Don't worry, her mis-representations will only get her into a noose

Don't worry, her mis-representations will only get her into a noose.

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Did you mean to say moose? Canada is too cucked to go back by dude

He said it...

I'd poo in her loo

Muh virtue signaling...

So proud of her "heritage", yet she's doing her best to sound like a nigger instead of a shitskin that she is...

this is butthurt of the highest magnitude

>If every muslim WAS a terrorist, you wouldn't stand a GOD DAMN chance : )

Is that a fucking challenge?

>We are going to fly thorough this strait that is very narrow

>fly through the nautical route while smugly talking about people being illiterate about geography

Women should be banned.

She is sikh; Are sikhs still bro tier ?

>looks at post
>looks at flag

For some reason I'm okay with her.

a) She's nice looking
b) She says everything with a little humor, which I think it's what liberals don't have in general

She defends Muslims, so she's not much of one. Honestly she's just a typical brainwashed Toronto-born liberal/feminist. Every girl in this city thinks and speaks the exact same way, and Indians are some of the worst for that sort of sheepish behaviour.

sorry but she is incredibly hot.
i would impregnate her

>if all 2 billion muslims were terrorists you wouldnt stand a chance

So world has around 7 billion people. 7-2=5. So around 5 billion are not muslims. I think if all muslims were terrorists we would stand a pretty good chance at exterminating them.

>Attracted to the colour of shit

Everything as expected

bravo Hans


Our elders warned of the kala pani --- the black waters surrounding India that we should never cross because we would lose our caste and heritage by doing so

We didn't listen, now every parent tells their kid to go abroad

Also implying it would smell of curry instead of shit in India.

Yeah I know. That is the thing about Migrants; I love Indian sikhs and they are some of my best firends but the one's who leave for KANYADA are usually middle class low IQ espcaists looking for a quick buck and lifestyle improvement; They don't neccesarily have any sense of loyalty to their host countries and their voting patterns are similar to that of other immigrants; They also band into the "Muzzies did nothing wrong" because of common political interests. I will never understand why Europeans are so stupidly generous.

the mad man

Its amazing how many shots it took her to make this

>if all 2 billion muslims were terrorists you wouldnt stand a chance

lol Muslims outnumber Israelis in the Middle East 25:1 and still can't kill them

If the west ever turns of muzzies and actually go against Suadi and Paki interests; 1 billion Hindus will flood the middle east at moments notice along with are Christian and bud hist east Asian allies. However, the west will need to spearhead such a campaign because their military capacity are so disproportionaly off the charts.

Just post comments telling her to cover her hair.

I remember when you could make any comment on youtube and everyone would just ignore it because "it's a fucking youtube comment lol". I also remember when youtube didn't remove copyrighted stuff. I wish we could go back to those days :^( Why do these fags have to ruin everything

Yeah you're right but you're asking too much now. At least she doesn't seem to take herself very seriously. It's a start

>Spelt womensplaining wrong

Women suck at humor. I have yet to witness a decent female comedian

A million views in 1 or 2 days? wtf?

>a) She's nice looking
>b) She says everything with a little humor, which I think it's what liberals don't have in general
>OP might actually be her

Are you her newfag?

best part is you know that's probably an Indian based on the spelling and grammar

disliked this shit. Even if my country is not mentioned i still feel more solidarity with white mericans than with this way

Holy shit my brain melted at the "oil stealing" comparison. From Iraq btw. This bitch is stupid

Step1:Make a politically correct channel
>Step2: go on a "not all muslims" rant and put a "fuck white males" cherry on the top.
>Step3 Watch with delight as your channel explodes.

>And I know what you're thinking, it probably smells like-

guess she isn't as smart as she thought

tfw my penis has never used my passport

why does someone like that have 11 millions subs?

>blocking out the name
She probably faked it or made the account herself.

Why didn't she just go West, isn't it a shorter trip? Fucking paki.

Is she another brown lady who thinks she's good enough to deserve a White man?

>not hating muslims more than balkan niggers
She's a traitor, poo. Shut her down.

find the loo

>Brainwashing is completed.

Hans get the flamethrower...

At first I thought I was being unbalanced and biased, but liberals really are universally condescending.

I can smell her through my screen.
Smells like curry poo

>Generic youtube video virtue signalling about muh evil white men and some ad hominems thrown in there as well

This is getting boring at this point.

