Can any brits redpill me on why you would call an election when your party has a majority government until 2020 lmao

can any brits redpill me on why you would call an election when your party has a majority government until 2020 lmao

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Inside job to create the need for a second referendum

too hard of a job to negotiate for a woman?

It was done on the realistic proposition that the Conservatives would increase their majority, allowing them to pass through incredibly heavily scrutinised legislation regarding leaving the European Union.

However, they ran a horrifically poor campaign and sitting duck Corbyn ended up far exceeding expectations.

Well thought out gamble executed terribly.

>Inside job to create the need for a second referendum

this. she really wanted to lose:
- human rights demolish
- hard brexit
- dementia tax (tories base)
- internet regulations
- strategic partnership with slurmpf
- readiness to start nuclear war
- etc

>need for a second referendum

There is no need, the people voted already - these suggestions are just kikes trying to stick the knives in during confusion.

There is no red pill, it was fucking retarded and the tories paid for it

can some britbong give us a basic gestalt of the DUP. Are they in favor of a hard Brexit?

Maybe Brits wanted to show America that their women are still superior in fucking things up in politics.

>expecting a woman to not be a traitor
Women are just commodities of the male dominated tribes. They actively invite more dangerous tribes into their countries and jump at the chance to betray their own people for a more dominant male. If you put one in a position of power don't be surprised if she actively tries to destroy you.

She wanted to consolidate power so she had a mandate to undo the human rights act

Because they wanted to ensure a majority government until 2022.

The better question is why are people still so enslaved that they vote for others to control their lives and bow down to government and media instead of choosing the freedom of anarchy
pussy ass slave mankind baka

DUP are pretty right wing and redpilled desu. Most of them want Brexit but they are understandably worried about the violence a hard border in Northern Ireland might create.

Because she wanted a mandate. Unfortunately, she also talked about censorship directly after a terrorist attack and her campaigning was damn near non-existent.

the establishment really doesn't want to go through with brexit so they told their puppet to weaken their position

Because Tories are so disconnected from the average Joe that it's completely impossible for them to predict entirely plausible outcomes. That's why Brexit happened as well.

Literally wanted to throw the election. Literally nobody wants his name on Brexit in the history books, not even UKIP.
Everybody knows Brexit is will be the end of Britain

>Everybody knows Brexit is will be the end of Britain
>says increasingly nervous German man for the 19th this time year


She fell for the huge poll lead meme. She thought she could crush the left for a generation. Well get fucked May May we run this shit now.

Brexit is good muslim and african refugee's are destroying the U.K.

Rather she thought she could win historical Labour safe seats who still see it as a working class party.

The saddest part about this is that it isn't even true regarding that beautiful moment. The average Swede gets called racist more often than anyone else. If anything, the more politically correct and cucked someone is, the more often they will be called a racist.

this is how reality and the human mind works, if all you do is think about how to NOT be racist, it's like a magnet for being called one

meanwhile normal people who dont get sucked into the universe where you care about jewish identity politics don't ever run into these retards

if you stay indoors they can't get you.

>communists cocksuckers
>running anything anywhere else but into the ground and deep underground

Well, at least I'll maybe get to shoot you rich twats into the back of the head while you stammer 'T-that wasn't real socia...'

That isn't the problem. She was set to gain seats. You need to look up the policies she put forth after. Which she had no fucking reason to put forth. She was up in the polls massively and did something historically retarded.

She thought she was set to get a larger majority. Typical Tory greed backfiring spectacularly desu.

She was too greedy.

She wanted to lose after triggering A50
This ensures the next PM gets roasted securing a 1000 year Tory Reich

As usual, Tories fuck up and now this is the last time they will be in power this century

Brexit isn't gonna change anything about that though

She's seems weak and stupid but why the fuck would they choose a hard left, anti-western civilization Marxist instead? Anything is better than that. The nails have barely been pulled out of the children's corpses, and the Brits have already betrayed their memory.

Socialism is inter-generational destruction and at this stage in world history, there will be no coming back. I hope nothing but nuclear armageddon for the lot of them.

