Is Spain crashing again?

-Banco popular falling hard.
-Santander has to bouy it for 1€ and get all the debt.
-now Liberbank is falling hard.
-The spanish banks still full of shit and did not clean a thing since the sewer exploded in 2008.

Is this it? is the country sinking?

always thought it would be italy to sink first, but wouldn't mind if it's you spainiards

All south european countries are shit. Honestly don't know why you would let that garbage in the EU.

Nobody cared while the real estate bubble was high and other members from the union could make some profits. But yeah, it was a problem letting the south europeans enter, their economies where so different from the nothern economies, and this has not been solved.

>Is this it? is the country sinking?
I don't think so... ECB is still throwing cheap money at you and your banks which means that they can keep paying of old debts with new debts.... as long as there isn't another bubble that fucks up Santander you should be OK. However cheap money tends to create bubbles and Santander seems to be stupid enough to not see it coming again... However right now everything seems to be OK.

The Spanish reslestate bubble was paid with money from american and British pension fonds... and some stupid Germans.... The only fault Spain has here is that they let those hedgefonds fuck IP so many of your beautiful beaches... in the meantime the bubble paid a lot of construction workers and put their kids through university.

We didnt want to enter either.

Yeah sure...

It's almost time to laugh at the punchline but for some reason I don't want to.

Everyone you ask here hates the EU and specially you germans, we have nothing in common with you, not even with the frenchies do we get along.

better stock up on that smoked ham OP and bullets.

Then why don't you just kick us out? I never asked for this either, it was already (((decided))) a long time ago. Don't even bother pretending otherwise.

The EU was designed to fail from the start.

But... but... the EU is so healthy and great. Your forced austerity (despite it being proven to plunge you deeper into debt) should be great for you guys!

Like I can kick you out of the Eu. Besides that my country is cucked as hell and I am stuck in it.

I have some Spanish friends so I know that that's not true. You may have nothing in common with northern Europeans but you always liked the EU handouts....

I can see what you are bitter because you think we don't bail your ungrateful assess out once more... but in reality we're doing just that. Problem is your plebs don't get it and ours would freak out if they knew...

why are you stuck it in? borderless countries no?

That's all of us

that whole region is fucked for eternity with 30+ year old dudes living with their parents and suing them for not giving them moneys to go to the club

Oh yeah ungrateful
Thank you so much for fucking our entire economy for your own gain, for taking power away from us, yeah thank you so much

No it wasn't. The Euro was introduced by France to force economic integration but Britons blocked any approach to do just that...

>Pls get me out of it
Pls fuck yourself Portugal and Spain

>Spain is a world superpower and doesnt take shit from nobody
Spain is a somalia-tier shithole
what the fuck happen to you spaniards? Where are your balls?

The Euro was a mistake, North/South economies are completely different and no wonder it turns out like this. Too high for the south, too low for the north.

I was referring to Karlegi plan though

I'm edging on getting the fuck out of all EU stocks. The whole ECB policy nonsense can't work forever, it's all patchwork, no fixes to the underlying issues. Actually accumulating more issues via political volatility and refugee intake.

I don't hate EU, nor their members. I hate the way the EU was developed, it's a good Idea for people with money and globalist agenda, but countries disagree, and people is stupid enough to blame their neighbours.
Europe has centuries of history, and I don't now how they are diluting it to create one big state, with one big economy
and a lot of different cultures and languages.
Doesn't sound viable

You fucked yourself... nobody forced you to invest all the money we threw at you into useless concrete towers and airports in bumpfuck nowhere. You voted those corrupt assholes into power... We should have forced you to spend it on useful shit but than you would cry here to... fuck you.

Their empire fell from catastrophic inflation and terrible leadership. After that commie subversion post-fascism killed them.

In our case we got couped by retard commies and CIA amerimutts, costing us our colonies and spirit in 1974.

Spain is not going that bad right now. The economy is growing and the non employement rates are getting better month after month. In 5 years they will be at the top together with Italy.

Greece is a different case. They're fucked up ad eternum

Corruption. Too much corruption.
You know, I accept there is the "Leyenda negra" about how bad Spain was and that kind of propaganda. but really, the hardest pill to swallow (and I think this could work for other countries to) is this: people here is stupid and corrupt.
that makes people in charge stupid and corrupt.
and there it is, 8 million people voting for a party full of shit who gaves medals to the virgin.
and this on the right, the left is a rotten carcass full of todays memelefties (vegans, feminists, lgbtqusiahqqha....).
This country is doomed by its own people. I realize spain deserves this pain. the spanish people deserves punishment for their stupidity, for keep applauding "La liga" and then crying because "I-I'm a poor poor victim of the politicians and so. I never read a fuckin book, I deserve so much better".
Please, sink this place

It would have worked out for southern europe if economic integration would have taken place. The integration process would have helped states like Greece to start collecting taxes and create a working administration... Spain's concrete bubble would have never happened as the policies in Spain that made it possible wouldn't have been possible too...

