Holy shit guys have you seen this?

We gulag now,
[The rest of this post has been removed by the National Tolerance Monitoring Commission in your territory as it does not promote a climate of tolerance and it is not compatible with the EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK NATIONAL STATUTE FOR THE PROMOTION OF TOLERANCE
because it promotes Hate crimes and/or Incitement to violence against a group and/or Overt approval of a totalitarian ideology, xenophobia
or anti-Semitism and/or Public approval or denial of the Holocaust and a concrete action was taken to combat intolerance, in particular with a view to eliminating racism, colour bias, ethnic discrimination,
religious intolerance, totalitarian ideologies, xenophobia, anti-semitism, anti-feminism and homophobia and to Promote tolerance within society. Please note
that Juveniles convicted of committing crimes listed in paragraph (a) of the EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK NATIONAL STATUTE FOR THE PROMOTION OF TOLERANCE
will be required to undergo a rehabilitation programme
designed to instill in them a culture of tolerance. If this post was made from a school network from the primary level upwards, they will introduce courses
encouraging students to accept diversity and promoting a
climate of tolerance as regards the qualities and cultures of
others and Similar courses will be incorporated in the training of those
serving in the military and law enforcement agencies. Teaching materials for tolerance awareness courses (including
syllabi) will be developed by Departments of Education to meet
the needs. The production of books, plays, newspapers reports, magazine
articles, films and television programmes – promoting a climate
of tolerance – will be subsidized by the Government. Free legal aid will be offered to victims of hate crimes contained in this post for those exposed to its hate before an immediate action was taken.]

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makes me puke.
fucking totalitarian socialists.
death to the eu.

Oh look, it matches the Saudis trillion dollar (literally) campaign to ' Promote the Spread of Islam in the West '

>Holy shit guys have you seen this?





[Word not enough tolerant] niggers, [Word not enough tolerant] muslims, [Word not enough tolerant] rapefugees, [Word not enough tolerant] Juncker, [Word not enough tolerant] fags, [Word not enough tolerant] EU pigs

bump for justice

Fucking disgusting.
Gass the kikes, race war now.

How is this news to you? It's ancient, these laws are already in most EU countries.




quick rundown bls

We are fugged DDDD:

Looks like George Orwell was right

fucking socialist cunts, instead of protecting their own citizens they inflict more harm on them, along with the fact that terrorism can happen at any time

like that do you, it applies to you to m8.

>fucking socialist cunts, instead of protecting their own citizens they inflict more harm on them, along with the fact that terrorism can happen at any timeTHIS IS WHY MARXISTS SHOULD BE PURGED
exactly, this is why Brexit was important, this is why Frexit and Nexit was important, EU NEVER BACKS DOWN, IT's institutionalized hatred for Europe.

>National Tolerance Monitoring Commission
I'm not sure that could sound more like something from an Orwellian Dystopia if it tried.


Suck shit eurofags. Old blighty got out when the getting was good.

Fucking creepy as shit. Literally abducting wrong-thinking children to be reeducated. You can't even criticize immigration without being arrested for xenophobia.

They promote tolerance
but they are intolerant af.
Phony little bastards.
They kill free speech and establish one police state after another. Damn normies believe the narrative of the "we protect the people from pedophile isis neonazis riding on veloceraptors". It's somehow sad that the level of surveillance doesn't correlate with the level of protection.
london has the highest number of cctv installations but it doesn't stop known terrorists from killing innocent citizens. In most cases it's not even necessary to have video footage to investigate those attacks. So why does every government keeps spying on their citizens?
Same shit in france or germany. They apply more and more surveillance measures but fail to solve the real problems - like a broken education system. Intelligent people with a wealth promising future have less radical views than education losers who can barely rap battle their own name without getting a stroke from using their brain.

Where's the framework for european border security

impossible to dismantle now m8, not without war anyway.
Germany did it again (hail fucking merkel). Europe will now suffer unemployment, escalating prices of food, even more MASS immigration, market will collapse, nationalism will be destroyed, our cultures and history will be revised, if not totally destroyed.


>Where's the framework for european border security
it will come, but it's probably going to prevent people from leaving rather than policing the border.

This. Why don't people get it? They call us racist Nazis for voting to leave when we're actually trying to save fucking Europe from these turbo maxist islamophilic cunts!

For the purposes of this Statute:
(a) "Group" means: a number of people joined by racial or cultural roots,

if race does not exist why does the USSR of EU admit it exists

If your laws stem from the Roman and French traditions you already have these inculuded in your code of law

>) "Tolerance" means: respect for and acceptance of the expression, preservation and development of the distinct identity of a group as defined in paragraph (a). This definition is without prejudice to the principle of coexistence of diverse groups within a single society.

There's just one fault with this. When the people who are joined by racial, cultural blahblah roots are directly opposed to tolerance and you are tolerant for them. Obviously I refer to Islam.

Off to gulag you go. Thats racism and hate speech.

