Does anyone else feel a bit sad when you spot an upstanding black...

does anyone else feel a bit sad when you spot an upstanding black? when i see ben carson or thomas sowell or a black baptist type, all i can think of is how the vast majority of blacks ruin it for guys like them

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>does anyone else feel a bit sad when you spot an upstanding black?

That would be like winning the lotto, without buying a ticket.

They're outliers, and they know it.

I'm past the point of no return. I use to be like you, but at this point, all blacks need to be segregated, not just the niggers. For the good of the white race.

All races have good and bad people, productive and destructive members of society. The difference between races are the varying rates of said individuals, and blacks have one of the worst ratios, probably just above various native groups like Australian Aboriginals.

Really, race is a pretty weak way to group people, it's just visually convenient.

>Really, race is a pretty weak way to group people
Absolutely false. Absolutely Jewish.

Not really skin color does not matter if you are a good person you are a good person if you are a shit you are a shit.

Reason i hate liberals is blacks, muslims and hispanics cant be held accountable for their actions. Its always the white mans fault when they fuck up. They talk about equality but they are the first to blame the whites for other races problems.

Yea I do feel bad. They are role model.

I had a black guy tell me outright he wanted "separation of out people because our differences couldn't be reconciled."

Then the other went off about how "we take your women and we are lucky they don't hang us" Not even joking.

I do, too. I always liked the "blacks vs niggas" routine that Chris Rock used to do. Blacks aren't the problem, its niggers.

Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Tim Scott, Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, Charles Payne, etc. are all black people, and they're fine. Maxine Waters, Al "We Wuz Kangz" Sharpton, and the hordes of dindus, on the other hand, are niggers.


Why should I be sad about something thats good.

True, OP
But maybe that's because we're mostly shown the Wallmart and Chicken Shack type blacks?
Maybe we should focus more on positive examples?
Maybe we should admit whites can be disgusting and an embarrassment also?

not really.

The blacks will need upstanding people to lead them once they have their own country once more, and the whites have withdrawn.

It's not about skin color and you know it.

There's no such thing as a good black man. There's only black people acting like white people.

>implying they won't treat upstanding blacks as the white devil

Hello kid


No tolerance for Uncle Toms. Our proud black Earth will hang the race traitors after we purge the white man.

Yeah, once they return to their continent, Africa and have genocided the rest of the white farmers and civilised people of property, then they will need white people for moral support, otherwise they will backslide into mud huts.

Not really.

I've had this theory that breeding only upstanding members of a race could be used to civilize and improve a race. I don't see why it wouldn't make sense.

what it is, my pedes. what it is. post more BASED BLACK MAN. shadilay! kek wills it, my pedes. they will be allowed in kekistan, mirite my fellow pedes?

Crucify me, Sup Forums, but I have a grain of respect for based blacks. If it weren't for meeting some based blacks in my life, I'd probably never be redpilled on so much shit as most whites and spics (majority population in my city) are bluepilled as fuck, or flat out niggers. Shit, it was a black who first told me about the whole globalism and monoethnicity agenda in the first place. It was a black who told me to improve, and what it takes to be successful. It was a black who first explained this woman shit to me. It was a nigger who told me to be proud of who I am as a white man.
Not my parents. My parents would have never told me this shit, and disagree lord forbid I brought it up.

Fuck off. America should have segregated communities of whites and blacks, and only based blacks should be allowed to breed while their race remains in quarantine before being let back out in the global community.