>ridiculous lead in the polls with all the media on her side
>didn't want to be held to 2015 manifesto
>extremely small majority and MPs under investigation
>opportunity to push through massively unpopular policies like through fox hunting

>a hard left, anti-western civilization Marxist
spoken like a kike

Is there anything we can do now to ensure a hard brexit or do we just ride this out until 2020

Ramadan fasting making you irritable, Achmed? Go blow up some children, feel better.

fox hunting is literally only opposed by ignorant inner city euro vegan faggots

out here in the country the ban means millions of dogs get destroyed, vermin populations explode and traditions dating back thousands of years are outlawed.

hello Sargon

bases corbyn

Was anyone actually hoping for May to get a huge Majority? or like me just wanting anyone but Corbyn?...I'm actually pleased witht the result, Nuttall has stepped down from UKIP meaning the party will elect a new leader hopefully Ann Marie Waters / Farage returning. Nothing would have changed with May, except more censorship and continued appeasement - article 50 has been called and theres no going back from that - instead instability in the uk no deals will be made till at least the end of the year while the EU continues to fail and thier position weaken.

Maybe speak to anyone outside your room and you'll see most people do not like the idea of Fox hunting here in the UK, we love animals and hate Elites bullshit.

Yes I understand that it's better than poison and all that shit, but the Tories did not articulate this to the general public, they tried to sneak it in, it was a bad idea and almost made to lose votes intentionally

The only sauce a burger knows is bbq sauce.

Hillary 2.0

you are being obtuse
he means the deep state didn't want brexit, so they create this whole shitstorm to allow for that

>Partys name is Labour
>Everyone is on the dole

This is why lad:

This dumb bitch was supposed to win a landslide that's why. She literally blew a 20 point lead in the polls.

Hillary Clinton tier campaigning

I think it was more anti-may votes than pro-corbyn


Serves her right for having such a big ego with nothing to show for it.

>dementia tax
Brits are so cucked they want to levy a tax for people being old. What the fuck.

Because she's the biggest fucking idiot in ten billion years

It was never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever realistic, YOU FUCKING MORON





No, she's the polar opposite to Clinton. Hillary ran on a progressive ticket, May ran on a social conservative ticket - Hillary's a Democrat, May's a Conservative. They're are complete polar opposites.


the way you post made me turn into a 12 year old with autism

1000 years of fucking their own siblings dosent really breed intelligence.
It dosent result in good teeth either, while we are at it.

>both women controlled by jews and saudis
>both ineffective and highly unpopular
>both had media on their side until last minute
>both come from wealthy backgrounds and worked in banking
>both have serious lack of charisma and out of touch with modern times

They are carbon copies of each other. Their policies don't mean a thing, they are deceitful crows that care only about getting into power and helping the rich, that's it.

>No, she's the polar opposite to Clinton. Hillary ran on a progressive ticket, May ran on a social conservative ticket - Hillary's a Democrat, May's a Conservative. They're are complete polar opposites.

is this satire?

May was having EDL banned for criticizing Islam, there is nothing Right wing about her. She is a globalist. She was against Brexit too.

Our Conservatives are more similar to the Democrats than they are to the Republicans

I had never seen it like this until now. You would have thought after the shitshow that was Hillary Clinton that they would pick someone with at least some charisma to run our shite country

>social conservative ticket

Hardly. They're just want censor the internet and let people fox hunt, literally the least effective/most polarizing things you could possibly suggest. She may be an idiot, but she's no Conservative.

>You would have thought after the shitshow that was Hillary Clinton that they would pick someone with at least some charisma to run our shite country

the cuckservatives think like leftists so all that crap about "hillary was the real winner everyone really voted for her" is internalized in their mindset.

this leads them to believe a soulless Hillary copy must be a huge success.

2 world wars and 1 world cup, you bitter little turd

>No, she's the polar opposite to Clinton. Hillary ran on a progressive ticket, May ran on a social conservative ticket >Hillary's a Democrat, May's a Conservative. They're are complete polar opposites.

