Grandparents on both sides are holocaust survivors

>grandparents on both sides are holocaust survivors
>family are extremely rightwing Jews and conservative, hate mudslimes and immigrant
>come on Sup Forums expecting to find likeminded right wing individuals
>find everyone for some reason loving barbaric mudslimes and denying what my grandparents went through

Fuck you guys

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You killed Jesus what did you expect? You're not a Jew you're a liar and of the synagogue of Satan.

Hating muslims only makes you more of a jew.

Shut the Hell up muhammed, the Islamic satanic cult is just as bad.

Jews should be in Israel. The whole problem is the existance of international special interest that take priority over the national interests.

>your whole culture is based on being better and ruling everybody else
>using shit methods to take one over the goyim for 3k years now
>wonder why people hate them

Do you denounce judaism and zion and israel? Because if you don't go to leddit

Palestine is a British Anglo territory and the promised land to Gods followers, kikes don't believe in God they hate God so much they murdered his son.

For every post you make in this thread I am going to send another letter to an MP asking for the rules around family unit trusts to be strengthened.


We may reconsider if you get a nose job and DNA change in your gonad cells.

Who the hell loves mudslimes? If Mecca was nuked I'd have an erection until I died.

Same here.

Leviticus 20:24
But I have said unto you, Ye shall inherit their land, and I will give it unto you to possess it, a land that floweth with milk and honey: I am the LORD your God, which have separated you from other people.

Leviticus 26:7
And ye shall chase your enemies, and they shall fall before you by the sword.

We need to retake Palestine, Africa and the Orient

It did happen they also gassed a lot of slavs

The german fanatics here are blinded by their hardon for hitler and rationalize it as "saving germans in poland, #Fuhrer #DINDU"

>find everyone for some reason loving barbaric mudslimes
Are we on the same board? Sup Forums is a board for White Nationalists. Neither mudslimes nor kikes are well-liked here, because they aren't White. The same goes for niggers.

Hey body, I feel you. My grandparents were also holocaust survivors. Here is a pic of my granddad surviving the holocaust.

You some sort of fucking antisemite or something?

> you spelt holohoax scammers wrong rabbi


Im lucky my grandpa wasn't sent to auschwitz, he was making guns in a factory for the Hungarian Army instead

Quick question: do jewish organizations ever thank the anzacs for their sacrifice in opening palestine for jew settlement, or do they berate them about muh holocaust?

>thinking mudslime support on Sup Forums is unironic or originating from anywhere other than reddit
This is why we tell you newfaggots to lurk. Don't post again until you've browsed for at least a few months

Kys memeing scum

You would hit the gas chambers first

Too many jews survived the holocaust for me to believe it was really a holocaust. Everybody and their mum survived it so was it really a genocide?

>come on Sup Forums expecting to find likeminded right wing individuals

oh honey. Well you thought wrong kike. morph back into a rat and run along.

No we hate mudslimes......

You've given me a great idea to trigger the next shoah there Chiam.

>Liberals hate right wingers. Israel is the most right wing place on earth

This will be glorious. Israel will be destroyed now by brown shirts, but numales and screeching autistic purple haired hambeasts.


controlled opposition

>my grandparents were Holocaust survivors
You don't believe them do you? They're obviously fabricating.

Your leaders are evil, did you really think every one hated you guys because of muh racism?

well fuck you
my grandparents were murdered by nazi white supremicists
they turned my grandmother into a lampsshade
a fucking lampshade!!!!
they turned grandpa into a dildo
my soap from my aunts
fuckin nazis
6 billion of my family died
6 fuckin billion
up in smoke
gassed and baked, like a can of fuckin beans
my uncle had to eat his diamonds and shit them out and eat them again'

>>find everyone for some reason loving barbaric mudslimes

this is the opposite of true

this is already happening in england lol

Islam is worse fuck off.

Has to be a proxy

>hate immigrant
you are immigrants yourselves
you will never be anglo, hebrew


Can I get a quick rundown?

>grandparents on both sides are holocaust survivors

How manu shekels do they receive per annum in reparations?

if the jews are not here to control the stupid hordes of shitskins they will just stay in their sand castles and kill each other though

Manu? Many.

its just as you said, british lefties ree'ing over israel



Islam was literally invented by Satan, the Koran says an angel of light spoke to Muhammed, not God unlike the other prophets, Moses for example was speaking to God on mount Sinai for the people of Israel to hear, nobody heard the messages Muhammed received because they weren't from God, the bible a thousand years before Islam warned that Satan can deceive us and disguise himself as an angel of light, this is why the bible warned do not trust any prophet who brings you a different message, even if it's an angel let him be damned! The Koran says God gave the Torah to Moses and the Gospel to Jesus, so Muhammed and the people of Arabia HAD access to God's word, they knew the truth! They still chose to follow regardless of all this, islam is the cult of Satan and will destroy Europe, the bible warns of you walk contrary to God that we will suffer a curse, the beast of the field will make us few in number, make our high ways desolate, he will steal our children, he has violence in his hands. Since the 1960's when we went on an extreme path towards liberalisation this Islamic cult of Satan has been taking over slowly, now it's going forward at full speed, Europe will suffer unless it changed course, do as God commanded Moses to do, strike down your enemy with the sword

Useless after Aaron's conception

Where does it say that

Also I need biblical proof, not made up catholic pagan lies as proof

he was talking about madagascar

Who cares.
>Biblical proof
The Bible's not proof of anything but memes

What make your grandpas holohoax survivors?
Where they ziklon/oven proof?
Which camp where they at?

Quasi-worse, the jews run the show m8.


