ITT: We laugh at britbongs


fuck you mohammad

Look who's talking Mr. Muslim Mayor.

it hurts boys...

>laughing at this pic related
for that is why you lost WWII

You're in no position to laugh at others, Hans

But the britbongs are still part of the EU, with absolutely zero indication that their votes on breadzig will mean anything at all.

> t-together we are strong
> let's prove that with another election
> fuck

Good job crippling yourselves, teasuckers.

We triggered article 50 a few months ago, we're leaving the EU.

>calling someone else mohammad

really makes you think

>fuck you Hans!...spills tea.

they are an exremely arrogent party.

this is the 4th time they have botched a huge lead with no reason to do so

What'd I miss?

It would go a long way to course correcting your country, if for say, you were to drop a couple of airbuses out of the sky onto that...


The saving grace: At least a woman isn't in charge.


please help don't let old england die this way.

we;re your best friends we've been with you through the worst please show compassion we've been good boys.

we've only ever had the best interests of the world at heart - i beg you somebody please come to our aid

That gun shouldn't say "brexit" it should say "tories".

Holy shit bong wtf
are we going to have to free the shit out of you?

rule britannia rule the waves!~~~

What did they do now?

please help son

we've fallen and we can't get up

Yank in London here, it's not funny m8s. Pray for these poor, stupid souls.

I keep forgetting that the major of fucking LONDON is a Muslim

Holy shit britbongs.

It's just sad man. We'll fix it. Hang in there.


Turn on the news

The kikes have successfully divided and conquered us it seems. Good job playing into their hands you fucking shills


What happened to our ally ???

I was out playing weeb video games for 12 hours, what happened to Britain ?

probably rural and suburban retards as usual

It's over. Britain is finished.



Excuse me fair leaf for Britain might be different, but isn't it city dwellers who tend to be cucked retards?


Feels so good seeing the Bongs suffer, they deserve all of this for constantly making fun of us.



I sing myself to sleep,
a song from the darkest hour...

We'll sort outself out though in the end Adolf.


Welcome back to the EU, my British friends!
Glad you made the right decision.

Haha ha
Yeah look at those brits

MMMM look at the scoreboard Hans.. 2 Nil!


Uh oh Bongs. Looks like we'll be adding a few more billions to that brexit bill!

The European Commission staff that will be working longer hours due to these complications isn't gonna pay itself!

Good luck with your 23.000 muslim extremists though.

Tories lost seats though, they don't have a majority anymore unless they form coalition

Germans can now fuck with Brexit all they want

If we do, they won't learn anything

It's best we let them be

mfw I got a British chick to vote leave just to fuck you guys over.





I can't even laugh. I want to fucking scream.

When I saw those photos from the bombing at Ariana Grande's concert, all I could think about was how much the victims reminded me of my sisters and cousins. Yeah, I know that's an emotional reaction and not a logical one, but I think an emotional reaction is proper here.

London is essentially under occupation by barbarian invaders, and its mayor, Sadiq "The King of Taqiyya" Khan, either doesn't give a fuck about the consequences of letting ISIS fighters back into the country or secretly supports it, either way to advance Islam at the expense of the people he's supposed to protect and represent. These poor fucks are defenseless. They live in fear of terror attacks that happen pretty much weekly-to-bi-weekly now, and their authorities can't or won't defend them now. They aren't even allowed to defend themselves. Cultures and micro-cultures within London that took basically a millennium to form are being destroyed at a rapid rate. Their leaders are bowing down to evil and punishing their citizens for not wanting to do the same.

I won't lie. I don't like Britain. It's an Orwellian surveillance-state shithole whose culture is like the most despicable aspects of our own turned up to eleven, all with the pretense of sophistication and class. And historically, they've been pieces of shit to us. But its people are still human beings, and their lives and stories are irreplacable and worthwhile. They don't deserve to be abused and murdered like this, especially when its their own generosity and hospitality to outsiders that's being taken advantage of.

I'm not even going to mock or hate on you Brits. Right now, I feel nothing but sympathy for them and genuinely wish them well. They deserve a thousand times better than this. I want the old, stupid fuking Britain back.

>Brits are fucked
>Germans are in an even worse position
Why should I be laughing?

You shouldn't. Rage is appropriate here. Empathy is appropriate here. Sadness and grief are appropriate here. Murderous, righteous fury and unbridled hatred are appropriate here. Levity is not.

Western civilization is worth something, and Britian is a part of that. I'm not gonna laugh at its occupation via soft invasion and ultimate destruction. I mourn them. This is fucking awful.


I mourn you, too.

Labour: For the many, not the Jew...



rip bongistan, you wont be missed

>They don't deserve to be abused and murdered like this

Yes they do, down to the last white British child. These fucking greedy traitors made their choice in 1939. I hope their island is engulfed in nuclear fire completely.



>It's a 'Yank has a terrible uniformed opinion' episode

Children don't deserve to be murdered at all, particularly for the sins of their ancestors.

Insofar as I can tell, nothing I said was subjective enough to be deemed "opinion." These attacks are happening with frequency such that you can expect one during the span of any given week. Sadiq Khan consciously let in around 400 Muslims, many of whom fought against your own soldiers and ours in Syria, and either failed or didn't care to keep track of them. Video footage exists of him in which he appears to refer to moderate Muslims as "Uncle Toms." Sharia-controlled zones exist. Taqiyya exists. You are, in fact and as proven by the numbers, being bred out by foreign invaders who are not compatible with your current way of life. Video footage exists of CNN manufacturing a protest by moderate Muslims, which would appear to me to indicate that such a protest needed to be manufactured and wouldn't happen organically. Twitter and other social media outlets reflect rampant animosity towards you among the people occupying your country. And you can, in fact, be punished for speaking out against all of this.

What may be subjective is my opinion of you guys as a whole or my opinion that you're worthwhile and deserve to live and exist as a culture in spite of it. I'd be shocked if you disagreed with the second one.

I intensely dislike the smug air of superiority and intellectual snobbery that you guys often direct towads us, but you're still decent people who don't deserve this.

Nice argument, leaf. Yes, people are often hypocrites, and we have a severe obesity problem here.

Why? We get to have literally the best party in the UK, the DUP, in power.