Is Britain pretty much finished for good?

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yes; but it was done for anyway

Shut up you pathetic cuck.
We're never finished lad.

ye mate

Will Lib Dems really team up with Labour?


Britain's was already done for but this will take it from "Portuguese Empire reduced to Portugal" to "Portuguese Empire reduced to Brazil."

Brexit is at risk of going from ARE NIGE-tier to shit-tier.


Only one man can save the UK now.

No, they need to be radicalized more before they can get real change. Both their parties are still controlled by the swamp. May is working against them and the commie is no better. A new Trump like figure needs to risee and is more likely now that everyone has been exposed as corrupt assholes.

You really didn't think the globalists were going to let England go did you

>a few weeks ago all of you bongs were sperging and boasting
>Now GB is unable to have a majority government

You are going to screw up the negotiations. Such a weak Government is going to fail, especially when the EU is out for blood. Same with Trump btw who is quickly degenerating into a nixon Tier situation.

Ain't looking so good now is it?

nothing would surprise me anymore

Why do you keep beating a dead horse? What evidence is there that the UK and most of europe isnt finished?


Lib Dems said no coalition's after what happened last time

UK snap elections
Tory/ conservatives managed to turn a slim majority into a hung parliament despite being +20% in polls a month ago
This makes brexit negotiations much harder, brexit will probably still happen regardless

no, we've just got a stitch, give us a minute.

Because while non cucked people like me exist in the United Kingdom it is never over. Fuck off to Germany if you don't like it here.