Get educated
Of course the Catholic says this, the fact is your church used this religion as a way to control the masses, that's why they ignore half the bible make it easier for people to accept and easier to control. God said we can conquer

czechs are athiest

Nobody loves Muslims. Lefties pretend to, globalists pretend to because they need an army of stupid but entitled puppets prone to chimp outs, to aid them in destroying nationalism and white people. Normal healthy people see islam for exactly what it is and shun it. Nobody hates right wing Jews either, people hate the leftie globalist Jews like Soros and all the Hollywood wankers like Sarah Silverman.

>Get educated
Discuss the argument not the person

That's even worse, a nation full of delusional retards
You have to have absolutely zero common sense to be an atheist

Also, the Holocaust thing, you need to get over it. It's just used as a tool to bash white people over the head with, we're sick of it. Tragedy happens to everyone, but none of us get monuments to our pain or reparations. Just get on with your life, you were never in a camp.

I asked you to provide proof from the bible, you refused saying it's made up. It's impossible to argue with someone who has a mental illness, if you are an adult in your 20's and still lack such basic common sense you should institutionalised.

>implying memes cant be truths

Did you at least get the lampshade back from em? You know, so you can remember properly.

sounds like you are just projecting what athiests have said to you, in either case tolerance is a two ways street and you are not allowed to hate crime me

>Genesis is dismissed
>Exodus is fanfiction
>The Bible shows two factions: Aaron's and Levi's priesthoods
>The mess those two factions made.
>Zoroastrism destroys any truth on later dogmas
Blame P

Atheists live in their own made up world, they think you're the delusional one and can't see the truth right in front of them. That's why they keep having gay sex and dying of aids

>nose job
Said the nose flag

110% false, nice job Kike

>1 post by this id

This meme might be the most brain dead shit on the planet. You literally have to be fucking zika tier to not acknowledge the cancer that is islam. Seriously, and I mean seriously, kill yourself.

if you keep talking like that the mounties will take you to jail, hate crimes are a serious matter, dont you remember the holocaust?

Read Deuteronomy

The Royak Canadian Mounted Police don't operate in my province.
Nothing in the bible is false retard, you Kikes need to stop pushing this lie to convert people to atheism

This isn't really a good argument since only survivors would be still around to be survivors, so of course everyone is a survivor.

Holocaust still didn't happen though.

THE TRUTH! you are so special, only you know the truth. it's so obvious, the rest of the world is blind.

Are you high on your priest's semen?

Why don't they all just attack then? Why's there only a happening once a month instead of once every 5 minutes?

maybe they're mostly just regular people living their lives :3

Who cares?

Read Deuteronomy

These fag Catholics should be hanged in my opinion, plus the bible forbids priests from cutting their hair bald Catholics ignore that because they're pagans so they aren't technically priests or Christians

former sydney-sider here. was in the same shit as you OP, then realised Israel is our only home. GTFO of goyimland and return to Zion.

For logical people:

I bet you live in Caulfield or Vaucluse. Ask yourself how I could know that and then think about why thats apart of the problem we have with you and your foul kind.

>Up against the greatest military arsenal that has ever existed by any comparison.

Gee I wonder there bud. Can't seem to figure out why they are just demoralizing us rather than mobilizing on the streets.



are you gonna start citing jihadwatch next?

Hey OP.

I'm a nigger

but I like you


shalom brother where do you live :^) 2000 here

I lived in a -Stan country for 14 years. My best friend is a pork eating muslim. Islam is just 600 years younger than christianity, give them some time and they will overcome themselves like the majority of christians have.

I'm part Jewish, support Israel, and I'm actually a Christian, but I also hold very conservative political views from social and economic standpoints. What leftists have done, and are attempting, is disgusting.

>loving barbaric mudslimes
U wot m8?

Are you going to start shutting the fuck up next?

>find everyone for some reason loving barbaric mudslimes and denying what my grandparents went through

no one is doing that, what the fuck are you talking about


Why shouldn't we just kill you all with the massive bombs we have and just not flip a coin on whether you decide to act like humans?

nope make me shlomo


who's "we" too bad some neckbeard basement dweller doesnt decide our foreign policy

Islam is driving a generation insane. You are going to reap your rewards eventually.

Question: Do you know why we justified nuking japan? Because US casualties would be so high. You know why we thought that? Because they were arming their women and children.

Did you read that last part mudslime? That's exactly what you trash do as well! Now lets look at the numbers, because when you dogs were at 1.6 billion that meant that kill just 5% of you would result in the entire losses of WW2 from ALL SIDES.

Now you are a military general at the top. Your enemy is far larger than any force you have every dealt with. They are also willing to use women and children against you. Guess what the call is :)

Your nuclear holocaust isn't an if. It's a when.

nigger here.

haha i got trips.

can we be friends jew

>SS Division Handschar

Fuck off raghead

still dont understand what youre getting at youre still using "we" when its only you with your larp fantasies

if trumps youre hope then good luck with youre larp fantasies coming true as he gets more cozy with the saudis

There is that French Palestinian . That's all it.

>Pretending islam isn't going to get nuked out of existence

Stay tuned folks!

>Trump ramping up mudslime infighting to weaken the overall enemy.

Never heard of divide and conquer eh? Looks like you tards made it easier than ever!(muh punni and shits) Prepare for neither side to win and for us to come in at the end and stomp you both out.

>being so retarded you can't see how the entire world hates mudslimes.

It's even funnier cause you will be so blindsided. Btw you probably shouldn't google who the largest christian nation in the world is. Your chings may get chonged :)

>That nose
>That flag

Noooo! He was not a bad guy. He always had chocolate for us kids, he said it was Panzerschokolade. Best chocolate I ever had!