Soft Brexit

>soft Brexit

What the fuck does this mean? Leave the EU but still have all the strings attached?

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soft: get new trade agreements, travel arrangements, treaties etc in place beforehand
hard: bridges burnt

Soft means we stay in the trade block, which in short means we stay in the EU but have no say in the parliament. So nothing changes.

Hard Brexit means we leave the trade block and get back all the power the EU has over us.


this is what you get for messing with aryans.

first you lost your empire, and now you are enslaved.

you cant even leave the EU, because we dont allow it.

also we demand gibraltar.

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I figured I half way understood it.

Soft Brexit essentially means

>eh the vote didn't go our way (remain) but we'll make it happen in effect

Can someone explain to me why they had a re-election in the first place? May just wanted a chance to gain more seats and ended up losing more after spewing anti internet bullshit? Its really not shocking this happened, but why? It all smells like a globalist setup to screw brexit and the british people. Nobody wins now, May was a plant all along. God dammit am i getting this right?

It means we still lose the toblerones but we gotta keep the tyrones.

Couldn't soft brexit mean that you get the same deal as Norway?


>awoo posting
>links to a sargon video
it's all starting to add up


Actually it's not a sargon video sargon just reposted it from a smaller youtuber.

So the EU is a scam. Shitty regulation and policy all so you can gain access to the EU currency. Your politicians are holding you hostage in some shitty socialist hellhole haha get fucked brits.

It's time to turn the refineries back on.


So he stole it for views

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the single market is a free trade area, Britain does not and never has had that "EU currency"

So why participate? You can get better trade deals on your own no? I'm trying to figure out the allure of the EU in the first place. Was it the socialism? You know that only works in the authoritative.

It means no brexit. They'll sign a paper to be called "EU best friend" or some shit like that and nothing will change.

My bet is that we're going to end up with hardly any practical difference. Stay in the customs union, keep freedom of movement, carry on paying them. In the end we'll have a piece of paper that says we've technically left, and no more voting rights. Fucking yay.

Please, kick us out of EU. We'll join Russia.

How can brits be so fucking dumb to vote for MORE muslims

After all these attacks...


Puppet state

If it was still Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, and the UK... we would never have voted leave. Austria, Finland, and Sweden were okay too but all the other additions were a big mistake. Giving fucking Slovakia free travel to Germany? Fucking insanity.

And while I have nothing personally against Estonia, no, you shouldn't be in the EU. At the very least there need to be different "tiers" of the EU or at least of Schengen, separated by GDP or other factors. No passport checks when travelling within the same tier, optional checks when going to a lower tier, mandatory checks when entering a higher tier.


You think that was bad.
Remember the time when an open borders policy let in the brown hoards? You cant just keep letting in people who consume more than they produce.