What's the difference between Hinduism and Sikhism? Do you get along well?

liberals are the biggest snobs, which is funny seeing what they stand for

they probably just deleted the comment rite guys liberals never create false flags

She is fucking disgusting Fritz, what the fuck is up with you?

>germans getting hard seeing the colour of shit

Everything in order, hans.

also, why does this vis has barely any dislikes?


>don't get divided by fear
>come together during times of division

>goes on to condescend and strawman her "oppressors"


She could buy you

Yes, Sikhs are Punjabi Hindus who converted to Sikhism in order to defend there lands against Muslim invasion.

Also didn't this bitch do a lot of race based "comedy" sketches?


>Muh 2 billion Muslims could take on White people
White people have the best militaries in the world. If we would just grow a collective spine and fight back against the Muslims, we would win in a week.

America alone could kill all "2 billion" Muslims. Not even using nukes, either. And the only people who would be mad at us for removing kebab would be the retarded Western Euros. Russia, China, India, Nigeria... they would all thank and praise us for it.

>No tits
Nice combo. Opinion discarded.

she has a white boyfriend and they are probably roleplaying as british colonial officer colonising her vagoo

She's a fucking poo-in-loo, you retard.

Gandhi was famously racist towards niggers. Having grown up all across the English empire, he held disdain towards his time spent in South Africa around the nigger folk.

"Through the process of simple ded.. elimination my dear Watson"


He is right you know.

>includes a chink in the drawing

Sikhs are brooo tier,are repeat SIKHS ARE BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TIIIIERR

>Implying currymonkeys are better than niggers.
>Defending untermench.
Really makes you think.

>poor Kumar...

stop screaming at me bitch, I'm a nationalist AND a globalist

wow, Sup Forums btfo. I'm with her now


If the 2 billion muzzies were terrorists the US, China, and Russia would wipe out around 1.8 billion of them before lunch. Middle East, Africa, and SE Asia wouldn't stand a chance.

This would be a war of fight for free

Only watched until that first youtube comment
Seems like a fake desu

>a comment that got zero thumbs up in 4 days and sounds nothing like what actual racist Sup Forumslacks would post
>still makes a video about it
>over 1M people watch it (myself included)

sieg hail...

>that comment
how can you keep doing this

wtf I love uncontrolled mass immigration now

Stop that please.

Simple. I just speak the truth. Only whites are human.


Exactly what I thought when she blurred out the name. Also looks like nothing but love in the comments for her and that comment tries way too hard.

Oh, no, she addressed my penis, what do I do now? She's so witty and funny calling me stupid too, I will never recover.

>1 million views
>11 million subs
>those comments

the day is lost

I honestly didn't care at first. After all, she's hardly the first person to put obnoxious, unfunny drivel on youtube. Then I saw that she has over




I mean, everything about politics and racism and whatnot aside, I just weep for humanity that over eleven million people think this crap is funny and entertaining. There are so many great youtubers who work really hard to make funny, intelligent videos, who barely break 100k subscribers. And this bitch has over eleven million. This is worse than the goddamn prank channels - at least they put actual effort into making their inane crap.

It doesn't matter where she is, just nuke everything, I don't want live on the same planet as her.

I'd say if this was a real comment, and she would get threats like that every day, she would make a big thing about it.

I mean the kinda thing where she rants about comments for a 10 min video, and how much she is violated n shieeet. You know what i'm talking about.

This is just the tipical virtue signalling, whoring for views shit.

>Don't generalize muslims!

>everyone who disagrees with me (on any matter), is a racist, bigot, sexist, rapist, ect..

This really just furiates me every fucking time

I feel your pain bro...

>tfw you realize how ignorant you are
>tfw my name is Timothy

>only 1.5% downboats
what the fuck?

this is essentially a franchesca ramsey video. who are the people upvoting it?

SO MUCH ATTITUDE snobbishly mixed with stupidity.....I can't take it anymore.Carry me bros.
And then people ask me why I ridicule victims of terrorism.

Most of all, I feel ashamed of all the comments below. Hell, the top few comments are by subhuman poos who think she's doing something saintly.

Self satisfaction is how she brings people together

I had to pause and rewind when she said "ohh covfefe" Lily you kill me

>Knowing sjw YouTuber by name

>assuming I'm male
wow cis-gendered asshole ugh

No POO IN LOO on youtube coments?


I couldn't watch it all

Third world immigrants wonder why we hate them with such a shitty attitude? Muh doctors from India, muh food is spicy, lmao at white people wanting a tan. Fucking DAY OF THE ROPE WHEN?