He was saying she was the establishment candidate. Corbyn is the populist insurgent.

To be fair, it makes sense. Why allow the government to continue after the resignation of the previous Prime Minister resigned and a historic referendum to leave the European Union?
In the United States, we have a special election when people vacate seats. Since the prime minister doesn't have a Vice President, per se, why NOT have an election to get a de facto leader of a party? Also, the previous manifesto did not address Brexit because it was written pre-Brexit.
She thought she could get a bigger majority, and it failed. But I honestly think it was still the right move, even in hindsight. Why is it fair to allow the previous government to continue under Cameron's term/election? For several years? I don't like that. Doesn't seem right.

and Corbyn is obviously Bernie.

brits are too cucked to field a Trump.


So that nothing happens on Brexit !! To hold the election 10 days before Brexit talks to begin, could it be anything else? It is the socalizing of the British society.

thatcher was the exception, not the rule

women shouldn't be in politics.

certainly not in leadership positions.

and what is trump.

a man who lies more than even Clinton , was born into privilege, doesnt speak well, is not informed on any issue of particular import , is ridiculed for his stupidity, is married to a woman who dislikes him and is only after his money and is literally the elite his voters hate.

Theresa didn't have the media on her side. The press was brutal towards her. They called her uninspiring, boring, etc. Foreign press was very brutal.
And you're right about near the end, it got even worse. I watched a special that was meant to sum up May's life. It had an interview where it asked an old friend of May's the following question: "Does Theresa May have a brilliant mind?"
The friend said, "Ummm...I wouldn't say it's brilliant. She has an alright mind. She's not a genius in any respect but she does well for herself."
Absolute cringe. Whomever wrote that question and whomever allowed that to air should be FIRED. Completely ridiculous.

To intentionally destroy Brexit. No other explanation. May was and still is Remain.

>Be a remainer
>Only have a 19 MP majority
>Have courts tell you that any deal will have to be voted on by parliament
>Realise you're going to bec held hostage by the hard core Brexit parts of your party
>Several MPs are also being investigated for spending too much
>Could further reduce your majority
>But it's okay, you're 20 points ahead in the polls and your opponent is literally the least liked politician in the past 30 years

So you call an electron to strengthen you

>says the guy brainwashed by foreign media that's incredibly hostile to him

I bet you believe Trump mocked a disabled reporter, right?

>he thinks island kikes did anything noteable in either ww
In both world wars brits were literally starving on their own island and crying for their big brother USA until they had pity with their retarded small brother.

Oh come off it. Australians were instrumental in fighting the Japs.

but she didn't win, are you telling me that people are that stubborn? I suppose burgers =/= people, but us bongs have more sense than to copy a failure

You didnt see practically every media outlet telling people to vote for her?

Australians yeah.
Brits not so much, unless you count bombing germany with american planes once both USA and Russia defeated nearly every resistance.

>During the war, 27,073 members of the Australian military were either killed, died of wounds or died while prisoners of war. Of these, 9,572 were killed in the war against Germany and Italy and 17,501 in the war against Japan. Prisoners of war held by the Japanese made up nearly half of Australia's deaths in the Pacific.[216] At least 386 Australian civilian seamen were killed during the war.[217] Total Australian war expenditure was £2,949,380,000 and at its peak in 1942–43, military costs accounted for 40.1 percent of national income.[216]

Look...I know compared to the bigger populations, spending 3 billion pounds in the 1940s is huge. And losing that many people is huge as well. Look at them know. They still only have 30,000,000 people, right? Proportionally speaking, their contribution was as much as they could spare.

do you ever find it odd that both sides of the argument say the same things about each other.

i dont particularly care if he mocked the disabled reporter.

i care that the "leader of the free world" is not a man of personal integrity.

you can disagree with everything a person says, fro example i disagree with Thatcher entirely but at least she had personal integrity. she believed what she believed and could argue for it in a rational manner.

trump is just clearly a reactionary who is equal parts being used and winging it.

the man has access to the best intelligence possible for anyone to have and still spends his time watching corporate news.

