Syria General /sg/ - Comfy edition

Everything you need to know


>Newest Interviews with Assad

>hohol livemap
>Military map
>Syria conflict map

>Fan maps

>E Aleppo/Raqqa Jun 7
>Mosul Jun6
>Palmyra Jun5
>N Syria/Iraq Jun4
>DeZ Jun4
>E Ghouta May 29
>E Qalamoun May26

Developments Jun8
>Palmyra:SAA advances 10km in SE Palmyra, and gains more ground in N around Arak oil fields&town
>US strikes pro-gov forces 2nd time for entering "de-confliction zone" that don't exist, after being fired upon by a drone they claim
>SAA captured Dakwah hilltop - E Damascus
>SyAF bombs positions in Raqqa of IS & 1 group part of SDF
>Turkish-backed militants attack Kurdish forces in N Aleppo,Tall Rifaat city
>UN investigates reports of US bombing in Mosul that killed 80+ civies
>IS raids SAA in rural Hama, capture mines, arty shells, anti-tank missiles, AKs,2bulldozers+pickuptruck
>FSA attacks SAA positions in Zuluf area
>PMU liberates Safouk Border-Crossing into Syria
>50+ rebels defect to SAA in NE Aleppo
>Qatar puts army on high alert, Iran offers to ship food/water
>WHO:Yemen cholera cases pass the 100k mark
>Houthis claim hit a Saudi F16 over Sana


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USA nuking Lebanon when?

Fixed the unrachived clickbait

third for iranian police

Pretty good status on the Yemeni war:

>The Arab coalition opted an approach aimed at controlling the strategic areas of Yemen. The coalition gained the southern coast, the coastal city Aden, captured Marib, launched a military operation against Houthi forces in the city of Taiz and took control of the Mandeb Strait , but the strategic western coast remained under Houthi-Saleh control.

What do you weirdos even discuss in here? Give me the run down on this war.



How is your day so far /sg/?

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>the absolute state of UK politics

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Is it bad that pol makes me fine with Europe getting fucked? I get so much shit here for being Arab that I'm just fine with it. Fuck them if they want to be cunts.

Tories should be banned for being legally retarded, seriously it's the second time in a row they fuck up the muh vote to consolidate power routine.

cleansing? saddam was a leverage tool for extorting petrodollar/protection money from saudis and qatar, gadafi got liberated because he tried to sell his oil for euros. and now assad is targeted for same reasons plus being friendly to russia.
nice try duping shit information, proxy jew

In other news in the Balkans (have no source for this that is not in Albanian): ISIS has threatened that they will commit terror attacks in the Balkan capital cities to kill the infidels and the false muslims. The threat was especially directed at secular muslims, with ISIS saying that their blood is sweeter than that of infidels. Tbh, I fear for my family.

True, the Tories are a joke. Don't forget 80% of Jews vote Tory, all the more reason to laugh at this occurrence.

>Positions near Panorama roundabout south of Deir Ez-Zor have been recaptured by government

hurr durr btfo

>tfw Boris becomes PM and starts to bomb Assad

Its basically an euro a piece. Not too expansive

I honestly cant believe Tories arent revolting that stupid cunt May, holy fuck the bitch is overtaking the FSA in the choke of the century
>VBIED attack in front of the gendarmerir post in #Turkey's #Batman

the fire rises

time to bring back the "neighbor hood watch"
-dont scare radicals, be friendly and spot them
-dont report to officials
-make sure fatal accidents hapen to those people

>may overtaking Free Syrian Army
Seems legit



Corbyn is gonna sweep in the inevitable November elections thanks to this state of parliament

I don't get the
>le based houthis
meme. They are are clearly losing the war.

Looks like they control the majority of the population and the important west coast.
How are they losing?

They have been losing ground steadily.

Does anyone have a higher quality?

I haven't been following that war that closely and cannot seem to find any maps, but I was under the impression it was pretty even between the forces there.
Might be that people only post news from Yemen here when the Houthis btfo's Saudis

That's a meme. The Saudis are winning the war.

You can compare how the Saudis do vs the houthis to the Turks in Al Bab VS ISIS.

They are doing tactical fuckups that are embarassing to such a large and well funded army, but in the grand scale of things their total superiority in airpower, supplies and weapons means the houthis cant win in the long run.

My dude, my name and that of my family are so Christian, we'd prolly be targeted first if the radicals are someone we know.

They've already lost important parts of Taiz. And all of this without any major ground force from the coalition. It's essentially like Iraq where the groundforces of each side is the people from the country, except very tough terrain.

This was posted in Serbian (or Croatian, I don't know the difference) yesterday. Don't worry dude, ISIS is pretty incompetent and Albanians aren't susceptible to it anyway.

Yemenis are dying from lack of food and diseases like cholera. Soon enough it will be empty and ripe for taking.

Congratulations lads

And Saleh keeps threatening to split from the Houthis.

There is no hope of Houthi victory. Saudi could quicken the pace of the war by assaulting the major port left that Houthis have but that would be pretty extreme thing to do.


