I think that abortion ends the life of a human being who has none nothing wrong. Therefore...

>I think that abortion ends the life of a human being who has none nothing wrong. Therefore, I believe the practice is murder, and should be outlawed.


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>He thinks that a fetus should be given human rights

Fuck you, OP. Fucking scumbag.

I personally believe that life is sacred. That's why I never masturbate, and even if I do, I make sure not to cum. Cumming is a waste of life.

Captcha totally related

There's a bunch of atheists and antitheists who call antiabortion laws the tyranny of Christian Sharia law.

As an an atheist, I just find that perspective so retarded. There's plenty of legitimate nonreligious reasons to oppose abortion. Call me back later when Christians start advocating for the death penalty for homosexuality and apostacy or cutting off the hands of thieves.

Checked & kek'd Republishits BTFO

abortions only bad if its a white baby

Well, they're pretty obviously humans.

I don't want government run healthcare. Liberals have trouble understanding this, but it's possible to get healthcare through your job, or purchase it yourself, or through charity if you can't afford it.

That's another moronic argument. Your semen is not a life, but a fertilized egg has its own unique DNA, and a different being than either parent.

>he thinks 23 paired chromosomes isn't human
science isn't on your side here.



You should ask these people why it's bad for the baby to die after they're born, but not before.

Yes, it's a total strawman argument from the left. You can find life sacred without wanting a toxic welfare state. And it's usually women who say this, so best ignore them...

That's a weird way to agree with me. Atheists either deny science or assign no value to human life. It's amazing anyone still identifies as a fedora in current year.

A baby isn't alive before it's born retard.

that's not how that works retard.

(((climate change))) is a globalist tool of control where even questioning the narrative gets lib shits crazy.the question is if man made climate change is the MAIN cause. go fuck yourself

Science? Nah. Muh atheistic worldview and disregard for humanity.

If we gave everyone free birth control and sex ed the need for abortions would be super low. But a lot of people oppose that idea for some reason.

Personally, I hate poor people. I don't want poor people breeding. So I say we either give them condoms or we let them kill their fetuses.

>This is what republitards think

>I think abortion is wrong.


If we gave birth control out like candy to white women and gave every white male a reversible vasectomy - it'd be an extinction level event.

Illegal aliens are not citizen

You become a citizen after being born on American soil

The fetus is not yet born, ergo not a citizen

If you support deporting illegal aliens but are against abortion you are a hypocrite

Oh, so now Republitards are moralist. Go bomb Iraq and not take in refugees some more fatass.


Niggers abort more often than whites, too.

I just wish Muslims and people who practice Islam would be more on board with aborting, but they aren't.

I believe it is murder and should be done recreationally

How is it murder? The baby isn't alive before it's born retard.

I care about all human lives user, adversarial governments are different. Since you've abandoned your pro-infanticide argument , what other non related topics will you change the subject to next?

True. In the same time, banning abortion can have unfortunate results.
Unfortunately abortion is a necessary evil and it shouldn't be banned.
It also shouldn't be sponsored or encouraged especially by the state and definitely medical personal shouldn't be coerced into participating in the procedure against their will.

American education

nice strawman

>a human being who has done nothing wrong
i don't believe a fetus is a "who", it is not a person yet.

some think this is a slippery slope of "well, your stance means that we should be allowed to terminate three-year-olds!", and i really dont think slippery slope arguments deserve the fucking time of day

It's more fun if it's murder

It's literally not alive

Believers don't abort, atheists and liberals are a self correcting problem. Since you don't reproduce,you have to recruit, much like faggots do.

i'm pro choice but you cant be this fucking stupid

it is absolutely alive

Uh... I don't even know what any of that means. Go bomb the middle east some more repuliturds.

show me one (1) mature adult gay or lesbian who was """recruited"""

The baby isn't alive dumb-dumb. Even scientists say it's not. Oh..forgot republicans don't like science.

>Attempting to use Froppy for libtard memes

Stop it. Just kill yourself to assure us all you don't do it again.

