How did Americans become so unhealthy?

How did Americans become so unhealthy?

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By design
Check air, food and water

I weep for what was the white race

I'm going to take a guess and say it was collusion between the government and food corporations. They probably have very loose laws regarding whats allowed in food (colours, chemicals, etc) and that might have altered the average American's gut bacteria, allowing them to balloon like those in OP's webm.

Just a thought, because ive never seen people that size here. Sure, there's overweight people, but not like OPs.


High fructose corn syrup

Lack of fat shaming. The rise of cheap and extremely unhealthy food. Lazy poor people.

... and pharmaceutical corporations and so on...and (((they))) want to turn the whole world into one big america.

Yesterday I wandered into a local supermarket's American import section.
I passed all my exams with pretty good grades so I felt like treating myself, and bought some marshmallows, cookie mix, mountain dew, and peanut butter cups, all for the first time ever.
I have to admit, I sort of understand why you fuckers can't stop eating, this shit is so sugary you just want more and more of it.

Praise nippon.

It's our lust for the burger. It's in our genes.

> Just a thought, because ive never seen people that size here. Sure, there's overweight people, but not like OPs.

i see repulsive fatties but not nightmare fuel like op vid

I think that's Britain, I can tell because of the depressing grey overtone.

That's just sad really. Unless she has some medical issue i couldn't imagine doing that to your body.
USA needs to stop putting sugar and that corn syrup shit in everything. I bet the air even has calories.

This. We produce so much corn that it has to go somewhere. Turns out you can cheaply substitute it into just about everything. It's a similar story with cheese. Everyone is set on low fat milk so the dairy industry has to shill hardest for the resulting cheese


Honestly i think at the point it would be morally justified to restrain her and only feed her at resting caloric rate. We restrain other people with serious mental issues. This is no different.

added sugar and fat to foods and drinks

i always got to chuckle when europeans call out americans for beeing fat

EVERY drink you get here except beer and water has at least 6g sugar in 0.1L

Someone needs to give a medal to her knee joins.

>tfw you are so fat you get jumpers knee from walking.

She probably burned 300 cals just in that measly waddle, i dont see how they get to this point

>Low health literacy
>Sedentary life style
>Easy accessibility to food.
> A fat acceptance culture that is increasingly growing to appease the whales.

We ought to wipe the earth and start over.

Over-indulgence plays a big role in our fatty problem, but eating too much of anything will make you fat, not just sweets.

I'd say I'm general, Americans just live very sedentary lives and tend to eat a lot of unhealthy food. They have fat parents who don't teach their kids about healthy choices so they grow up as fat kids, then they become fat adults who have kids and the cycle repeats.

We don't walk very much, in part because of how our cities are set up. It's expensive as fuck to live in a city, so most people live in rural areas or the suburbs. There is no public transport in the suburbs or rural areas, and even getting to the grocery store is a long ass walk or bike ride. So we drive fucking everywhere. Cars also have become a major status symbol here, and not having a car and/or driver's license makes a lot of people question your sanity.

Physical education and recess have been on the shopping blocks in schools for decades now, though I'm not 100% sure why. Schools need more for standardized tests, maybe don't have enough cash to hire a gym teacher and everything else the state requires. Kids are fat anyway and they just wallow around during recess instead of running and playing. Maybe it's the liability, and schools don't want to deal with a lawsuit because little Billy fell off the swings. Probably a combination of factors. At home, parents are too lazy to watch their kids play, and most would prefer their kids to sit inside and play video games or go on Facebook then let them run around outside. Pedophile paranoia is as high as ever.

So you can see it's a downward spiral here in the US. More fatties are around than ever before, which creates new fatties every day. Now fatties are the majority and demand some sort of special treatment. I don't see anything changing any time soon, and it's getting worse by the day.


How is that thing even mobile?

low fat milk is such a joke, afterwards they add sugar or other shit to make it taste good agiand


Why is her skin so gray?


Livestock feed, high fructose corn syrup, chips, etc. All corn.

>the american tows his wife home after leaving the All You Can Eat Buffet Gun Range combo restaurant


Wow, that's a really strong car.


I think its when we went full swing with high fructose corn syrup in everything, dumbed everyone down quite a bit.
There's one study out there on HFCS showing slows down activity in parts of the brain, meanwhile regular sugar increases, a delay in reaction to feeling full can maybe explain it all with HFCS.

Got to give probs to the netherlands here
Unsugared fruit waters are promoted there and the trend kinda works regular sprite ain't available there anymore only the "zero" variety.

>this bitch actually thinks she's running

I can't help but marvel at the sturdiness of the human body that it can carry this weight without the knees snapping in half.

>camera comes back up
>it's shambling towards me

>how did americans become so unhealthy?

trillions of dollars spent each year on advertising. American's are the offspring of capitalism.

This plus the culture has just become one of over indulgence

I had a similar experience in England. We went into a big supermarket, and there's all kinds of stuff like this, right down to custard filled donuts. That sort of indulgence is just frowned upon in the Netherlands. The sheer availability of all that fattening stuff really surprised me.

Maybe it's just an Anglo thing.

Уcтaнoвитe кoммyнизм, тoвapищ.

This legit made me lol.

If America ever gets thin again, we'll lose world class entertainment.

you can feel the ground shake each step she takes

Пpaви oбщecтвeнa хapмoния

good goy buy some more American delights.

