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>At a glance
Minority government with the help of DUP all but confirmed, meaning some people will be tricked into thinking they are getting a hard brexit while still getting 300k+ migration per year
DUP were supposedly outlining a soft border as part of the terms for propping up an enfeebled Tory party, no proper source on this though
SNP got blown the fuck out, though stilll largest party in Scotland
Exit poll proving to be correct so far with only Kensington yet to declare.
Nigel Farage will probably go back into politics.
Conservatives are just as bad as Labour

>Why did it happen?
The number of UKIP voters going to Labour was underestimated.
They ran a very insincere campaign.
U-turns on social issues undermined her authority.
People fell victim to the soft brexit meme.
Manifesto negatively impacted Tory voting core.

>Watch live coverage of the election General election 2017 Voters to go to the polls

>What time will the UK general election results be announced? Hour-by-hour guide of seats to watch on polling night 2017

>General Election 2017 results and maps: What time will we know the winner?

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Someone make that Harry Potter meme of "well done Labour well done HOWEVER"


Potatoniggers and corbyncucks are absolutely destroyed right know lads.

Did the ghosts of Ian Paisley and Edward Longshanks rise to curse May and save the union from gays and Catholics?

Never never

go fuck your self cunt



>everyone expected a tory majority with internet censorship and dementia tax
>now we get a tory-dup coalition thats even more right wind
>tories can't do their awful policies now because they don't have a majority
>snp dead in the water

Is this the best possible timeline?

Is Boris Johnson, dare I say it, /ourguy/?

Hopefuly we get him as PM now that may has fucked up


>normies celebrate a loss
>realise that DUP exist
>get fucked even harder
It's beautiful.

pissing myself with laughter

I comfily watching another conservative leadership contest taking place while big banter Corbyn makes Blairites rim his anus and apologise.


certainly an upside that taigs get fucked



i honestly believe she threw the election on purpose to stop brexit

A very small part of me wants another election. Now that Scotland has seen that the SNP have gotten fucked in 2 of the 3 holes, it might encourage them to stick their dick in the last free one.

Reminder that Mogg voted for Snoopers Charter, despite stylising himself traditional conservative and defender of ancient institutions and traditions.

Reminder that Mogg is a notorious carpet-bagger and stood in seats from Scotland to Somerset before he actually won a seat.

Reminder that Mogg disavowed the Traditional Britain group after he came after fire from the leftist media for daring to speak to a conservative group.

Reminder that if Mogg placed principles/country above Party or had any integrity whatsoever he would've defected to UKIP back in 2014.

Reminder that not only did he not defect, but he helped to campaign against Mark Reckless in Rochester in 2014. Mark Reckless being UKIP's second elected, and only decent, MP.

Anyone know if the DUP want to privatise the NHS?


Didn't give a fuck about Ireland before this campaign but we Corbynistas are /IRA/ now.

I'm watching all this salt on Facebook. Pride month and the dup have been given a big slice of cake. It's beautiful

he would be fun as prime minster but hes a bufoon and was pretty corrupt as london mayor
David Davies or Mogg(let me dream) would be better
KEK, fucking pathetic

NI is rightful Anglo clay REEEEEEEE

The opposite will happen, I reckon.

>The Guardian
Fixed so they don't get views

And then troll Rowling with it


I love Prime Minister May so much, lads. What should I do?

what would happen if say:

Conservatives 300 seats
Labour 290 seats
Lib dem 20 seats
UKIP 20 seats
SNP 20 seats
DUP 10 seats

Conservatives form coalition with UKIP and DUP
Labour form coalition with lib dems and SNP

Is this possible? Are labour not allowed to form a coalition because they're not the majority?

He's a slimy worm, but is at least more fun than May.

>NI is rightful Anglo clay REEEEEEEE

All of Ireland is. Time for annexation.

The nerves of this guy

>Evil May losing total power
>Brexit still happening
>Young people showing interest in politics
>Genuine far-right party now holding power in parliament
>Scotland cucking Labour

What the hell? I love this snap election now

>Labour vote increase, seat increase

>Tories lose seats

>Forced into unstable coalition

>DUP and Tory values don't mesh

>Another election before 2018

>PM Corbyn

>minority rule in holyrood
>most scot seats in westminster


So the guardian is already shaking in fear of the Unionists - was this result the best we could hope for?

