Aren't there about half a million of them?

ok so germans were brainwashed for the last 70+ years but why in the fuck are other euros so fucking retarded?

whats your excuse?

I dont think they measure the numbers.
They look at them and say " Not enough" and on to importing more.

>24 Jan 2016
nice try paddy

The United Kaliphate is no longer controlled or populated by its original native peoples.

neither is the united states of la raza kangz

Britain and most of western europe deserve this fate of getting cucked for taking the side of the mudslimes to many times against Christians GOD does not like a cuck

Why did Romanians do against god to be in such a state?

FFFFFFFFUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK?????????? How can Britts stand for this after everything that has happend?

we killed his emissary Zelea Codreanu and the Legion man just wanted us to save our souls

stumbled upon this earlier this week, made me interested in the character

In britain right now enoying myself in London. I will be one of the last safe tourists here. Wish me luck for the rest of the trip. Walked over the bridge and paid my respects.

>How can Britts stand for this after everything that has happend?
You would think more white brits would start fighting back against islam

betray germany in 1944

honestly zelea was born to late if he would be born much earlier he would be a martyr and a national hero but these days strong chrisitans are hated
also he is really based and pretty much hits the nail on the head also read a bit about José Antonio Primo de Rivera

why did they kill him? and (((who))) did it ?

the quote is real, it's from his book ''For my Legionaries"

Good thing we didn't elect him then isn't it?



well yes (((they))) were behind the killing but romanians laid down with christ killers out of their own greed at least the elite they strangle him and then threw him in a grave and shot in the back to make it look like he ran away

Thank you bongs


Why are Europeans so set on cultural suicide?

Thanks anglo. Please take them all.

Were fucked man. Im 18 and just get so depressed thinking about the future. Stupid fucking commies ruined everything. This nelson mandela fan actually got million of britons to vote for him. I hope Trump starts a nuclear war, just end it.

its a death spiral that the west has got in if you take more immigrants they will vote more laws that cuck you also America is going down first before Europe
Destroying statues of Southern war heroes
taking in mexicans nationalist that want to take back land that you own and admit that in the open the fact that you will be minority in but a few decades i can go on