Speaking about bubbles German central bank just out out a warning that a real estate bubble is forming here because of stupid foreign investors that don't know the situation here...

I wouldn't touch German real estate... once interests rice many investors will be fucked BC. rents can't rise that much more and financing will be more expensive in the near future... so nobody will pay you what you spend on it right now...

don't worry, we will pay. enjoy your life.

I don't like this meme neither. is there people on germany who really thinks they paid the spanish debt?

has spain ever been not shit?
I fucking hate my heritage, niggers of europe

ECB is buying spanish, greek, Italian bonds... to keep interest reasonable. The European stability mechanism is another tool that was introduced to make your bonds more attractive again...

Then, kill yourself. There's nothing more pathetic than hating who you are and where you come from. The word would be a better place without the likes of you.

But European Central Bank is not Germany.
Also, They did put a lot of money a few years ago, so the german investors doesn't lose all their stuff and collapse your economy.
as far as I know, deustche bank only needs a little push to blow the entire world economy.

Germany and other northern European states have to vouch for it. so if your bonds go to shit we'll have to throw a buttload of money at the ecb because we are the biggest warrantor of it. The ECB buying your bonds is basically the same as giving out European bonds..

Sad I know a spanish guy who thinks the same as you. He loves his country but hates everything about it too. I can tell it upsets him too because he still wants to live and work in Spain but it makes him so angry.

Deutsche bank is only German by name. They are pretty much an Anglo problem now.

I'm under the impression Spaniards work twice a week. How correct am I?

Is it time for hardcore an-syn and falangists to come out of the woodwork again?

I don't hate who am I, I hate the shit I inherited but that doesn't mean I won't use my resources to do my best, instead of giving up like a faggy weak nip/weeaboo english teacher

actually spain got bankrup already in1500 when the empire was in its golden age so nothing ne in the horizon

One of the reasons, at least for me, is that the country really has potential.
you know, if I was born in some fuckin desert somewhere with nothing but rocks and dust, I couldn't complain, what you gonna do in a place like that but survive?
But Spain has great things and could be a nice country. and it is not. and it will not.

Pretty wrong. is a venomous meme that needs to day. most people I know work their asses of for living, and earn shit (as this is a third world country).
The problem, as I stated, is that they are dumb.
look, I live in a humble town, people here always been hard workers, on mines, on industry... people now earn very little and have to work hard for it. yesterday I was taking a walk. I saw a porsche in the street. keep walking, a Masserati parked in some alley.
I don't know if I make my point clear enough. do you see the problem? people here is so stupid.

actually the niggers of europe just came after you guys, you are black as hell and youre hispanic so spain=you so just please kill yourself and finish the job our ancestors had to do 500 years ago as the english did

Qué tonto eres

Now they are fascist, by the standars of todays lefties.

God please no. muh virgin, muh flag, praise spain or I kill you


Será en tu casa

What is the general stance/opinion about Franco these days?

very mistaken, spanish jobs got one of the biggest schedules in europe due to the partition off the time table, many people start working from 9-2 and after eating from 17:30 until 21;30 also here we work all days but sunday that is forbiden by law (church issues) but all the spanish dont work cames from the south of spain wich its so high temperatures during summer makes impossible to work at certain hours, sits not that rare to find some places that is 40 degres all long summer

>implying (pic related)
That's why we need to become independent.

C'mon user, a lil' bit of anarchy never hurt nobody!

C'mon user a lil' bit of falangism never hurt nobody!

Don't keep denying them or the carlists will crawl out of their tombs.

There's no reason why Spain shouldn't be the richest country in Europe considering you colonized most of Latin America desu.


My spanish mate also hated this the most and really liked out 9-5 schedule.

many peopl still kinda worsship him but the public opinion is that he is bad and everything related with him is bad

Spain is nice.

>9 to 5
fucking where.
I do 9 to 6:30
And everywhere I've gone it's 9h of work (including 1h to eat)

My money was on Portugal and then EU dissolution, this is taking an interesting turn

One thing I can ensure you, there are no midpoints.