Abortion would cause the population of niggers, retards, and other subhumans to explode, which would cause destabilization, massive amounts of crime, and would ruin the environment. If you are anti-abortion, you are a short sighted faggot basing your opinions on feefees instead of actual utilitarian effects.

Yeah, I'd rather buy condoms for myself. If you can't afford birth control keep your legs shut until you have some money.

>not performing abortions by birthing the child directly into burning pile of coal

Let's get creative here people. I really have a problem with it more so because it's just so ugly and gross. Make it more cool somehow. Use M80s. Shoot em with poison darts and watch them squirm for a bit.

Ripping the thing apart while it's still inside and pulling little bits of it out is just too much honestly.

What a smart atheist. You've accepted that science isn't on your side and instead focused on the idea of "personhood" and how best to deny it of people. Just like stalin.

Fuck off Nazi bitch.

if you think about it, the only people who'd get abortion are degenerates who:

1. couldn't plan ahead for contraception nor pregnancy

2. selfish cunt who value their own lifestyle over a life form that guarantees their genetic success

3. impressionable halfwits that would do nothing but to lower the quality of gene pool that are only getting abortion because their idiot parents think their child has a better chance at educating and being successful in life if they weren't hamstrung by parental responsibility.

people who we want breeding are the ones that are able to plan ahead, make proper concessions and preparations to raise and educate a healthy, intelligent child. these people were never likely to have abortions to begin with.

abortion takes away nothing if you really think about it.

>The baby isn't alive before it's born retard
Its not legally alive, but from a biological standpoint, it meets all the criteria of life. A fetus IS alive technically, its LEGAL status is exactly that, a LEGAL status. Being legally alive and being scientifically biologically alive are two different things.

im a fucking pro choice atheist. i need you to look up the dictionary definition of "alive" because it seems like you ditched high school biology

not an argument

Hold on.... are you saying... all fetuses are mexican?

>Go bomb Iraq and not take in refugees
You don't take refugees from countries you are at war with you moron!

It does not have LEGAL person hood or rights, but on a scientific biological level level it is alive

Murder entails person, personhood is attained after birth, so no, you don't think it's murder, you feel it's murder and get triggered because your feelimgs are wrong.

Hahaha okay nigga. The baby can't even move bro it isn't alive. It's not legally alive science says so.

Science says it's not legally alive. I win the argument republicants

It is LEGALLY not alive. Biologically it is indeed alive.

>being this brainwashed

the climate was fuckin way hotter in the past and mammals lived.

you support giving billions of $$ to turd world shitskins on an agreement that won't even do shit to the climate, because even your """"""climate models"""""" can't tell me if a hurricane is coming in 3 months, let alone the weather in three days. gas yourself

expounding further: barely anything about the abortion devate is scientific, apart from "when can the fetus sense/survive" research. it is almost 100% emotional.

it hurts your feefees that a blob of non-conscious flesh is terminated, it doesn't hurt mine

you think people who have stupid unprotected sex should be punished (???) by being forced to carry the pregancy to term, i think that's retarded and would rather focus on stopping them getting pregnant in the first place

none of these are scientific arguments

>Science says it's not legally alive. I win the argument republicants
Science says it IS alive, only the LAW says it not alive.

Wrong. Science says it's not. Lil nigga can't even breath or move bruh it's not alive.

okay this is clearly a shitposter, we can move on

your statement doesnt contradict mine
it is alive
it is not a person

>"Oh, you think I'm bad? Well, we're BOTH bad! Which means I'm not bad!"


That not an argument. From the BIOLOGICAL point it is alive because it meats the criteria of the SCIENCE of biology. You are a science denier.

We didn't bomb Iraq dumbass. Enjoy your Russian president.

uterus is private property of a woman.

No one has right on others private property.
No one has right to live on someone else's expense.

Abortion is fine whether fetus is dead or alive.

My DOG is MY PROPERTY so i can kill it if i want however I want.

Who cares about abortion, fuck women's rights

Literally every dye and sodomite is recruited. It's a mental illness that they spread Through abuse and propaganda .

You have right to kick him out of your property.

