What the honest fuck is wrong with Americans?

What the honest fuck is wrong with Americans?

Every time something happens to us you're all right there telling us how shit we are, loving it.

You stick your fucking kike noses into absolutely everything you can

You celebrate our terrorist attacks, our instability, our population replacement and the blood on our streets. Well let me tell you a weak UK is bad for US influence over Europe, but nah, you don't care.


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I agree, britbong. We feel resentment like an abused child. Reporting from the drumpfster fire feelsbadman

You do the same to us, you whiny bitch. Get over it.

Hahaha what a fucking joke you are.

mad af

Because you are shit

You fucking limey

Stop being a bunch of pussies and legalize guns

>"haha 56% cucked sharts"
>UK gets cucked

Implying you're less fucking cucked than we are? You are the worlds exporter of fucking cuck porn

>say shit like this
>cry and whine that no one is sympathetic when something happens to you

When a bong, can't handle bantz.
Well this is it, your country is confirmed fucked.
When you stop being British they've won, and by the looks of it you stopped being British.

It's obviously defensive you cunt, kill yourself

take responsibility for your misbehaving manchild

>Great Britain
>United Kingdom

both sound ridiculously ironic

>"sharts can't handle the bantz LOL"
Shocking transition.

It's because the United Kaliphate isn't a white country any more.

>>"sharts can't handle the bantz LOL"
Where did I ever say that? Just accept that you've proven my point. Literally a nation of traitors.

>You celebrate our terrorist attacks, our instability, our population replacement and the blood on our streets

You did it all to yourselves.
Sure, it warms my heart to see your mudpuppies turn against you, but that's all your own doing.

You don't just deserve your fucking; You worked hard for it.

You earned it.

Oh, please. You Eurofaggots are constantly mocking us for being le >56% and whine endlessly about how we do nothing but produce degeneracy that your countries willingly gobble up as if that's somehow our fault because you apparently have no agency whatsoever. Every day I see one of you creating an "America hate thread" and posting about how much you think we suck, how we have no culture, how we need to stop talking about our heritage, how we need to do this or do that and you just don't fucking understand that you are no longer relevant on the world stage and thus your opinions really do not matter at all. Your time has long since passed. You get absolutely zero sympathy for me.

Are you fucking joking?

You know, you are 56% fucking white, and that includes

We are still fucking over 97% you stupid fucking retard piece of shit

That's all I heard, faggot

Shitty point.

Just move away, fucking crybaby. Millions of blacks with zero education have managed it, why can't you?

Where do you suggest?

Get your laughs in while you can, because you'll be there soon enough.

>muh country is less cucked than your country
>no, ur wrong

pull yourselves together you two, the last thing we need is an internal war between bongs and burgers

>Expect everyone to bend over backwards for them
>Ignorant and can't clean up after themselves
>Will fuck up infront of you or act like idiots and then turn on the charm to try and get away with it
>Can't into chip and pin and always carry credit cards that have long winded payment processes,
Can someone explain to me why American have such a hard on for card payment that forces them to hold up busy customer lines while they a receipt while everyone in the world has moved onto chip and pin/contactless? Do they think a signature makes them high and

Stop being a bunch of pussies

t. Army of Israel

>You know, you are 56% fucking white, and that includes

No, it specifically does not include "white hispanic". If we include "white hispanic", then our demographics would be ~80%+ white.

we dont have to show up and say give us free shit

we aint niggers that is why

Because we feel like it

Bong food sucks

nice cheese m8

and wonder why everyone thinks you're backwards hicks?

America. You'll get a good job shitting on your former countrymen on Sup Forums.

It doesn't matter what everyone else thinks. We're top dog. Not you.

you were never top dogs except in your own movies.

You chose this. No one forced you to make the choices that led you to this point.

hell we even get all your blockbuster movies before you do.

>met american chad in pub
>refuses your offer to suck his dick

t. lap dog

And what choices would they have been?

>chip and pin


But we simply don't care what peons in Britain think, especially when they have brown teeth.

>retard's mad noone else holds up a line of customers to write his shitty squiggle on a piece of paper

1. We make fun of you because you can only have so much sympathy for people who keep voting for this shit to happen to them

2. Americans don't give the slightest damn about "influence" in Europe

better having brown teeth than a low illiteracy record, an infestation or antivaxors and one of the highest obesity rates in the world

If it makes you feel better a 5 year old blonde white girl was raped by a pack of Muslims in Idaho. The (((judge))) let all the attackers off without punishment, attacked the mother of the victim and the victim, and then sealed the case so no one could find out about it.

And do you want to know what all the heavily armed American men did in the wake of this travesty of justice?

Absolutely fucking nothing. So every time some fat, white, lardburger American talks shit about Britain, point out that they are heavily armed cowards and cuckolded beta males.

honestly man whats up your ass that you have to come here to vent, go to /adv/ they help people like you. We just like to have fun here, don't go shitting it up for everyone now :^)

>everyone thinks

You faggots really do sit around sniffing your own farts, don't you?

>better having brown teeth than a low illiteracy record

>Britbong education

>Well let me tell you a weak UK is bad for US influence over Europe

We literally ARE Europe's military. I don't think our influence is in any trouble. Get on our bad side and we'll sell you to russia for a case of vodka and a busfull of hookers.