-Side A: Franco was the worst thing to happen in history ever for Spain and for the world, he did nothing good and murdered gorillions of people.
-Side B: Franco was a Blessing from the sky (literally, "Caudillo de españa por la gracia de dios") for Spain and for the world, did nothing wrong and gave weatlh and prosperity wherever he might gaze upon.

Both sides hate each other. nothing in the middle.

didnt knew La Rioja was doing great, thanks mate

>>fucking where.

The UK, where he moved for a bit but he's back in Spain now.

pues no se de donde seras, pero el tipico horario de tienda de barrio es ese en cualquier calle, si te vas a centros comerciales o industrias non stop ya cambia el tema peor la mayoria de la gente sigue ese horario


Wake up my fellow Spaniards we need to unite against the kr*ut menace

Ah! I thought you mean in spain.
Curro en officina, pero si 8-9 hasta las 2 y luego de 16-17:30 hasta las 21-22 es lo normal.

Yes because your MOORS

well it was so much industry becouse we were fucking poor and many companies put its factories here becouse low salary and high stability in the country, after we developed and start being wealth we didnt wanted to come back to the low salary and stuff so many cars factories and other big companies just fled for poland or some countries in the east of europe, i mean is not the fault of europe it was the fault of developing richness and didnt find a model that could work better

I'm pretty sure most of the krauts are people who just want to work and take care of their business and their families. THIS is the trap when talking about europe. I won't hate the german people, the people gettin rich with this stuff are the one we must hate.

stop that meme we get rid of them 500 years ago, now they are in lower quantity compared to other countries in europe


Then exclude us. I want my sovereignity back anyway

Fuck this euro bullshit
Disintegrate now

Living close to the Pyrenees = master race. And it gets shit as you move further away from it.

>we dont need to care about inflaction if we keep bringing gold

story of our lives

Poor Spain :(

meh just live between logroño zaragoza and burgos, actually Zaragozanas womans and logroñesas are top tier, burgos is more like a big village with high industry so is kinda weird the mix

Actually, when we had a referendum to see if we wanted to get into the Union, we voted no, but the president joined the EU anyway, because fuck it


You mean after they threw out the (((jewz)))

Not true. our corrupt politicians made it, by accepting any condition to get moneys from europe.

banks are dead
put all your money into crypto currencies

>banks are dead
being this naive
dude, banks hold the money, banks hold the power. you think they will give it for free? you think they will accept cryto-currenci to come and shit their lawn?

yup fair price of getting rid of that disease, moors and jews off or christians, i think is the best thing our country did ever

en tu puta casa, gilipollas

eso lo dices porque eres un muerto de hambre que cree que volver al franquismo de los años 60 arreglará el país, subnormal

There was a time when ford and vw closed down factories here to reopen them in Spain and receive EU money... than you guys started to do something wrong as the same factories were closed again... You started to put everyone into uni and ignore the demands of the industry... Your workers were cheaper and you receive a buttload of EU money to pay if industry to come to your place.... and you still fuck it up.... Totally our fault.

>why you would let that garbage in the EU.
I fucking ask the same. If it's so shit to have us in, why don't you kick us out.
Fucking do us a favor really.

t. Antifa

Because you can't kick a member out. He has to go by himself.

t. Eurocornudo

i feel the same way, is nice being here, but if we are disregard my pride tells me better fuck off and leave europe that keeping under thee domain of germany

The Spanish are push overs that blame all their woes on some one else. Most Spanish people are borderline retarded with the combined intellectual capacity of a boiled potato. Content with the pittance they earn.

if thats the case then he was a blessing. the whole reason the republic lost is the same reason the left over here will eat itself. They had a strong base of working class people who got eaten alive by fringe anarchists, commies, and other fringe groups. I love studying your civil war, I picture a civil war in the USA going down the same way. A smaller more organized right wing VS a left front (who also are fighting anarchists, SJW's, Commies, BLM, feminists, some kind of hilarious LGBT group)

This. I'll be gone for good in September, looking for greener pastures. Good luck my fellow citizens, if you ever manage to pull shit back together give me a call.

where can one person emigrate? Europe sees difficult, every country has a different language, south america is goint from bad to worst.

the divide between northern and southern Italy leave me always astonished, how do we fix terroni?

I agree, but i also incluse regional/nationalism in the corruption. Problems that cant have a nation-wide solution because local powers consider that losing competences and power, so they ban them. And the 2 big parties need local powers to govern, so corruption+corruption

Kick spain out pls.
We spaniards will work to build sll spenians houses, healthcare, education and fair wages.

fuck the EU

Always someone else's fault isn't it Germany?