Brit/pol/ - STRONG AND STABLE edition

Brit/pol/ - Election Special, edition
>At a glance
Most likely situation is a Tory+DUP coalition, meaning some people will be tricked into thinking they are getting a hard brexit while still getting 300k+ migration per year
DUP already outlining a soft brexit as part of the terms for propping up an enfeebled Tory party
SNP getting blown the fuck out
Exit poll proving to be correct so far
Nigel Farage will probably go back into politics.
Conservatives might just about win it.
Conservatives are just as bad as Labour

>Why did it happen?
The number of UKIP voters going to Labour was underestimated.
They ran a very insincere campaign.
U-turns on social issues undermined her authority.
People fell victim to the soft brexit meme.
Manifesto negatively impacted Tory voting core.

>Watch live coverage of the election General election 2017 Voters to go to the polls

>What time will the UK general election results be announced? Hour-by-hour guide of seats to watch on polling night 2017

>General Election 2017 results and maps: What time will we know the winner?

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The SNP are willing to band over on their one core policy (independence) simply to have some semblance of power.

Hopefully they get totally wiped out next GE.


According to

the DUP are a bunch o horrible bigoted reactionaries

'strewth, lads?

Crying britbong edition

I was still in bed

>the DUP are a bunch o horrible bigoted reactionaries

Top lads then.

Brexit cancelled ffs :(

>half an hour or 40 minutes until the next announcement

Hundreds of years of localised inbreeding will do this.

>DUP already outlining a soft brexit as part of the terms for propping up an enfeebled Tory party
Where is the evidence for this

The DUP are a strong brexiteer party, general opinion seems to be that any attempt by the tories to soften brexit will be met with a breakdown in whatever arrangement they've reached

>soft brexit

When will this meme end?

As long as the SNP is getting seats, Labour will never get in power again.

Which do you want more?


The DUP are possibly the least cucked party in Britain and are well to the right of the tories on social issues

Just to be clear, did the prime minister expressly state that she sought to make a coalition with the DUP?

Not yet, she has to get approval from Queenie first

There was evidence for it earlier on in the day, if you can provide a source that says otherwise then fine

>the DUP are a bunch o horrible bigoted reactionaries
>Reddit calling anyone who blocks their degenerate sodomite worship as "bigots"

Checks out.

>another general election later this year
>BoJo as Tory leader makes more media and public appearances but is a more highly publicised fool because of it
>Corbyn mobilises the youth vote again
>ousts Diane Abbott and draws attention to how quickly the Tories u-turned on May's manifesto
>puts together a serious shadow cabinet now that his MPs can't say he's unelectable anymore
>Labour landslide confirmed and Corbyn delivers Brexit

Best timeline or best timeline?

Well credit to the yougov poll where credit due.
Didnt vote Tory but fuck me what a situation. Tory voters and Brexit voters underestimated the solidarity and lack of political diversity within the youth. Bread and circuses = NHS and tuition fees. What the fuck was with the UKIP switch to Labour?

results (except Kensington, which still hasn't declared)

They want an open border with the rest of Ireland (the EU) , e.g for the UK to keep open borders.

>Most likely situation is a Tory+DUP coalition, meaning some people will be tricked into thinking they are getting a hard brexit while still getting 300k+ migration per year
Change this for the next OP.

It's a Tory minority government expecting to rely on the DUP tacitly. It's not a coalition. There will be no DUP ministers.

Man I wish our king was still involved in the formation of the government. We're 86 days in now and there's still no sign of a coalition.

Imagine all the leftys celebrating then googling the DUP for the first time.

Can't wait for the tears.


Her Maj is grilling May right now.

>What the fuck was with the UKIP switch to Labour?

Some working class will never vote for a Tory party and rightly so.

>Most likely situation is a Tory+DUP coalition, meaning some people will be tricked into thinking they are getting a hard brexit while still getting 300k+ migration per year

B-brexit is Brexit! Mummy May!

You best start believing in the best timeline.

Because you're in it.


mad about the DUP

Been awake almost a day now. What a shitshow. Hope the Queen takes May's head tbqh.

>mfw now living in a Scottish Conservative block

Most ukip voters were the white working class, labour might represent everything they hate but they are still 'muh party of the working class' and 'Maggie closed muh mines' anybody so honestly expected them to vote Tory was a fucking retard.

She ha May on the rack, Will and Harry whipping her every time she hesitates to answer


Hell even UKIP are less cucked

>A record number of female MPs have been elected. There will be more than 200 women in this Parliament!

You're fucked.

FUCK those two Tory seats in the middle of Scotland. They make the map look silly.

