industry of Europe during the Napoleonic era and have expanded ever since.. what the fuck do you think?

Reminder that the hexagram is an occult symbol for transgender. Jews and their Mason minions are seriously into gender swapping, and have been for a long time. They Live was right about everything.

Tribalism. It underpins their secret society and mainstream society. Jewish tribalism dominates media, news, entertainment, academics, politics, spy intel, central banking, global policy and global wealth. They own the mainstream. Unlike the past, this time it's worldwide. Only a few nations are left on earth that resist: Iran, Syria, North Korea, and China to a degree.

Redpilling the world feels futile at times. It isn't. Wisdom and Kek are real. Kek is greater than Moloch. Gentiles thirst for knowledge and strength but their version of reality is so dark as to be dormant, waiting to be lit.

How can you say kek is greater than moloch when you just said in the same post that they control every country except for a few? Why would it be so easy for them to manipulate everything?

The first and the last sentences answer you. Those who channel Kek are few but growing. Life is a game of numbers.

There is no money since we live in a credit based economy.

And they create the credit.

The Waltons are the richest family. Rothschilds are really far from the top.


Do you have any good material to read up on that period?
Similar request to you, any good reading on the resisting governments?


You think you aren't? That shit came into America from Britain. We fought a war to stop it (1812) and they still got there banking system installed here.

Gullible and cowardly goyim

the Rothschilds are the most overrated family in thew world. They are not in control of anything outside their small banks and companies.

Gulf States, Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon are much more dangerous

>and China to a degree.


Genuinely like & respect this guy.

Don't know much else about the situation, and am probably vastly uninformed. But I just like & vibe with this guy, idk why. A humility thing.

based OP, viewing, people starting with "I don't really know about this but..." should too.

what they did was that they gave aid to piss poor colonists in the 1880s

This is well crafted bait


and yet they created a country that buttfucks all muslims on daily basis

they're really not. they are a front for the people who actually are in control, and these royal families serve a divine mandate. God created the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. notice the "and evil" part. the battle vs good and evil is a divine mandate.

Requesting again.
Does anyone have any good sources?

>Rothschilds are the most overrated

shill detected




It is overrated. You guys read too many conspiracy theories.
Same as leftists suffer under enormous propaganda, so do you.

>Gulf States, Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon are much more dangerous
You're a shill or you can't comprehend how powerful their reach is alone through central banking. Most of their family and interests connected to them don't use the surname Rothschild. Your scope is narrow.

Jewish-controlled technology companies are instruments of deep states. The fronts of those companies are wittingly and unwittingly helping a New World Order. Beneath the surface you find they're not leading the New World Order. They're wealthy celebrities with a worldwide playground as long as they stay in line. Zuckerberg will be more influential than Soros in bringing globalism. Yet, Zuckerberg, his wealth, and his reach is a mound of ants compared to they who control the world's purse.

If you are in Germany, subscribe to a VPN to proxy from the US or somewhere with a shred of open access. The German government blacks out a lot of information. Then search for a redpilled overview of each country's historical timelines. Especially in Iran. The CIA was under (((control))) long ago. Nations that resist the NWO's agenda are eventually regime changed with little respect to life. The refugee crises is a win-win.

Here's a tangent you all might want to archive. Benjamin H. Freedman, a wealthy insider and Jewish defector, tried to warn the world 60 years ago. They disparaged his character as "anti-Semitic" for speaking out, as you'd expect.
>archive.org/search.php?query=subject:"Benjamin H. Freedman"

>How the fuck are these (((people))) still in control?
You must be goy here...

britt inbreeds rewriting history. NEXT!

How would you describe Kissenger?

Chaotic neutral? Lawful Evil?

Damn, Rothsshills are in full force today.

>Kek is real.
Stop, you fucking autist.

Kek was a misspelled version of 'lel' that caught on, and you fucking retards actually started attaching it to a fucking frog. Is jej now a thing?

Jesus Christ, this is ridiculous levels of delusional. Put down the fucking tinfoil.

>Kek was a misspelled version of 'lel' that caught on


You must be 14 years old or something. "Kek" was a thing long before lel. "Kek" was "lol" for horde's language, in world of warcraft. And then there was the top kek meme that got popular in s4s. These predate frog god kek by several years...

frog god kek meme in Sup Forums*

They're not in control here anymore, the founders btfo'd him out of here.

"Lawful" evil is close to it. He's a front ambassador for the agenda, able to handle the limelight and dialogue behind closed doors. They fund the creation of laws they need in place to be lawful, so it's not the same scale of lawfulness.

Kek is wisdom out of chaos. Only language changes through the millennia of people diving a timeless spirit that was always there and waiting.


He sounds like a sociopath.