Bodily functions are beautiful. So that giant shit I took needs to be embraced, and not hidden away in the sewers.

Fuck are Jewish leggings?

blad in mart

why the fuck is her period blood purple?

Whatever is on sale.

>Jewish leggings
(((they))) aren't even hiding it anymore

Revolting attention whore. Bring back the menstrual hut!

Lots of pockets for shekel storage

This. We need to be brave like the Indian people and present our feces to the world by deploying them in the streets and not hide them in toilets.

They help releive gassiness.

When I injure myself I bleed too, but I don't fucking photograph the bloody bandage and show it off.

>non-fertilized egg
>bloody wound

Pick one.

Not a good analogy.

leggings with a blood stain in the crotch, which symbolises the degeneracies pushed by the jews, like abortion and promiscuous sex

I sweat a lot, but people have the gall to complain when I don't shower.
I am a man; therefore, I sweat a lot!

Heh, I thought they were leggings made from the hair fibers of dead Auschwitz Jews, but then I realized the holocaust never happened

A strange amount of degeneracy involves breaking biblical taboos, even obscure Old Testiment stuff.

Brave? I've seen more women in that position taking 3 dicks. That's brave.

It has built-in metal detector for coins on the ground

>sleeve tattoos

tells me all i need to know

>this is a normal bodily function and women have been dealing with it for millennia
>somehow I am the brave heroflake though

She was absolutely not on her period, but had a virtue-signalling emergency.

Let's go shit our pants.

I am human, therefore I shit.

This fucking logic man.

I am a man, therefore, I shit.

*takes pictures of thoroughly soiled pants and submits to huffingtonpost for article devoted to how inspiring and brave I am*

I swear to fuckin god..........

UK lolol

at least when Islam takes over she will be beheaded

He's using the extension that turns anti white text to anti Jew text. It just picked up the colour white and converted it

>I am a man, therefore, I ejaculate.

*takes pictures of myself juicing all over my pants while I wipe it up with a previously jizz crusted over sock*

I smash shitting taboos regularly at the gym. Scatophobes keep throwing me out tgough :(

Honestly if I had to choose between Allah and hippie faggoty lefty insanity, I'd choose Allah, at least there's structure and rules, albeit, barbarous.

anyone can take 3

>He's using the extension that turns anti white text to anti Jew text. It just picked up the colour white and converted it


Stuff like this really makes you wonder why western men are losing interest in committing to western women. Who in their right mind would choose fucking and dumping gold diggers or marrying a foreign conservative woman, when we have gems like this right in our own backyard? Poor girls.

Not everyone is a leaf.

>wipes tear from eye

He's just so brave and empowered.

lost it
lost it again

So stronk
The natives actually did a good job with this.
Basically they told the women that they were special because of their period and were closer to the big spirit than in a normal state. A man wouldn't understand and tarnish this spiritual state.
>I have ouchies and mood swings gimme attention
Okay your majesty I wouldn't understand so go into your snowflake hut and embrace how special you are.
>Mfw Pocahontas buys that shit

>Doesn't see her period as unclean

God I hate Jews so bad. They aren't even Jewish, they just help push anti-white agendas and profit off international kikery


Periods are a beautiful reminder by nature that you are getting one week closer to infertility

i can respect that. feminism tries to emphasize the fact that women are truly shallow disgusting creatures with no value beyond their sexual and reproductive role


fuck, i work for natives, i hate them so much. they pay a lot of money though, go figure.

>we needem whiteman to turn our sub-humans into something that loosely resembles a productive workforce