Honestly this. It's alcoholics or drug addicts. I dont understand why they dont just stop drinking alcohol or smoking crack.


Her poor worn out heart isn't strong enough to pump blood to most of the blood vessels in her skin.

Prevalence of Overweight and Obese people in 2016:
>US: 66%
>Britain: 62%
Yeah, you guys are the picture of health, unlike us fat yanks.

How often do you see these things in the US? I know there are a lot of them, but do they ever go out?
Here in Norway, I've seen less than ten in my life.

?????????? That is one of the more epic videos, with an amazing plot twist ending, I have ever seen.

Thanks for that one Leaf.

We call that a truck.

>>the american tows his wife home after leaving the All You Can Eat Buffet Gun Range combo restaurant
Top fucking kek I laughed too long at that

Blood circulation holding up surprises me too

It baffles me how people can become this fat. I am a lazy cunt but I would never become overweight. I've been slim all my life, I just drink tea/water and do stretches as well as a minimal amount of standard everyday exercises.

Hello, stealth toothpaste

This is literally porn. Her online handle is kelliekay. I have a problem.

>>That's just sad really. Unless she has some medical issue i couldn't imagine doing that to your body.
that's Kellie Kay and she's a fat-fetish camwhore. She unironically did it intentionally because she gets off on being fat.

Underrated reference

Pretty much every day you will see one that size. I just shake my head because they are the ones that use the scooters at supermarkets and shit. Scooters should be banned unless you're missing a leg or something.

why cant these peolpe just get a Gastrectomy?


I thought you call her "honey".

You have to be approved for it by showing you can stop eating like a fat fuck. They usually don't pass the test.

You japs are the real mvp at pol

>eбyчий лиcтoк

Fast food that's why i never eat it

It needs more salt.

High-frutose corn syrup in everything.

The federal government subsidizes both big corn corporations like Monsanto and small corn farmers like those in the red states. Yes, this welfare can't be blamed on the Democrats.

To be fair OP is more like triple morbidly obese

fat people thread?

oh man, thought she was gonna tip over :(

This is true. Americans are great capitalists. They have turned their populace into the ultimate consumers to the point that they will literally sacrifice their life and well being just to continue consuming. It's actually quite impressive from a business perspective. It's like the rat that keeps taking the shock because theirs cocaine in the water. pottery.

In Texas, it's about 35% of the adult population. Can't even blame it on blacks and mexicans because a lot of white people are morbidly obese. At the local grocery store there is 6 mobile scooters and I've seen fat people waiting at the entrance for others to return them because they're being used and they're too fat to walk around the store.

I dont know about the schools things, whats all that play60 shit about? Plus some schools have even begun removing sugary drinks/snacks from the school cafeterias.

USA does everything big, it makes everyone else jealous, especially the Europoors.

the nfl advertises to kids they should spend an hour a day active before getting back to vidya.

you know like how life was before iphones

I know people that go to Amsterdam pretty regularly and they always bring a shitload of sweet, processed garbage with them to barter with. They say the Dutch love that shit.

decades ago there wasn't really anything to do but go outside. Now there's TV, internet, vidya, phones, books, and much cooler toys than boomers had growing up. Kids get fat (which leads to them staying fat) because there's stuff to do now that's a lot more fun than playing Kick the Can down at the park, and its all sedentary. Being active is unpleasant work in comparison, especially when adults try to make you do it.

also, wew, baked chips and lemonade are way healthier than doritos and coke right

That's really saddening

You shouldn't joke about and shrug off severe health problems man. Concerned Europoor here. Value your health

>It's our lust for the burger.
Damn straight.

good for her. hope she loses the weight and get /fit/.


Shut up nigger you know you want it.

Is it just me or did Americans get fatter after 2000's?

It sounds like a dystopian comedy written in the 80s, except it's real.

I've also noticed it when watching American non-fiction TV shows or documenties, particularly after the millennium. Almost everyone is fat or obese, even regular people with jobs. I'm not even trying to shit on the US. I just find it very strange.


Calories in, calories out. I'm actually kind of overweight. What happens is wrong dietary choices that become habit. As you say, drinking soda like it's water.

But even as someone with a bit of paunch, I can't fathom becoming this fat. I know one guy who's sort of on the same level, and he's a programmer who orders fast food literally every single day. And when he cooks, he cooks for two. Literally two meals.

Even a normal person who just eats what they want won't become obese like this. It requires a person to structurally do everything wrong with their diet that they can, and then to double down and eat it all in huge portions.

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>walks quietly

Bro, do you even know what physics is?!

maybe his floor is carpeted and doesn't creak.

She's actually a total qt now that she lost weight. I wouldn't want to see her with her clothes off though with all that loose skin.

Maybe I'm not a cool kid but nothing will beat cycling to me. I love going on long bike rides and getting some fresh air as well as getting to see interesting things people do.


There's your problem.

Or would you say New York is representative of American culture at large? Oy vey!

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Bro, that bitch generates her own gravity field. Before she even reaches the bed, his bed lamp would already be in a steady orbit around that massive gut. He'd feel the force pulling him closer before she even walks into the same fucking building complex.

All I can do is keep myself thin and in shape and hope others see the light eventually. Not worth wasting my time and effort trying to convince landwhales that their lifestyle is harmful to themselves.

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