The EU must die. All its leaders must be executed. And the same goes for national politicians who signed away power to it.

Lets just labatomize infants when they reach age 1. Obviously the gift of thought is now illegal. There is no line in the sand they can cross, that will result in people pushing back.

>Germany did it again
Germany is not doing anything. This is beyond nations since the goal is their end, german nation included. This is a global elite at work, using the powers of the states to destroy them.

the modern human is way too pleased to do that. as long as people have food, circus and job they won't do anything like that. and if they do the movement gets subverted in a matter of weeks anyways.

They are confusing "tolerance" with "acceptance", anyway. None of this shit promotes tolerance. The tolerance already exists, as evidence by the fact that none of these populations are subject to violence.

No, this is about brainwashing you into thinking they're the greatest thing on Earth.

Yes, the EU has totalitarian levels of control. But that's exactly why they must be destroyed. They claim to stand for European values while dismantling them brick by brick. It makes me sick.

But the regular normie, the person who wants to keep their belly full and their life safe, they will feel the same when WE give them full bellies and safe streets. I have long ago stopped worrying about them. And should they find some courage, it will be easily slapped down by people nastier than they are. If a European will supplicate for Marxism and Islam, they will also supplicate for us.

that would not solve anything, the EU is the natural conclusion of the worldviews the west has lived by since ww2. destroying this structure would not change the attitudes of people and new structures of the same sort will just replace it

People still buy into the news narrative even though they don't believe the shit written there. International media fucked up because they merged with the political establishment, at this point all the news are just PR and fake.

>Germany is not doing anything.
This is the EU, fuck them over and Europe is free.

You wanna know the best?


>This text was prepared – under the aegis of the European Council on Tolerance and
Reconciliation – by a Group of Experts composed of Yoram Dinstein (Chair), Ugo
Genesio, Rein Mȕllerson, Daniel Thȕrer and Rȕdiger Wolfrum.

GOOGLE : Yoram Dinstein

Fuck, culture off critique was really right.

Pretty funny that European laws are being frameworked by a guy living in Tel Aviv. Not even trying to be subtle anymore, huh?

No need for it anymore.

The European Union is basically a tool to push certain narratives and bring to live the visions of a small elite group to the rest of europe

Tolerance is just one aspect I'm sure but this rabbit hole goes deeper then Tollerance Ivar

It will end bloody tho, either because the people get tired of it and start rioting or because Islam takes over and they start rioting because the EU government has no religion

Either way the EU is fucked

>This text was prepared – under the aegis of the >European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation

This "institution" is not part of the EU, bucko.

It is justice. And justice can not be enacted without a driving force. That driving force will have to also dismantle this self-destructive culture that has taken over Europe.

Tolerance macht frei,
how come you didn't know that?
Slovakia 0 points

fucking disgusting

I've read this up to section 5, while the first bit where it defines everything is incoherent and sometimes blatantly wrong, sections 3 and 4 actually claim quite a few nice things, the first real stinger that I found is this one:

>there is no need to be tolerant to the intolerant
Big fucking problem right there, it's already a raped stipulation in most western countries. Codifying it in law will only make it worse and properly shit everything up.

I've probably missed a bunch of stuff though

You eurofaggots need to start shooting jewish politicians and intelligence agents who defend them. Start killing your enemy by the truckload. Light their fucking children on fire.


It mentions that it's the gouvernment's responsibility to ensure that group-group and individual relations uphold these laws and rights without horizontal or vertical hierarchies, but how the fuck is the gouvernment going to do that without a vertical hierarchy with it at the top and everyone else underneath its feet? Fucking contradiction right there.

This makes me wanna riot and start the war against those Fascistn Eurocrat fuckers. How long will we still tollerate this shit!!!!

>>>there is no need to be tolerant to the intolerant
This only and only refers to native population (intolerant) reaction to intolerant Islam.

Oh shit these are the big guns

>National Tolerance Monitoring Commission
And we shall call it the KGB

Nothing new and once again some retard on Sup Forums that is uninformed makes a thread

>they're monitoring this thread right now

>juveniles convicted of committing crimes listen in paragraph (a) will be required to undergo a (((rehabilitation programme))) designed to instill in them a (((culture of tolerance)))


As Kekistani, you're most oppressed and thus fine.

> public approval of the holocaust

Next section is all about the same education cancer we've all seen and most of us have been through ourselves, with tolerance programming in young children's mind as early as possible.

Section 9 however goes a bit deeper into the uncanny valley

1984 coming in 2017.

Obviously most people don't know that Hitler made terrific deals with zionists and employed a healthy dose of Jewish officers throughout his reign
To most people, approving the Holocaust translates to being a Nazi

Communism in Poland was a kind of National Communism. Especially in the last decade.

None of this internationalism and race-mixing BS. Surprisingly non-internationalistic.

This "suggestion" wasn't even by the EU you retards, it's just some NGO presenting a proposal which was rejected in 2013.

