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Hey...they found nothing...I feel like Trump has been saying that since this started.

all this stupid russia stuff when we could be getting juicy weiner,huma, stories. and maybe just MAYBE the walnut recipe from podesta.



>... and WOW, Comey is a leaker!

He sounds like a 12 year old child. Does he not realize this?

I think Trump already knew Comey was leaking the memos long before any information was published. That combined with the fact Comey wouldn't publicly state that Trump himself wasn't being investigated led to his firing.

He says it that way to acknowledge it and have it reported by the media.


Trump deliberately acted in a way that brought him close to illegality to oust the leakers. Literally Tyrion Lannisters move in Game of Thrones.

He's like a quarter back with very little room in the pocket.

Crazy old man playing 8D chess.

This. Liberal media will jump on the "lololol Drumfp talks like a kid", while getting the message out to the people who do possess a functioning brain. And the idiots don't even realise they're getting played.

>Comeys face right now

fresh oc to trigger lefties

>total and complete vindication

Only literal retards will believe this

Stop tweeting. This guy doesn't learn from his mistakes.


VINDICATED: adj. To have ones credibility severely damaged on congressional record

Well admittedly the Dems and the media were using the whole Russian narrative to slow his agenda. He needed a way to prove the average person that he wasn't a Russian "agent."

However, I'm not sure how Comey would've made a public statement about Trump not being under investigation without being absolutely punched on by the Dems. Comey couldn't do anything and I think Trump realized that too, so he made the call and it looks like he got it right.

You get BTFO so hard that you don't tweet for almost 2 days and this is all you got? Weak!

hahah yep. Comey's testimony was damning. Trump looks like a creepy fool. He will be impeached once his approval drops below 30% and it is well on its way.

Despite so many false statements covfefe

>Only literal retards will believe this
Right, because liberals will not accept any amount of proof that there was no investigation of Trump in association with Russia.

>comey is a leaker

they are his personal notes, not classified info.

anyone defending trump for trying to influence an FBI investigation is undoubtedly a cuck--pic very related. Sad!

It's amazing how he's been doing this from the beginning... and they STILL fall for it.
Every. Fucking. Time.
It's like they're incapable of learning from the past.

Pretty much this. Just like spelling mistakes. Yesterday, slate ran an article on trumps lawyers statement which was basically "look the presidents lawyer made so many grammar mistakes take a look XD". Yet in the statement it stated trump was not under investigation and that comey might get btfo for leaking.

Do you think and left wing rag would have covered the statement if it didnt have typos?

I was thinking.... we should make Covfefe into a real word.

If we meme it, we can literally make a new word and have Trump add something else to the dictionary.

What would be a good meaning for it?

There's no real investigation

The Trump-Russia thing is 100% fake news

There's also the fact that the lawyer's statement was factually incorrect. Like they didn't think anybody would bother to fact check it or something.

Leave Peterson alone!

>t. bootlicking cuck

I feel bad for your parents, all those years wasted raising an effeminate flamer. Sad!

James Comey needed to be fired a long fucking time ago, the dude had way too much influence on politics in Washington and is part of the reason why shit seems so unstable there right now

>holds press conf about hillary, says they aren't prosecuting but she was extremely careless when he should have made lynch do it/dept att. general
>note about wieners laptop
>refusal to talk straight involving all of this russia shit

He was misusing his position as FBI director

>lack of critical thinking skills

you guys are still behind trump. wtf?
he was better than hillary no question but that doesnt set the bar very high

Show me one shred of proof to the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory.


It's a private conversation with the president, which makes it confidential.

And he leaked it after no longer being an employee of the federal government.

Any notes or anything related to his job at all is government property by law.

>What would be a good meaning for it?

A more mature version of pwnage, maybe. The kind where it takes a while to sink in how utterly fucked you are.

Just as Jews use Christian empathy and self-esteem against whites, Trump uses Jewish narcissism against Jews. Pretty much the quickest way to piss off Jews and manipulate them into doing what you want is by calling them liars. Why? Because they are, and they know they are, and they don't want to get caught.