They're openly opposed to any deal that keeps us in the single market
Their entire campaign platform lad

A soft border with the RoI was always a likely outcome, I don't see how that's the same as wanting to keep free movement. They're also an anti-immigrant and closet anti-ethnic party so the idea they'll torpedo brexit by demanding open borders is farcical

> Tower Hamlets with over 9 billion labour votes declared before Kensington

Why did he take the hostages in the jobcentre?

obviously not islam

Been awake since 5am yesterday.

Don't feel tired at all.

Fuck sertraline.

all of her shitty tweets have smarmy gifs attached

Have you go to sleep yet?

Why cant they just spoil the ballot. Why do all these knobs have to go
>Labour = working class
And never pick up a manifesto

Ironically all these dramatic Youth revelling in what they hammered Brexit for (drop in value, uncertainty) and finding themselves in the same bed as those terrible "racist", little england UKIPPERS

Will ken go blue?

Why is the brit government so weird? Each member is elected on their own but they have to form a coalition to have a majority so that they can have a government? Let me go meet with the queen to discuss it.

Yeah a couple of hours or so.

Oh no guys, I'm so upset that the open-borders globalist Tory party lost their majority

Poor, poor Shariah May

Lessons learned

>Don't call an election unless you absolutely have to
>Don't alienate your core vote by slashing their income and saying you will confiscate their home if they are unlucky enough to get dementia
>Don't rely on personal attacks against a populist
>Don't run with a cult of personality when your leader has no personality

You bloody wankers git off the lawn.

>meaning some people will be tricked into thinking they are getting a hard brexit while still getting 300k+ migration per year

That was tory's plan all along...

You can whine about the Tories winning with a coalition all you want lefties but that's the next 5 years of your energy used up and wasted whining. It's over. Admit it. Instead why not.. Get over it? And move on.

Fair enough, been a trooper lad

Talk to your GP about that, it messed up my sleep a bit when I was on it but never like that.

Really do try and mention it as soon as possible.


>If Theresa May or any other Conservative approaches the Lib Dems and asks for our support to deliver their agenda, let me make our position clear - no deal is better than a bad deal.


it was all worth it for the DUP banter

^ that ring on her finger is worth $200,000 quid.


Why is everyone celebrating like they won something?

Nobody fucking won.

Conservatives are in a far weaker position now
Labour isn't in power.

Why are both sides acting like this is a victory?

I'm meeting him next week so I'll bring it up then.

I can sleep but it's difficult to drop off and it's easy to stay awake.

wtf i love the irish now

Damn. Greens campaigned hard in Bristol and didn't even come close.

Gotta hand it to Corbyn, he got the youth vote in the bag.

>$200,000 quid

Tories and DUP are both pro soft brexit. I see this coalition falling in less than a year.

>she didn't even need to hold a fucking election

Get a job

kek, I believe it.


how the fuck did the lib-dems score so high?

is this just 1970s style right-leaning liberals?

When they become pro hard brexit, the DUP's views on Brexit are only a search away.

Hourly reminder that even the DUP couldn't save the Tories if the Scots hadn't voted Blue and cucked the SNP.



Sturgeon really DID win Legsit.

Why Buckingham Palace look like the Sunyshore gym badge??? xDDD xD ahahahaha smack dat muhfuggin (You) button.

Best timeline.

Scots will cuck us again.

What, you think they were electing Mel Gibson up there? I mean, GIBson sure, I get it, but no.

I hope the DUP drove a hard bargain. They had a golden opportunity to force the Tories to take some actually conservative policies for a change

Kill all Taigs!




Very niche

>Sup Forums celebrating and damage controlling saying this "is a better result than the alternative"
>DUP wants a soft brexit
>Implying we're not getting a lukewarm brexit

Enjoy your immigrants, retards

>Belfast deciding futures of London
>This is 100% atrocious
>London decides future of wntire UK
>No probelm

Blairite Tories using this as an excuse to force more Blairism

>Labour take Kensington

The flag slowly starts lowering down all the way to the bottom....

theres a hole hour of silence.. nobody knows whats happening. The world tunes in watching this flag pole in shock

It starts to raise again, we get a hint of the flag...

What is it?


>England and Wales deliver brexit
>Scotland and Norn keep Labour out of government
If this isn't a strong argument in favour of the Union I don't know what is


Fucking hell, lads. Is it just me that finds this hot in a kinky degenerate sort of way?

Is random bloke /ourguy/?


The absolute state of BBC audio.

Any chance of DUP eventually usurping the Tories and fielding candidates in the rest of the UK?


>tfw when libcucks will never ever be in power

Stay mad r/uk, despite all your shilling on pol you still lost. Mmmmmmmmm libcuck tears taste so good.

Quick reminder

Fucking Kensington! That's posh as fuuuck.