The whole EU is an NGO trying to be a gouvernment.
Top globalist Tony Blair is its chief, the architects of this statute are Jewish and we know the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan.
On top of that, it was created by the EU itself to 'monitor tolerance' back in naughty8

The population has cheap food, TV, mind-altering chemicals, and a few scraps of their earned paycheck. They won't revolt because they're thoroughly brainwashed to accept being destroyed, and have enough petty creature comforts along the way to passively accede to it.

It's going to take that aggressive 3% of the population to do everything, yet again.

Well, if it's actually adopted, I suppose pointing that out will be illegal.

>How to make a PC get cancer
>copy paste this shit in python 2.7
>run it

Suck my jewish dick

Looks like it was up for debate some time in that year and received luke warm approval, but nothing concrete. They then moved to push through some EU statute (I have no real understanding of code cuck countries and no idea if supra-national legislation is even possible in the EU), but nothing seems to have come of that, either.

As of right now, anti-discrimination legislation seems to be a strictly national affair in the bloc.

Did a child write this?


i swear my BKA will find you

Came up with a better argument than you, so I don't know what fucking difference you think it makes.

You made no rational argument at all. You don't even know how to write government correctly.

You even claimed that Blair somehow is EU's "chief", when Blair isn't even part of any EU institution lol

And no, ECTR wasn't established by the EU. It was established by the former Polish president, no less.

>ECTR...established in October 2008 by Aleksander Kwasniewski, former
President of Poland

Your new flag

Heh, I did some more research
This Kantor fellow seems interesting.

By the way, gouvernment is Her Majesty's spelling. Colour, armour, the u belongs there. Carryover from French.
Blair is the chairman of the NGO, I could have been clearer on that but he's still one of the world's biggest 1984 fetishists.

South Carolina invades the EU?

Oh my

It's getting better and better

every fucking time

Looks like Kantor not only co-founded it with the Polish former president, he is still the president now Blair is chairman.

It is pretty evident that this entire organisation is top-class kikery in action. There's also a bit on the promotion of Holocaust education and Holocaust remembrance that I didn't screencap, I suppose it's not my responsibility to transfer the whole Wikipedia page over to this board, you know, leave some reading for yourself.


isn't european jewry the whole reason they got murdered? Fucking Shylocks.


It's their sole source of power and the only way they can be relevant.

EU is peace EU is love. Its the alliance of European countries why do you hate your own?

The anger inside is slowly turning into cold hard hatred.

>This text was prepared under the aegis of the European Council on Tolerance and
Reconciliation by a Group of Experts composed of Yoram Dinstein (Chair), Ugo
Genesio, Rein Mȕllerson, Daniel Thȕrer and Rȕdiger Wolfrum.
>Yoram Dinstein

>Yoram Dinstein
>Dinstein was born in Tel Aviv in 1936

It is time. It is fucking time.

Yeah, imagine if Hitler just killed Jews instead of deporting them. Diensten would be German instead of Israeli.

it's confirmed then, that the new socialists use blue instead of red

these niggers aint going to stop me, will prob. just proxy USA to get rid of these niggers in the EU parliament, EU leftist totalitarianism niggers


Why do jews/israelis get to decide the laws in europe? fuck those guys.

Is this real?
>(b) "Group libel" means: defamatory comments made in public and aimed against a group as defined in paragraph (a) – or members thereof – with a view to inciting to violence, slandering the group, holding it to ridicule or subjecting it to false charges.

Explanatory Notes:
>(i) This definition covers "blood libels" and anti-Semitic slurs, as well as allegations that, e.g., "gypsies are thieves" or "Moslems are terrorists".

But those shitskin, paki, Muslim cunts are terrorists. Every single one of them.


This is fucking terrible. What the fuck is going on.

>Juveniles convicted of committing crimes listed in paragraph (a) will be required to undergo a rehabilitation programme
designed to instill in them a culture of tolerance.

All i have seen of the USSR and East European Communism has been less degenerate than the gay parades and women's liberation of the Western 70s and beyond.

Aside from Stalin, were they even this tier of thought police we're reaching?

This is the reality of the Marxist liberal dream. Everyone equal, everyone at the same level, everyone being stamped on and held at the bottom equally. This has me actually very worried.

>This text was prepared–under the aegis of the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation–by a Group of Experts composed of Yoram Dinstein (Chair), Ugo Genesio, Rein Mȕllerson, Daniel Thȕrer and Rȕdiger Wolfrum.

Why the fuck is an Israeli Professor of International law in Tel Aviv writing EU documents when Israel aren't even a member state? The same for the Swiss Professor from Zurich.

Why limit experts to those in your own nation? This is the power of globalism.....

>Aside from Stalin, were they even this tier of thought police we're reaching?

Reminder that Algerian Notre Dame terror attacker was given an EU award for writing about discrimination against migrants when he was a journalist in Sweden.