How do you explain Sup Forums to outsiders?

>Be me
>Mom asks to explain what Sup Forums is
>Result in gif

What the hell is Sup Forums anyways?

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you shit your pants?

Rebels with a cause

asshole of the internet

super secret internet hacker club

social engineering analysis. and a surprisingly christian board.

"i don't know what you are talking about"

Sup Forums is a Chinese cartoon forum

The evils of female sexuality and the obligatory punishment of its carriers is the grand, eternally useful scapegoat of Western patriarchy. It is the one topic on which Fathers and Sons, Upperclass Men and Lowerclass Men can heartily agree. And they can agree (and collude) while enjoying the comforting illusion that they are engaged in dangerous, revolutionary activities. I believe the makers of such banter really thought they were violating a sacred taboo when they fed to such blood, but there is certainly no such taboo extant now in fiction or film, if there ever was.

Free speech no mans land


"It's a Bulgarian rare bird watching discussion forum mom"

This is good bait

I see you're new here. the asshole of the internet was the motto here around 2007. God damn I hate you newfag kids

Pick anywhere but here and it's probably a better place to ask your retarded question.

>be me lying in bed
>wife asks what I keep chuckling at
>show her truck of peace meme thread
>she goes full 1488 Dues Vault in two weeks of browsing pol/
>she works in NHS and never had a racist thought before
>"I knew it was all wrong but felt embarrassed to question it"
>Feels pretty good

It's a forum that discusses the news or some shit

tl;dr shitlords amirite

It's the dumpster of the Internet.
But just like dumpsters, if you dig deep enough, you can find some really cool shit.

"An anonymous-membered extremely free-speech forum with a variety of topics ranging from cartoons to hobbies to politics and anything inbetween. There is a lot of garbage and nonsence there since it is in fact anonymous, but there are many truths and diverse opinions if one chose to sift through them all."

Like a dead puppy?

Is there a hobo dress code requirement to be here?

A combination of brutal honesty through anonymity and a competition to out-jape everyone else there. Then I just point out some memes they are familiar with that originated here or, barring that, memes that originated here that they would appreciate.

>Malaysian underwater basket weaving forum.

Cambodian rice growing forum.

>tfw I don't even have a mom.

More or less. If they're anime fans then I say that making people watch Boku no Pico is a Sup Forums tradition.

Only cool if you can BBQ it.
No dress code, but you must reek of piss and Jonathan Drake vodka.

I meant Sup Forums

What is Sup Forums anyways?

[a/ was the first board on 4chins I actually browsed. That was in the months preceding the /jp/ split.

>someone asks you about Sup Forums
never reveal your powerlevel

>mom asks
review image

Smelling your sister's underwear desu.


>"It's like an online bulletin board where you post pictures and text, and the oldest messages are deleted when a new one is posted. What's most important about it is that it doesn't require you to sign up or have a profile. Everybody is, by default, anonymous, which is largely where the name "Anonymous" comes from."

>"Because your posts aren't attached to an identity or a face, the nature of dialogue is different there. You can't attack somebody on the basis of their identity or on the basis of things they've said previously. Only the content of what they're posting right now matters, and popularity and status are virtually nonexistent. It's not like Facebook or Reddit in that sense."

>"Most of the time, the content posted there is garbage, and it's full of perverts, racists, and people with demented sense of humor. People are often cruel and vicious to each other. Without the threat of harming their reputation, people show their true nature, and often that's very ugly."

>"That said, there's immense value to anonymity and what it adds to dialogue. People have a capacity to be sincere there that isn't present elsewhere. It's entirely possible to be arguing with somebody in one thread and agreeing with them in another, and your agreement or disagreement doesn't taint future interactions. As bigoted as people are, it has to be said that it's possible there for the young to converse with the old, black with white, liberal with conservative, etc. without identity keeping them from considering the merits of one another's words. And frankly, it's kinda cool that people can actually be bigoted there without the Thought Police coming after them."

>"It's honestly a lot funnier than other websites, and the memes there are more organic. It produces and historically has produced a lot of the viral content that winds up elsewhere. And if you're willing to sift through a mountain of shit, there are nuggets of gold there you won't find anywhere else."

>carl barks cartoons

right in the feels

But can it be in a committed relationship?

Of course not. There are no girls on the internet.

I mean, maybe you can be a faggot...

its a place where friends meet

it's an anonymous online image board
draw your own conclusions

An image based messageboard that copied the highly successful japanese version 2ch. It used to be a great place for interesting content and laughs, but after becoming mainstream around 2007-2008 its now a cesspool of unfunny memes and ironic shitposting that has created a majority culture that mistook irony for reality.