>Pres Trump Infrastructure Summit w/Governors & Mayors 6/8/17
>Pres Trump's shyster lawyer presser 6/8/17
>VP Pence remarks @ Infrastructure Summit 6/8/17
>Pres Trump @ Faith & Freedom Coalition Conference 6/8/17
>Pres Trump Speech on Infrastructure 6/7/17
>Pres Trump's Plan to Rebuild America's Infrastructure 6/7/17
>Pres Trump speaks on healthcare reform in Cincinnati OH 6/7/17
>VP Pence @2017 Astronaut Selection Announcement 6/7/17

Trump Playlist
>Kikenwald Get's Tentacled!
>The Revenge of John Miller
>Trump SwordDancing to Shadilay
>AF1 Takeoff in the rain
>God Emperor Trump Was Born To Rule
>Donald Trump Emperor of America
>TrumpBot vs Mexico

>Trump Triumphant
>Hold Back The Night
>Inauguration of Fire
>American Hero

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>king arthur shall return

Need more salt for further editions. Anyone got the best of yesterday liberal tears pics?

It's like they're addicted to losing

The person below me likes Doggy penis.


How does Fox Businsess get away with so much?

Even Inforwars wouldn't broadcast something like that.


This is the same guy who shit on Israel on Bill Maher's show

>posting screenshot of based black guy fanclub

No but Infowars has like softcore now
Post muh based Muslims then

The way they single-handedly decimated our memes is disgusting.

A Trump thread with no awoos?

Let me fix that.

>Post muh based Muslims then

I like the way this woman speaks, it`s like she`s in slowmotion, but she seems really inteligent and disinterested.

Latest facts on the Comey situation

Comey has caused for a massive decrease in trust in Trump

Impeachment is eminent now

No more russia

moshi moshi tentacru desu

>Stop tweeting for a day and half
>Wapo: This is now Trump’s fourth-longest Twitter drought since he declared his candidacy
>I was actually wondering what his longest streak was
>Thanks Wapo

God, at least hide your thirst you fucking whores

> comey declares Trump isn't being investigated
> I'm with her now

This UK Election result proves that Sanders probably would have been a better candidate than Clinton, right?

Mfw eating 3 family size pizza while waiting for morning joe for just $9.54
Feels great mang


Please talk to my wife and her son about tentacle porn again.

The only ppl bothered by Comey's testimony are ppl who'd never vote for Trump anyway.

Yesterday was a massive win for Trump. There's no way around it.

Liberal Joe is mentally ill. Stop watching.

low-rated by the way father kill?

Is that a threat you radio talkshow host.
Does This Look Like The Face of Mercy?


>May has backing of DUP.
>Conservative Party has the highest number of seats.
>May will NOT step down.
>May will seek permission from the Queen to form government.

Not a resounding victory, but I'm pleased Corbyn did not win. He is a disaster for foreign policy. It would have been bad for America.

>when he went silent on his preferred communication medium for nearly a day.

Wow, almost nearly a day without using twitter.
I guess droempf got stumped really hard that day.

>May will seek permission from the Queen
Eugh. It chills me right down to the bone. I know it's just symbolic tradition but it triggers my americanism.

Will the UK election energize Democrats in the U.S. and strike fear in Republicans of a Western "pink tide" of rising leftism? Maybe they'll actually work on Trump's agenda?

They're addicted to his tweets, CNN had an article too

>stop tweeting!
>why isn't drumpf tweeting

No to both

Great now they've got "muh 3 gorillion popular vote" AND "muh minority government" (despite the fact that Tories annihilated the Marxists but our shitty system calls it "inconclusive")

Watching the speech by Trump at Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority Conference.

>The Democrats are obstructionists. They went so far left, I don't know if they can ever come back.

RWDS when?

good meme

Anyone else think they are faking ratings numbers?

Eh. I know what you mean. But Corbyn is telling May to resign. He wants to form a Labour minority government even though he doesn't have enough seats.
>Labour 261 seats
>Conservative 318

So theoretically, if he got the other parties on his side, couldn't he try to seize control?? I think that would be bad. He DIDN'T win. So that would be bad.

They're gonna turn him into the dictator that they think he is

How was Nate Silver's prediction go?
Didnt the communist have a huge lead around Tucker time? The fuck happened?

>do not grow addicted to tweets or you will resent its absence.

There's kind of no point in watching Morning Joe today.
The talking points are obvious.

It's pretty normal for the losing side to have better ratings because they need to be comforted by reaffirmation of their viewpoint. When Obama was fucking shit up Fox had insane ratings.

Yes, NTY and WaPo do it. All the big entrenched Old Media CIA operations are entitled as fuck. In radio people get in trouble for fixing ratings, must happen in TV too. Bubba the Love Sponge got in trouble for it.

of all the attacks you can level at hannity his ratings have to be the dumbest.


