What's wrong with multiculturalism?

As a proud Londoner I've lived and grown up in one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities on the planet and it's great.

Sup Forums and the extreme-right seem to have this fanciful vision of the world where countries are ethnically homogeneous (they never were) when this just isn't realistic in today's world.

Europe is inbred, stagnated and it needs that infusion of foreign culture and genetics or it just won't survive in the future.

>Pic related, Skin Diamond, black father, white Scottish mother.

You saying you wouldn't hit that?

Why do you cling to ideas of white racial superiority when they've been thoroughly disproven by the Flynn effect? What about hybrid vigour?

Europe is changing, the world is changing, technology is getting better every year, medical science is improving, culture is improving, genetics are improving.

You can't legitimately prove there's anything bad about multiculturalism without result to hatred based on pseudo science and your own sense of interiority.

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What have isreali grunts to gain from shilling?




>Pic related, Skin Diamond, black father, white Scottish mother.
>You saying you wouldn't hit that?

No Shlomo, stop promoting bestiality

tell me Mr. Israelberger

What has your stupid country done for Multiculturalism?

Why does the Zionist lobby always vote against borderless zones and non-jewish migrants?

I sense some double standards from the jew, hmmmmmmmm

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I don't even know why I do this, I'm not even JIDF, I just can't help it.

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Practice what you preach in izrale
You'd be able to tell me about it in a hundred years except izrale won't exist then and it would fold in ten if you practiced what you preach

>>Pic related, Skin Diamond, black father, white Scottish mother.
that's the kind of stuff that put Kink.com out of business.

>You can't legitimately prove there's anything bad about multiculturalism without result to hatred based on pseudo science and your own sense of inferiority.

1400% rise in rape in swedan
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The world is multicultural as it is right now. Europe is for european and so on, so fuck off

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you are right schmul, just look how well adjusted she is

>whats wrong with multiculturalism
Exactly that picture senpai
Go read mein kampf and you'll understand what EXACTLY whats happening in the imagine where people go full degeneceracy is what made the people of germany rise up and go full 1488 on the jews.

It's not pseudo science


The less omogenous a people is, the more power a foreign people have over them.
Bascily divide and conqure

If multicuturalism is sooo bad, why aren't jews inviting Islam, Buddist and Christians to live among them?

Why is Isreal building walls and not bridges?

Stop being a fucking hypocrit you judan shill.

Holy shit wtf will she do if she wants kids? They will see all the pics of their mother in such disgusting scenes. Reminds me of the cuck who married remy lacroix and now they will have kids!

>black father, white mother

Literally the worst mix you can have.

it's time for you to step into the oven Shlomo

Short reminder, that these people will not cure cancer, build rocket ships, grow economies, and increase the standard of living.

As these people live only for themselfs and their pleasure, and has nothing to do with sacrifice and making the world better.

Prove me wrong
>pro tip: you can't

you mean best

Zimbabwe aswell as South Africa are perfect examples of what happens when either whites are completely gone from a country or removed from power.

That's the fate of the western world. Failed states and starvation.

Jewish != Israeli
Jewish != Zionist

אחלה ב י י ט

I've never seen an black/white mixed person I didn't find just weird looking

>proud Londoner

yea no

Just like Diversity, Multiculturalism isn't Multiculturalism.

It's anything that is NOT white culture. White culture bad, everything else good. That's what Multiculturalism means in practice.

That's why we have to stand against it.

Hahahahaha, Scandinavia is such a joke. You people are so pathetic, I can't believe that used to admire you and your culture. Just die out already.
On another note, look up the statistics for relationship success for different demographics, white male - black female combination is the most successful.

אתה כישלון

Because that's not how cultures work.

Culture is a the totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought within a geographic area. That society decides on what is moral, what is ethical, what values and attitudes are acceptable usually based on religious beliefs and experience. Subcultures and outliers can be tolerated so long as they fulfill the basic requirements of the culture at-large.

However, when a completely alien culture comes and attempts to assert it's presence, and worse, their own dominance in a geographic area, war is inevitable.

And this is what leftards and Progressives wanted: the US national culture under tremendous strain that it collapses so their own dysfunctional culture can have a shot at total dominance that it can't have any other way.

can you try and construct one argument that isnt fluff?
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I agree with this, but it's not about race to me. It's about education and social standing. I wouldn't mind if we imported lots of educated and well-cultured people from whatever race.

PS: fuck israel

it's in your genes shlomo

>culturally and ethnically diverse
>it's another "jew shills for race mixing" episode

also projected turd world HDI in sweden in 2030

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>proud Londoner
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