No, but /r/ing an old video from a few years ago when SAA booby trapped a desertroad where the Israli/USA coalition sent hundreds of Muslim extremists fro all over ME to fight in the war. Hundreds died

They literally said they would target 'false muslims' first. There is a pro-ottoman Albanian facebook page that was making fun of the fact that the Albanian Jihadist commander killed a few days ago was killed for the 5th time. There are also Christian Albanians, and I happen to be one.

Dont worry boys, Tamim is here to help. If you want to piss off Saudi he's the man for the job.

You're next on the gallows, fenian fucker

Thanks for the rundown
I've found it pretty difficult to get reliable information on that war so I sorta just gave up a while ago



>Not recognizing superior Bosniako-Montenegrin with South Macedonian dialect.

>pleb what are you a greater Serbian hegemonist?


> Bosniako-Montenegrin with South Macedonian dialect
So, is this like, Serbo-Croatian?

Why does that rifle look so big? Perspective? Are syrians super short?

it's a rally big gun ak104

>On friday

Manlet, probably.

I always thought that Raqqa would take amost a year to take.

Im starting to think that it will be over after a couple of months

Do you like them rare or medium rare?

This!. You can hear the sheckels being siphoned.


>Middle East

This is why Americans will stay a joke

I would be supprised if it took them more than 20 days to take Raqqa.

I mean only resistance from ISIS is pretend resistance.

>muh chemical weapons
>muh red line

Those APCs sure have made a difference.

>tfw Raqqa will be liberated faster than Al-Bab was

#SAA forces have recaptured all areas at Panorama roundabout near #DeirEzzor from #ISIS. #Syria

That is because most of ISIS force moved towards Deirdre Ezzour. They are almost giving raqqa for free to the Kurds.

The only faction that ISIS is seriously fighting now is the SAA. It's like weakening SAA is their ultimate objective

>rules imposed on peasantry to justify low meat rations
Absolutely medival

Mashallah. They managed to resist despite being hugely outnumbered. Gotta also thank the Russian air force for their relentless bombing too. I hope zahreddine has recovered from his wounds

so where the fuck are their bulk of his troops? They are collapsing everywhere.

Dont tell me that they went to DeZ because they just lost the panorama roundabout as well and their last offensive was a failure

You just got that now?

>Dont tell me that they went to DeZ because they just lost the panorama roundabout as well and their last offensive was a failure

They did their job in Deirdre Ezzour. They weakened them and they destroyed a big number of Syrian military assets.

Once Kurds get raqqa, Deirdre Ezzour will be their next target

No, it's just that a lot of people are noticing how easy for a trash army like add to take the so called "capital of ISIS" raqqa. It is obvious how things are unfolding and I think now we are entering into the 3rd stage of the war in Syria

You think Assad is happy another US backed terrorist group is capturing Raqqa?

Why is this /sg/ so pro-Houthi? They're clearly just an Iranian proxy. Is it the "enemy of my enemy"-mentality because the Saudis hate them? I don't really get the backround of the Yemeni war.

>They're clearly just an Iranian proxy
And that's bad because ... ?

Literally anyone is better than Saudi, except Israel

we enjoy watching saudis getting killed by literally sand monkeys

Saberin in Souria when?


Because Iran is just a Shia version of Saudi Arabia? I appreciate that they help Iraq and Assad but in the grand scheme of things they cause nearly as much shit in the Middle East as the Saudis do. Yemen is nothing but a proxy so I can see no reason to be pro-Houthi apart from the fact that they slaughter Saudis.

Are those mp5 in 10mm?

I would say
Turkey > saudi > kurds > israel

Allahu Akbar!

Great ISIS counter offensive commences!

The rafidah will be smashed and al-Sham will be liberated inshallah!

First effects of US-PKK weapon transfer? :^)

> It's like weakening SAA is their ultimate objective
Hmm, kinda sounds like the people claiming that ISIS is run by the Israelis are right, huh? Spoopy Khohincidence, huh?

Westerners will keep defending YPG no matter what because muh secularism, muh democracy, muh feminism and muh minorities do no wrong.

Western culture is toxic. It's been reduced to postmodernism and SJWism. The West is for all matters and purposes dead but like a severed snake's head it can still bite and kill.

Kek. And people called me a "roach" when I said the kurds are the 2nd most serioua threat to Assad after ISIS terrorists.

>A Canadian poster returns.

What's the point for isis now?

They have, what, 5k troops left? Probably many mercenaries among those.

Why doesn't Assad go full Blitzkrieg and just charge forward everywhere we can?

Groups participating in the Raqqa op

that's not what they say
"the SAA and allied forces are repelled a daesh attack on the tanmiya walls, near the panorama and retook the points which daesh sneaked to"

they say "they retook the points near that tanmiya wall (idk where it is) that IS took tonight", not the ponts taken before

now go hurr durr elsewhere al irani and leave sweden

btw syrian geneal just showed that he is a re**itfag

You forgot Hollywood and saudi.

>doesn't support terrorism
>women rights
>religious freedom protected by constitution

Try again fucking shill