The DUP promises to have 110 GPs a year in training by 2020 and supports the development of GP federations.

The party says it would back the rollout of a scheme to improve access to physiotherapy across Northern Ireland, and develop a new electronic health and care records system for country. It plans to appoint ‘mental health champions’ and examine new models of care for managing chronic conditions in the elderly.


Want civil war?

That's how you get civil war.


We 1980s now?

The only coalition Labour could form is a Coalition of Chaos. Consider yourself lucky that the better candidate won.

> undefeated
Not for long, taig scum

>it'll be fine. Sup Forums wins once again. get fucked lefties

this is not the timeline I expected to be in at 10pm last night



What does this mean for the internet lads?

Will porn be banned?

>mfw we're going back to 1689 where you only get any rights if you're a protestant subject of the crown




If there is one thing we can be absolutely sure of it's that "political science" is worthless.

I don't think really any of us did.



>DUP government
top fucking kek
the Troubles are back!

wtf i love Paddies now!

So did May just hold an election to weaken her party's position to avoid leaving the EU? She's pro-Israel and support Remain. I wouldn't put it past her that she intentionally sabotaged herself so the UK could remain in the EU. :^)

theyre gonna smear their shit on the walls again


DUP will take us into a golden age

The worst part is that Corbyn will take these gains as an endorsement of his Communism.

Or is that the best part? If he now purges all of his centrists, the Labour Party becomes the SWP.

Interestingly, it also shows that terrorism has almost zero impact on a General Election. Voters weren't swayed by Corbyn's open alliegiance to every terrorist group on Earth.



can the article 50 get cancelled?

How exactly? The DUP will guarantee us the free border with the UK no matter what. The tories didn't give a shit about Ireland before, now they've cucked themselves into having to actually pay attention to the effects of brexit on Ireland.

>So did May just hold an election to weaken her party's position to avoid leaving the EU? She's pro-Israel and support Remain. I wouldn't put it past her that she intentionally sabotaged herself so the UK could remain in the EU. :^)

Let's face it, Brexit was a mistake.

Can't wait to see people spin young people turn out to be much higher than it was again by pretending registered young voters is the same as all young voters.


>england elected ethnic nationalists to their house

Feeling pretty outdone lads

no m8, she's just shit

This LARPing over a small contingent of protest MPs from a fringe party somehow running the country is tiring. It's utterly pathetic.

Ireland have no army and they begged the RAF to protect their sky's from Russian incursions into their airspace, fucking pathetic

Arsehurt is beginning.

It's looking alright-ish now, I'd like to know just how much the DUP got out of the tories.

word salad

Redpill me on DUP, do they really want creationism to be taught in schools?


Wew kids complaining on normiebook they couldnt vote for corbychev.

It means Unite and Muhmentum now have total control of Labour and will not let go of it, it will not go back to the centre for decades if ever.

An open border and 100 armed troops taig. Pack your bags.

They're so mad about the DUP right now

they're pretty great

lol at the people who have never heard of DUP before this morning already calling some type of shit

Now hold the fuck up

UKIP voter overwhelmingly went for Labour???
I wont deny that Tories are a shit party, but how any UKIP voter could think Labour is anything but even worse is beyond me!

It's not completely apocalyptic but Jez and the leftists are still in control of Labour. Tories need to root them out of England, win over young voters etc.

Hopefully boundary changes will help but I'm worried that Brexit will make the Tories horribly unpopular and that I'll be in a gulag in 5 years

Yes they are like US Republicans with a tad of Taig hate added in.

lol fukken epic dood

Donald Tusk. Fuck that red-haired nigger. 8 years his party ruled Poland and it was nothing but scandal after scandal.

Corrupt motherfucker.

It didn't go overwhelmingly for Labour it just went for Labour more than expected.

>It's our future!
Exactly, FUTURE, and you'll get the right to decide in the near future.