No point in watching it any day

>So theoretically, if he got the other parties on his side, couldn't he try to seize control??
I really have no idea, I think he can form a coalition but it's very fucking unlikely

We can only hope

Funny how many Euros were talking shit about the American system after Trump electoral college win, popular vote loss. Now first-past-the-post parliamentary looks stupid. Maybe the French system of proportional representation for legislature and a direct popular vote on the head of government is best?

Time to investigate

If there wasn't such a massive funding discrepancy between handel and ossoff, I'd say you could rely on that but you can't since one of them got nearly 15x the funding the other one got.

Too soon to tell how the GOP will fair in the midterms, however the GOP senate seats up for grabs are basically safe, while there are Dem seats up for grabs in states he won.

The house... Eh, with the gerrymandering the GOP did in 2010, I don't think they'll lose it but hey, we've seen weirder shit.

I don't know why the fuck you stupid pieces of shit watch far left deep stated funded anti Trump propaganda in the first place

Don't forget I'm strapped Liberal Joe. I love my 2A

quick rundown anyone on Comey please?

I would pay money to see Hannity vs Joe


-Very tall
-possibly autistic
-may have Prejured himself yesterday


>not resigning
Temporarily, right?

I only watch on occasion. I find it fun (in moderation) to see Joe and Mika so salty.

Other people say some mumbo jumbo about watching it to get liberal talking points or something like that.

confirmed no investigation into trump
admitted he's a leaker
perjured himself
admitted he was pressured to cover up hillary investigation

>I only watch on occasion


Don't forget he also folded and let lynch dictate what he labeled the investigation.

naw, come on guys it wasn't actually hentai

Read the rest of the post.

There's something especially fucked about MSNBC. They have "Republicans" like Joe, Steve Schmidt, and Nicole Wallace who seems like either shabbos goy or are directed to shit on Trump. Fox is actually more "fair and balanced."

>Other people say some mumbo jumbo about watching it to get liberal talking points or something like that.

Those are shills

I'm confused, /ptg/.
All the liberals I know seem to be under the impression that Comey basically threw Trump under the bus and he's all but proven guilty of "something" now. But it seemed to me like Comey gave us a big bunch of nothing other than his statement about Lynch and confirming that Trump was never under investigation.
What is it that they are seeing that I am not? Why do they think his memos are all it takes to stump Trump?

"Muh salt" is not an excuse.

Yes, it's





So is it you or Tucker who's the doggy fucker?

naw naw it wasn't. don't even worry about it.

Liberals are seriously, unironically, 100% mentally deranged.

You're incredibly dense.

at least they embrace their leftness

CNN is actually to the left of MSNBC now and they try to pretend like they're down-the-middle and fact based

He still wouldn't get a coalition. DUP won't back him, so he's dead in the water.

I looked up the Queen's powers, and I'm surprised at how much authority she has. I thought, like you, it was all ceremonial. But alas, that's not the case. Here's the most disturbing power:
>Commander-in-Chief – The Queen is commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces and all members swear an oath of allegiance to The Queen when they join; they are Her Majesty’s Armed Forces.

>What is it that they are seeing that I am not?
Nothing, the testimony was at worst a smear against Trump's character he's been absolved of any wrong doing pretty much, the Mueller probe will be the formal end but we'll look back at yesterday as the actual end.

>Morning Joe
>Comey: "Trump has nothing to do with Russia. There is no evidence at all any where"


Why is the EU demanding a second referendum? Has there even been that much of a change on the euroskeptic levels if DUP is going to form a coalition with the Tories?

Muh popular vote.

Ouch, that explains OP's pic.

Conversatives at the state level are doing some great innovative things, but in D.C. the gridlock is pathetic. They're also seemingly still stuck in the Reaganomics trickle down "government is the problem" mindset. Voters actually want government to work, which the Republicans don't sell too well.

Standard operating procedure for them
>no, come back again with a PROPER answer

The Left: Obstruction of Justice is a crime. Impeach the Mother Fucker Already.

How long will you continue to drink the Kool-Aid?

They only listened to the parts where Comey said that he "felt" that Trump told him to do something.

>CNN is actually to the left of MSNBC now and they try to pretend like they're down-the-middle and fact based

Are you new to all this or what?

lefties are still going full muhhh Russia if you were wondering though
most of the neocons are coming around to accepting reality at least

>imagine if the US military swore an oath to Presidents
I can see the appeal of this kind of thing but the risk is too great.

I knew she could declare a state of emergency for 7 days but then requires Parliament to extend it, but that's about it.

what ever do you mean, friend?

>all members swear an oath of allegiance to The Queen when they join


fucking continental europe and it's authoritarianism.
>only the anglosphere got it right


I'm still hearing Democrat congressmen says Russia "hacked the election" or "attacked our institutions" that clearly indicate they haven't even read the reports they're citing. Sad really that ur government is made up of technologically illiterate lawyers.