>Pres Trump Infrastructure Summit w/Governors & Mayors 6/8/17
>Pres Trump's shyster lawyer presser 6/8/17
>VP Pence remarks @ Infrastructure Summit 6/8/17
>Pres Trump @ Faith & Freedom Coalition Conference 6/8/17
>Pres Trump Speech on Infrastructure 6/7/17
>Pres Trump's Plan to Rebuild America's Infrastructure 6/7/17
>Pres Trump speaks on healthcare reform in Cincinnati OH 6/7/17
>VP Pence @2017 Astronaut Selection Announcement 6/7/17

Trump Playlist
>Kikenwald Get's Tentacled!
>The Revenge of John Miller
>Trump SwordDancing to Shadilay
>AF1 Takeoff in the rain
>God Emperor Trump Was Born To Rule
>Donald Trump Emperor of America
>TrumpBot vs Mexico

>Trump Triumphant
>Hold Back The Night
>Inauguration of Fire
>American Hero

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>tfw mummy may may have to quit
I'm not even British but I feel bad for her. She seems like such a nice old lady and she and Trump have what appears to be a warm relationship.

oh no
the (((polls))) say that Trump's approval rating is barely 30%

It's over...

oh wow, i would've never expected peaceful moslems to be radicals

He had a great day yesterday. Happy that he's back in form.

So how long are we looking at for a Comey lynching? H
Are they still talking about roooshia on the news?

apparently shed be the shortest reigned pm if shes forced out.

>turn on F&F
>no Ainsley
>but Harris Falkner

How did people here fall for communism? How do they think a nation with an economy smaller than Japan convince people that their ideology was the only way to go?

God, fox and friends is near unbearable, no one needs that amount of noise in the morning

Even more embarrassing. She fucked up, though, by calling an early election for LITERALLY NO REASON AT ALL.

>Republicans don't stand for anything

Morning Joe continues to circlejerk that Trump is dead and Republicans will forever lose to Democrats.

Joe doesn't even mention this.

She already have a meeting with the Queen. Minority govt. with DUP.

free stuff, that's all they see

She fucked up and was weak on terror, nice lady but not a leader.

Mornings with Maria is the best morning show

communism is like satan, appeals to the ego of the weak with notions of equality and power.

So who won the Britbong election last night?

>She seems like such a nice old lady
She's not. She's kinda responsible of letting back people from Syria when she was foreign minister, she was also against brexit before the referendum and she wants to 'combat terrorism' with more police state tactics.

>still watching morning cuck

>Im excited
>Its the most magical night of the year cuz its comey testimony eve
>I hung my socks over cnn
>can you feel the anticipation
>I can feel it comey in the air tonight ohhh lord
>I'm not the only one ready to partaayyyy
>bars are opening early tomorrow with drink specials
>orange russian is sitting right there
>people are calling this washingtons superbowl
>comeys testimony could be explosive
>and todays the presplosion

all things colbert said in a matter of minutes

how do you think he took the comey hearing


>how do you think he took the comey hearing
hopefully killed himself

Conservatives lost the Majority, had to ally with DUP now.

This shit pisses me off and saddens me at the same time. How the fuck do we stop these leftist fucks from destroying this country?

He did not watch it, people are paid for that

Did people really expect Comey to say something crazy?

Communism is jewish, not russian

they wouldn't have had watching parties if they didnt

Spying and surveillance CLEARLY does not combat terrorism. Britain has the highest amount (or close to) CCTVs in their city, has GCHQ spying on people using anything connecting to the Internet, the mudslimes that bombed were reported PRIOR to the police or MI5 whatever and yet they still did it.


>Colbert complaining about Trump

This fucking guy has lost it, he's like the annoying shitposters here who just post "drumpf" 100000 times a day

He's still pushing the idea that the public hate Trump, his approval ratings are falling, and Democrats are rising and getting stronger.

death camps. search your heart you know its the only way.

I've always though democrats were more in the know of these kinds of things, but I guess they really are incompetent.

Trump turned out to be a failure. Republicans are going to go through huge defeats, Democrats will get majorities and then they are going to enact socialism. The Democratic party is full on Anti-American socialism now.

these people are desperate

Nice fan fic cuck

Did someone say KZ?

>Watching [the comey hearing] was the biggest letdown since Star Wars The Phantom Menace
>I was expecting Jar Jar to start asking questions
the bants lel

It would work if they were allowed to use the information gathered to take care of the problem before they starting spreading peace.

>real people are hurting
>Trump is a liar!
>they are hurting
>let me show you who they are
>plays a commercial with paid actors pretending to be sad

How is McCain not Jar Jar?

Cannot be pointed out often enough... covered in RedPill 101.

why would bars open at 9am to have viewing parties if they didnt think it would be a bombshell?

