Women are only as good as men are in a society...

Women are only as good as men are in a society. So if you think women are degenerate it's a result of degeneracy of men themselves.


This is true

Women are molded by the men they see around them

That's true.
So to all those threads asking "how do we fix women" - we have to fix the males first, the women will follow without any intervention


yea sure, i see even grand pas doing sports in my society while majority of the women are trying to "stay in shape" by starving or not bothering at all, women are simple minded cattles, comparing or blaming men in every turn

its more the fact that degenerate women are enabled by degenerate men. not that theyre copying degenerate men

a lot of men are simple minded too

Based. Women act and dress like whores because men reward them for it. Very, very simple concept to understand. If men did not reward them for it with attention and money, they would shape up accordingly. Even with 5 generations of jewish feminism, women still follow men's lead, socially speaking.

>women are only as good as the men
>import third world, traditionalist men
>women suddenly become traditionalist and loyal
So immigration is good then? Wow, really made me think.

And jews are only conniving bastards because goyim aren't good enough! It's not the jew's fault! Jews are only as good as the goyim in society! FIX GOYIM!

We have to stop coddling women and go back to physical discipline to show dominance, then put them back in their traditional roles.

You're not wrong

>Implying shitskins are good.

Have you learned nothing?

This is a good thread. I sure hope no MGTOW faggots show up and ruin it.

>Women are only as good as men are in a society

Don't blame men for the degeneracy of women unless you can prove a logical connection

Islam is traditionalist user.

If their value is derivative then they don't have any worth.

And in no way can mudslimes be considered good.

So then...Chad Thundercock is the real reason The West is failing?

I agree, but we must accept that it has taken us killing each other in two world wars to get here.

Feels bad man

They'll improve your women, just by existing around them!

But no seriously, fuck immigration and fuck this "women would go back to being dainty angels if only men would man up".

Yeah, go ahead and take the cum dumpsters under your wing. I'll be laughing on the sideline.

That picture is as British as it gets

Women need guidance and a few slaps when they get out of line, our society shuns both.

Run away train metaphor, sort of..

Try to dominate a woman as a white male in todays society with unlimited government power. You will be put in jail or receive fines that will ruin you. Fucking betas think its their fault women are degenerate nowadays :/

so fix and sort yourself out

Oh, Jesus Christ. It's another thread where Sup Forums pretends that shifting responsibility onto men is sage wisdom.
Here's a hint:
>Women are born "good." Through their own actions, they make themselves less good.
>Previous partner count is predictive of likelihood to cheat/divorce. Non-virgin women are trash.
>Women overwhelmingly participated in the sexual revolution, which tanked birthrates, destroyed marriage and undermined the family.

There's no reason to be a white knight and pretend that these women can be rehabilitated if you and your fellow men just "shape up a little bit more." They're gone, and it's their own fault. Let them rot and focus on Gen Z.

>It's all men's fault for women's problems part 1000
At this point it's just hard to give a fuck. Unless we draft up the "Nigger and Jew Execution Act of 2017" I seriously doubt we're going to be able to 'fix' women.

No. It's like this.

Women are degenerate by their very own nature and if you don't constantly keep them under control they will fuck things up. Women should have very little freedom - that's the solution.

Take this m'lady shit elsewhere.

It would be impossible for women to be cum dumpsters if men were not degenerate.

Kind of agree desu. Women have turned into fat ugly attention seeking whores with undeservedly high self opinions because the increasingly beta nature of Western men has allowed and even encouraged it. If we had maintained the nuclear family unit, traditional gender roles and kept our men strong and uncucked our women would now be skinnier, less STD riddled and guess what?...HAPPIER!!


Remember. Once she turns into a whore she's lost. It's biology.

And there's the bitter MGTOW nerd. You're part of the problem. Why didn't you go all Revenge of the Nerds on Stan and steal his woman? C'mon man! Betty was hot! You had one job and you blew it! All you had to do was show her what a good provider you we're going to be and what a piece of shit Stan was and you were in! He's laughing at you right now! He plowed her regularly until she hit 30 and then dumped her for a Freshmen. He's laughing at you right now.

men build societies and women act in them. you are just denying your own masculinity and are literally a cuck.

Bang on, mate


One component not the singular reason. Validation is everything to women, they are validated from the both Chad and the White Knights that come after Chad has had his fun. The cycle continues until the wall and by then the women children or not will be a source of cultural pollution, a mentally unhinged wreck willing to use what power and authority she may have to influence other women into destroying their beauty still further and not becoming mothers and wives but indulge in just a very slightly different flavor of hedonistic self-destruction.

In the end user it is both true and false as the warped condition of society renders validation plentiful and actively discourages the embrace of healthy masculine and feminine rolls alike. In truth both the weak beta and the self indulgent "alpha" contribute in equal measure to issue at hand and will do so until such a time as both are seen as negative vectors of validation. Once this occurs a healthy rebalance may take place and quite a few things must change first.

Go to fucking bed bitch. Sup Forums is a cunt free board. Keep your bitch shit on tumblr.

How am I denying my own masculinity suggesting that studies indicate whores can't be redeemed and noting the massive female participation in the Sexual Revolution (Which happened under the banner of Second-wave feminism, mind you)?

screen capped. Could you expand on this?

Makes sense in theory, but when society is actively promoting single motherhood then guess who the men are raised by

post tits

You can always tell a group of British women. It's fucking uncanny.

>Its white knights pretend that women dont have fully functioning brain to shift the blame to men for fucked up state of women.

Most red pilled thread this week

Ignore the gun goyim, it is the bullet that did this

>it's all men's fault
This is feminism tier.

Angry roasties need to get off Sup Forums.

How can I fix women when it was the cucks 100 years ago who gave them power? I wasnt even born yet. Women will never be fixed because they hold the power now. Fuck all those fags who gave women the vote.

So, judging by your posts in this thread, it's redpilled to blame men for the state of women; however, when we point out that women overwhelmingly participated in the sexual revolution, and that the sexual revolution itself was carried out under the banner of Second-Wave feminism, it suddenly changes from a gendered-issue to a Jewish one?

Yes, I get the Jewish angle, but come the fuck on, user, don't be so disingenuous.


Reminder that in modern society a group of women have never even managed to build a single house.

>Women are only as good as men are in a society.
Kek. Women are never as good as men in a society. Never were and never will be.
Degeneracy is just a result of deconstruction of traditional families. Politicians and corporations encourage it because degenerates are easier to rule and make money on.