Fellow Burger is right. None of this fatalistic black pill demoralization. Good vibes to your fellow Whites

>we'll sell you to russia for a case of vodka and a busfull of hookers.
Whew what a great country you are. I'd never fight along side an American cunt. You probably weight 300+lbs

What a massive cuck you are, putting out for your britbong masters. Do you get off to them calling you a fat burger or are you using a proxy?

nice ad homosex there man. I've never suffered any of that bullshit. In fact I'm watching tentacle hentai right now while cutting some bacon rashers with my age rated knife.
Stay mad

still better than your education records.

stop projecting. dont direct your frustrations at us americans because you are upset with your current political situation.


You got your brown teeth, you got your Harry Potter, you got your pint... and I guess I'm jealous of your high illiteracy as well.

Do you honestly see it recovering for us? No memes or banter, for just these posts between me and you.

>get blown up by Muslims
>get mad at America

>what is a debit card?

Chip readers take 5 times longer to confirm a transaction than swipers, and you have to stand there and watch it so you can get your card back when it's done when you could be gathering up your bags or whatever so you can get out faster.

Many Americans are bullies and cowards
They will learn their lesson very soon

Have to say that this website really has made me kind of despise a certain type of American. I don't think it is the usual Sup Forums Americans, but certainly these dense cunts who have spilled over from reddit's r/The_Donald.

They're just dribbling retards who think they know everything there is to know and sound off their opinions on everything, and when you retort woth actual facts, you just get called a shill or a cuck back.

sadly i dont, but i dont see US doing well in the future either. Only cataclysm can save us now.

>You probably weight 300+lbs

You mean 22 stone and 3 wibbledewongs.
Brits use Metric for everything except where it makes sense.

Napoleon really stuck it in and broke it off, didn't he?

I'm sorry...p-please don't yell at me...

>You celebrate our terrorist attacks, our instability, our population replacement and the blood on our streets

We don't celebrate them, we point them out to try to get your politicians to wake up, and to prevent the same thing happening here.

Shut the hell up Darwin

We don't celebrate in the sense that we are glad that innocent people died. We are just laughing at how your progressive governments bury their heads in the sand. We laugh at it happening here too!

>I hate Americans I hate Americans I hate Americans I hate Americans

>Americans give it back to you

>wtf is wrong with you?!

>W-we're still at least 80% white
>we aren't TOTALLY nigger
>point of pride

The west is lost. Just kill me now.

Well, this is not unusual for any country. But I can agree most Americans don't understand what patriotism means for us and it makes me sick when I see some of these neocons here.

>wtf is wrong with you?!

Bogans are just Brits with good teeth.

The United States lacks a genuine national identity so we're very curious about yours.

You mean you dislike redditors?

Yea, me too. I would assume the british ones would be bigger cucks though. You faggots don't even have a right to bear arms.

That's what you get for trying to take America from us.

Gott strafe England!
Er straft es!

Yes, that would be the very cunts pointed out.

Op is a faggot and a disgrace to bongs everywhere. Grow a pair son.

Yanks are laughable, and so are their attempts at humor. Op is probably a Paki who feels oppressed. Fuck off little Paki.

we didn't we just burned some of it then moved the border a little south so the fur trade could go easier.

>Proceeds to trash America for 30 posts, claiming it to be in self defense when he made this thread

>we just burned some of it then moved the border a little south

All the way to the Falklands.
How's that Empire treating you these days?

So do something about it, you weak queer. Bet you wont.

>nation of traitors
someones still mad

Backlash for a decade of
>be American
>get shot

This entire board was a nonstop anti America party until the refugee crisis and now we get to laugh at you idiots for thinking your socialist dystopia could ever be feasible with niggers and mudslimes

>trying to export Orwellian hell

>not expecting to be fucking slaughtered like human trash by Americans and Muslims

Allow the fire to burn inside you...
Feel it rise...
Let it fester and boil throughout your veins...
This is what you need.
This is why we do it.
Because we love you

Because a lot of Americans love the UK, or at least what it used to be. And we're pissed off at seeing the state of it and that you guys seemingly aren't willing to fix it.

You're lying when you say nobody did anything. The Muslim family was forced to move because they received a ton of threats.


No it doesn't lol

Including spics we are 80% white. Blacks are 12-13% and kikes around 1.5% with asians making up the rest

America is the greatest destroyer of european culture and achievement. You've broken 4 European empires, homogenized western society through globalism and capitalism to the point that it is so weak that multiculturalism has been embraced as a way to replace western culture and every degenerate vice imaginable has been imported from the US.

Not how it happens. Every time I ask a question in brit/pol/ the response is
>dumb amerishart
>back to /ptg/
>le orange hitler
Hard to be sympathetic when you guys are just as hostile as any American. Then you come in threads about American politics and talk like you're experts.

Yet still, we're the Christian nation between the two, and we don't enjoy watching the same sport as nasty brown people.

>>le orange hitler

What a lying piece of shit you are

>loses their global empire to the monkies that first inhabited them all.


At least you're not bitter.

try and stop us