You don't have an argument. It doesn't even move bro. It's literally not alive.

Sexist pig

Dog is already alive. Fetus isnt.

My dog my choice

And to kill the dog too by your argument, its my property.

I don't understand why you think that someone else bombing a foreign country gives you the right to murder babies in the womb. I just don't see the connection here.

You can stop trying to demonstrate one, though. I'm not really interested in hearing your retarded spergy garbage any longer :)

Personhood is the only argument you have, if that isn't an argument how is it still legal?

A fetus meets all the same criteria to be biologically alive as a dog does.

I don't know if this has been commented already, but I think theres always a reason for abortion. A good reason like the parents are unable to provoide a good life for the child or it would be born with a bad disease or the mother would be in danger from giving birth. Why would we want a child in this world who would suffer because his/her parents are some alcoholic poor junkies that never wanted him/her.

If it doesn't go away from your property then yes you have right to kill. Same way you have right to kill home invader.

That's a funny way of saying "I have no argument"

Fetus is just a clump of cells. A dog is moving and breathing and has some concept of self

you dirty son of a bitch, delete this

Not only that.

If society forces woman to continue pregnancy it's basically slavery. Where women can't control own bodies

So If i buy a puppy from the petstore, that I now own, I can strangle it? Its my property.

Your a clump of cells. and fetuses do move.

So abort a baby OK, punch a dog, NOT OK.

libertarian position on abortion.


Woman doesn't have right to foot abortion bill on others and other people don't have right to prevent abortion.

Abortion and birth control should be banned for white people. Mixed and nonwhites should still get it if they want.


the science is 100% on the pro-life side, your feminist argument is based on twisted legal definitions of personhood And when it begins and when is murder ok? It always devolves into explaining to the childlike mind of the feminist/leftist why murder is wrong... or how societies have the right to pass laws based on their common morality.
>Blob of unconscious flesh

>""""""climate models"""""" can't tell me if a hurricane is coming in 3 months
holy shit. that's almost as stupid as trump's hairspray and ozone layer rant.

Choice, user.


People choose to get pregnant, so they're responsible for the child. Them, the 2 that fucked.

The same way you can buy a land and hunt all animals on it. You are just using puppy in example to call for an emotion. Nothing else.

If someone likes a puppy he will give you an offer to save The puppy. But yes.

Logically if you are allowed to eat animals I don't know why it should be strange if you kill them.

Let's keep abortion legal so niggers keep genociding themselves.
Your cooperation is appreciated. Thank You.

Note how the atheist always redefines life at every turn so they can deny it of whomever they want.

Nice argument Ben Shapiro. Easily debunked by saying science doesn't back by our claim.


Sure it is murder.
And that's not a terrible thing, as you can see many political traitors should be murdered.

Also, your stopping a life, a miserable life.
Parents (plural) should be able to raise a child in a loving way, I am very skeptical about any set of parents that can do this in this financial hell hole.

Kids are for the rich, fuck making slaves for the system to perpeturate and continue.

I don't think you have the right to decide that SOMEONE ELSE'S life isn't worth living.

Not really. Child doesn't have moral right on parents property.

Parents can give him away for adoption if they don't want to raise him. Society can't force parents.Basically such force will never work and parents will abuse unwanted child.


Atheist here, and as soon as the fetus forms, it's a human.

Not all of us are retards that don't understand cause and effect.

Parents have the moral obligation to look after it.

If they don't, they're poor parents. If they kill the kid (whether born or unborn), they're murders. If they give it away, again, poor parents.

The state shouldn't be forced to look after it. The state can, if it wants, but the responsibility is ultimately on the parents or the people that accept to look after it.

In that train of thought, you do not have the right to raise the life either.
It raises itself.

>Why would we want a child in this world who would suffer because his/her parents are some alcoholic poor junkies that never wanted him/her.
Yeah, lets kill everyone in orphanages while we are at it

at the time a fetus is aborted, it's not conscious, so it's as much alive as semen

>i think a fertilized egg should have rights
>i think a single human cell should have the same rights as a person