Will this country ever get tired of winning?

Will this country ever get tired of winning?


Kings of Europe.

Leaders of the Free World.


Delete this

>Money is everything
Thats why you have peacetrucks and I have stroopwafels

>Third World War about to be caused by Germany again

Absolute madmen.

You're simply our port, getting fat on our export success.

and there's literally nothing you can do about it

you need us more than we need you Germans, LMAO

look at that, the Conservative and Catholic Bavarians are carrying your nation.
imagine that

Day of the rake when hans?

The narrative this user tries to spin
is laughable.

The Netherlands are THE essential soulless capitalist nation, the whole bourgeoisie culture originated there. You're one of the most globalized nations in the world.



And still no peacetrucks

Face it Kraut youre the ones who got the short stick

I don't like living in Amarica


in what way are we winnign?

Shekel for a good goy

Let's win once and for all, Hans.

The last German peacetruck was last year. You're confusing us with """Great""" Britain.

As for you, you're simply too irrelevant, seen as sort of appendix to Germany - hence why they don't bother to notice you.


>white boi who's small pocket knife cant compete with BIG MACHETE

Every dollar saved by Germany is another dollar staving off German collapse, and another rape and murder on your mom's side of the family.

Yep, our nation is as soulless as German individuals, that that is a bad thing however is nothing more then your personal opinion

Dutch people often speak out against the narrative that money is everything, its good to have in abundance but not to worship, our country was based and built on freedom and capitalism just happends to fit freedom best

And yes we are globalistic in nature, hell we had colonies what did you expect

It doesnt mean we worship money, it means were good at it

Kind of like Jews only without being Jewish

Robot thread

You got tired of winning many many times

t. a country that has never won a single war in its history

Holy shit I almost got a boner when I thought of Merkels hair. Thank god based shitskin achmeds for censoring fat old childless fishholes hair.

>Youre so irrelevant terrorists ignore you
You say that as if it is a bad thing, but thats not true

We are still a trade hub, attacking Schiphol or Rotterdam will have a global effect on the economy, it wont destroy it but there will be damage

Also the deepsea cable connecting Europe to the internet enters through the Netherlands, if you know where you could technically damage this cable to make large parts of the internet unavailable in Europe

Youd think we were a high prio target so kek bless our irrelevance

And you still had one more truck of peace then we ever had

Hell even if that was the only terrorist attack you've suffered youd still have had more terror attacks then us

>failed taking over europe 4 times

EU is reality and the manifestration of the successful takeover.

its a fake dude, chill out

>what is a europe

>free world

makes me puke whenever i hear that word, nothing is free about this totalitarian marxist country

They beat Brazil at sportsball once.
That's all I can remember them winning.