That's just what they wanted it to look like, and most people have fallen for it, as one would expect.

These people have been Remainers all along, they are also politicians, conniving, conspiring people we cannot trust. It is all a set-up to ensure as soft a Brexit as possible, whilst making the Tory party appear to just be bumbling fools, who tried their damndest for a hard Brexit but just got it all wrong.

These people are far from democratic. They are our enemy.

Whichever way we vote - we're totally fucked.

>Theresa didn't have the media on her side
she had most of the print media of her side plus the TV was full attack on corbyn

>entire argument is against the man's character

Anything actually substantive to say? I get it. You don't like him. What about his policies don't you like? Stick to the policies. That's what his supporters like.


If may resigns and this dup alliance pulls the tories farther right then will this election have actually turned out well? The wikipage for dup lists british nationalism, social conservatism, anti immigration, and soft brexit under their ideology. Besides soft brexit that sounds pretty good...

Yeah, Brits were dead in the water. They JUST finished paying us back for WW2 debts in 2010, I believe. Right?
We lent them like 2 Trillion in inflation-adjusted dollars. There's no way they would have won without us.

You'd have to be clinically retarded to balls things up like May did to this level, accidentally.

This was no accident, people who get this far in a field like politics just aren't that stupid. She knew exactly what she was doing.

Corbyn did not cut your police force and allowed jihadists who fought for Isis in syria to come back into your country.

That was all her

Btw, the israeli media fucking hates Corbyn, they still think he is antisemmitic lmao

what other reason could there be?

You have to go back.

It was pure political malpractice. The woman structured an uninspired campaign. "Strong and stable" catchphrase? I haven't heard anything that bad since "I'm With Her."
She should have gone with a Brexit-related slogan. Something like what Farage used: "Believe in Britain."
She would have won in a landslide.
She made the election about her. She should have made it about her country. Like MAGA.

Elaborate please.

>Btw, the israeli media fucking hates Corbyn, they still think he is antisemmitic lmao

Do they know Daily Stormer endorsed Corbyn?

Daily Stormer endorsed Corbyn, but corbyn still isn't anti-semmitic.

Daily Stormer probably just hated shariah may

found the butthurt Kraut

thats the exact opposite of the truth, they like the feeling of empowerment he gives them through his simplistic bullshit and their desperation... its sad.

have you ever heard him speak at any length about any policy?

refer to any paragraph of any bill?

how do you explain that he hasnt appointed anyone to so many positions in his administration?
most presidents have a functioning government in place by now .

he has a skeleton crew and is blaming the dems for obstruction.

since you mentioned policy though how about the removal on the prohibition of people with mental illness from owning firearms?

or his revocation of the ban on water pollution by heavy industry?

(note, im not angry at you or think you are stupid i just disagree)

It just came down to who you disliked the most;

Neo-CON; Collaboration with Jewish controlled financial system, adherance to Jewish religious tradition, every Free Mason aspiring to be a perfect Ashlar in the Temple of Solomon, security of Israel highest priority, collaboration towards Jewish superiority and desirability of inter-marriage into Zionist families necessary recognition as Spiritual Elite, conformity works towards present day promotion and possible future World Governent inclusion.

PRO-gressive; Works toward establishment of undifferentiated Goyim of no particular ethnicity, religion, gender, class or nationality, challenges all traditional institutions through writings of subversive Jewish intellectuals, works tirelessly to undermine all natural defence mechanisms though indoctrination. unites formerly disparate groups towards common identity and inclusivity, reduces intellectual and moral status to lowest common denominator.

Let's get something straight this is about our country and has fuck all to do with anybody else even you yuropoors , we want off that sinking ship just accept it , and as for the ww2 comments from the Germans were the guys with your tail between your legs while getting curbstomped so you really don't have any ground to speak shit fucking posers, fact is all politicians are born fucking liars and we need a drastic change in that respect