I have a question about the hearing. Was it mentioned that Trump basically welcomed any Russia related investigations?

Oh, so that's why the Republicans are killing all the special elections, despite dems throwing ludicrous money at them & even outright cheating.

Trump hasn't done anything that would please the vast majority of people and the only accomplishment he has is a conservative Justice on the Supreme Court. Trump fucked up and the media is exploiting it. If he was a success and fixed immigration and did everything he said he was gonna do, he'd be great. But he hasn't done anything.

Media in italy literally lying and making it sound like Trump is in peril. I feel very enraged considering I watched the whole hearing and they probably are just regurgitanting communist fake news.

>Joe is running Democrat ads on air

There's no star wars equivalent to the Arizona Diamondbacks

Bars open at 8 where I am.

McCain is Jabba the Hut.


What's Kurt's endgame?

>Republicans are going to go through huge defeats

Gianforte is a fluke?

but not in dc


Keep shilling. No argument. I voted Trump but outside of him BTFO people and Gorsuch, he hasn't done anything except piss people off and get involved in scandals.

You haven't read all the articles about why the democrats losing all of the special elections is good and going to lead to the blue wave in 2018?

He needs the tentacles to protect him from Jew Goldstein.

>I voted Trump

>hasn't done anything
>has done more in his first months of office than anyone else while still reaping shills

lol ok

Huh, you'd think the alcholic capital of the US would have 24 hour ones

You t_d faggots have simply got to stop replying to shitty bait

>Republicans almost lost a seat that they usually win by 20 points

Yeah, take that and put that in states like North Carolina and areas where Trump barely won.


morning /ptg/

Signing Executive Orders isn't doing much. And what has he done since.

>If you win you lose!

Theresa May is shit. As Home Secretary she increased immigration significantly and started putting the screws to online privacy -- this was in her election manifesto too. Her policies are shit, and she's such an awful campaigner she needs to quit before she accidentally fucks something up big league.

>W-We'll make the comeback LATER
>(even though we were saying it would be now)

>if we just crank the favorability rating to 0, no one will like trump!
Leftists vastly overestimate the power of the herd effect which seems strange considering they made this exact same mistake less than a year ago and paid dearly for it.

Made you cry like the bitch your are

>DC opens bar for comey
>Everyone depressed as fuck after

Lol did leftists fuck their own narrative?

Unveil Democrat corruption with a newly unshackled FBI until Americans are demanding internment camps for leftists

...that was bait?

He's not gonna win the election, is he? :(

It's the only trick they have

That is painful, its too bad his party had such a good showing, Dems here were looking at it for signs of hope, Only good news he was blocked from becoming PM

Good morning user-kun.

Gorsuch alone is enough to justify his presidency even if you don't support anything else about him

>Signing Executive Orders isn't doing much.

>And what has he done since.
Dodd frank is about to die also you democrats are retarded for thinking the President is responsible for legislation. At best, he's a spokesman.

>maybe they'll take me seriously if i say I voted for trump

lmao fag

That's why I voted him, the fact he is going to get at least 1 more pick is just gravy.

He already won, thanks to the Russians

but if his approval rating hits zero, he'll automatically be impeached!

>by 20 points
do you think people don't have acess to the internet outside of your shitposting or what?

All Labour accomplished this election was putting the DUP in government. They're a Northern Irish party, and unlike the Tories they're actually conservative.

did you fuck up your prepared reply by replying to the wrong person LOL

you people are fucking incompetent

Hillary, Le Pen, now May. Are we seeing the death of womyn "leadership?"

and don't forget Hillary will be put into office too

I don't understand how criticizing all the shit Trump keeps stepping into like a retard and how he keeps hurting himself and our causes makes me a leftist shill Democrat. I WANT a border wall. I WANT Muslims to be banned from coming to America. That's what my problem is, Trump keeps fucking up and NOT getting this shit done. These scandals are killing him and ruining any capital he has.




Stupid childless woman that sabotaged a hard Brexit.

I'm kind of sad we didn't get a riot around here

There are no more Thatcher's anymore sadly.

>I voted Trump but outside of him BTFO people and Gorsuch, he hasn't done anything except piss people off and get involved in scandals.

There was one "scandal", a witch hunt with no evidence that was he was just exonerated from. As for what he's done

>TPP Dead
>Paris Accords dead
>Illegal immigration down 73% (so far)
>Illegals cancelling welfare and food stamps at an alarming rate for fear of being deported
>Our puppet states are proper puppets again like the Saudis
>Our real allies like Japan love us again after Obama alienated them
>Economy is booming, Fed predicts 4% growth, 2.2 trillion added to DOW Jones, largest gains in HISTORY
>Dodd Frank repeal imminent
What did Obama get done in his first 6 months again? If you're not a shill you're just a retard who can't do his own research without the media spoonfeeding him.