WORLD WAR THREE time remaining estimation, how long do we really have? Should I leave the metropolis?

WORLD WAR THREE time remaining estimation, how long do we really have? Should I leave the metropolis?

2 years

WWIII started in 2001.

This is how history will see it. It gets hot on September 23rd though.

When do the nukes launch?

you gotta go way back hansolo, all the way to the cold war and there you have it. The moment germany was defeated the world has lost t b h


Doesn't concern you leaf.

Let the big boys worry about war.

WW3 is underway right now and has been for some time
It's being fought in increments, not like a John Wayne movie
Frogs are simmering
Won't matter where you run
There will be no winners this time. Shit for everyone regardless of colour or creed

I think WW3 is the last resort if the deep state fails to take out Trump

20-35 years, itll happen slowly at first, and then all at once in the span of three horrible, nation-ending years

If you live near the anit-nuclear missliles launch site - move as they will be targeted to clear the way to US. In other ways Canada is no relevant.

>how long do we really have?
>Should I leave the metropolis?
Probably won't save you. Just depends on where you go. You'd do better to dig a hole in the ground that you can live in for at least 2 weeks.

What happened today?
NK - nothing
Qatar - nothing
Iran - nothing
Is it the calm before the storm?

Why does almost everyone type 2 years?

2 months before the fire

WW3 will be against the chinese. It will happen after they have mined africa for ressources.

Can't you see the writing on the walls?

Don't forget, there is danger in the summer Moon, user. ;*

Unfortunately, no.

>anons here could literally face each other on the battlefield or in a post ww3 survival scenario
might as well start the mind games now

I don't live near any city or major industries/mining areas, enjoy struggling through bush where every animal and insect wants to see you dead, the weather is hot or cold as fuck and terrain unforgiving.
If you manage to find my place there'll be a nice .308 waiting to greet you.

there's a reason the vietcong cleared from areas when Australian soldiers, particularly the special forces (known as Ma Rung - phantoms of the jungle to the vietcong) were in the area.

come at me cunts

if doubles it's not happening

Too long.
I want it all to burn down now.


>If you manage to find my place there'll be a nice .308 waiting to greet you.
I love the attitude but it's also nice to save good people if you can but the hardest part is telling the difference between someone who will backstab you or someone who will stand by your side.

I'm at about two weeks or less. I have no idea why people are saying two years.


Don't hang out with Sheila's...

Thank for the advice.

Would you give someone the chance? keep in mind people you come across would more than likely have lost everything, with nothing to lose the only thing left to do is survive, the dynamics of how you judge someone would make it very hard to tell who was genuine and who was fake.

Would that make you a bad person for killing everyone who approached your place?
All you're doing is protecting yourself from people who are trying to survive who have nothing left. And nothing left to lose.

If there's a war (very unlikely), it'll start between Russia and the USA over Syria. Both have special forces on the ground, both are flying military aircraft over the country, and they've both attacked the other's proxy forces.

However they've both shown a reluctance to escalate, for a recent example Russian air power didn't take part in a Syrian attack towards the rebel-controlled al-Tanf border crossing, and essentially allowed the Syrian Army to get bombed by the Americans. Putin knows it's not worth it.

Not very long desu, depending on how countries handle the situation it could begin somewhere between 2 months into the future or a couple of years, if they are rather patient about it, which i dont think it will last that long
Basically the Americans and the Ruskies where having a nice campfire in the middle east which was fueled by wood, then came Erdogan into the picture and threw oil into the campfire.
Now everything is going faster than it should.
Either that or the situation has literally gone out of control

3 years

There will never be another traditional conflict the size of world war two. We are living in a post war society. Almost.