So now the News Jews will spread his tweet around in a desperate attempt to "debunk" him, thereby accomplishing his goal of getting his message out to everyone who doesn't read twitter.

They aren't his personal notes. He met with the President as acting FBI director to talk about ongoing investigations. Then he proceeded to immediately write that stuff down as a memo. That is a meeting, and information, that was recorded only because of his job as FBI director and it is a government doc. Even if it wasn't classified he broke the rules and should have been... well... fired.

For fuck's sake even Patreus's day planner was actually *classified. * also the topic of the investigation is national security related because it deals with Flynn and Russia. That is basically a national security problem if you start divulging details of that investigation. Even if it isn't classified at the time, he should have archived that memo and let it be handled properly. If it is deemed to have been national security related he's fucked.

Were those memos for his fucking diary?

They were 'work related' memos he took after meetings with the President... He took those 'memos' down if they exist, while on the job as FBI director. He wasn't a private citizen writing down things on a paper.

Everyone does on twitter. You only get about 100 characters to work with

Fucking hell it's been a while doc


vindicated by a lie?

sounds like something Drumpf would make up. His Tweets are what keep me going, lads.


Are they gonna put him in gaol together with reality?

>Half the testimony was spent with Comey saying "I can't answer that because it pertains to an ongoing investigation"
>Faggot on Sup Forums claims this investigation doesn't exist

You'll have to ask the FBI. They will decide whether there's any charges to pursue, but the idea that the investigation doesn't exist is delusion, pure and simple.

As your boy and his trumplets like to say: WRONG

If it's confidential why did Trump tell Comey it was ok to share the information with the press?

The other investigation is Sessions-Russia.

There are two separate issues here and both involve the Trump campaign and Russian hackers.

Before this is over, Trump and Sessions will be indicted.

Why not?

Liberals still living in fantasy land I see

I have seriously no idea what the guy is doing. Instead of governing he is self-destroying himself with tweets. How is that going to help?

There is no real investigation because there isn't anything really there.

There is an investigation* because the FBI wants to appear non-partisan, but the FBI agents know there isn't really anything there.

It's like you're a poor little baby in this world. Goo goo gaga.

>be yesterday
>bong asks for a quick comey rundown
Well bong it's a bunch of nothing and then afterward they'll probably go back to attacking Sessions
>be today
>wake up morning news
>it's all about Sessions and muh russia

Why are the rabit anti-trump people so dumb?

his voter base is just as retarded as he is.

>but the idea that the investigation doesn't exist is delusion, pure and simple.

Comey was directly asked if Trump was under investigation.
He said no on three different occasions.

Comey was directly asked if Trump associates were under investigation.
He said no.

Comey was directly asked if there was any evidence of Russian collusion.
He said no on multiple occasions.

Comey was directly asked about the reporting on Russian collusion.
He said the (((news media))) regularly lies.

Comey was directly asked about the DNC's hacked servers.
He admitted the FBI never saw the servers and merely took the DNC at their word.

So basically everything you believe is wrong and you didn't actually watch the hearing yesterday. The only investigation is of Flynn, and in case you haven't noticed it's not going anywhere lol

Exactly what he did.

Why wouldn't I be?
The only thing he's done I don't approve of is fail to get a budget for the Wall.

isn't going to convince anyone.

Comey has a weird moral compass, always trying to accomodate everybody. He also seems quite strongly influenced by media reports, even going so far as doing leaks himself when they start to gain support in the media.
I mean jesus, just do your freaking job man.

The FBI employs about 35,000 people. That's some conspiracy! Better head on over to with the other 13 year olds. Goo goo ga ga!

There is an ongoing investigation. He also made clear that when asked about trump being a target, he said NO AT THAT POINT IN TIME. When pressed about specific evidence, he did not answer as it pertains to the ONGOING INVESTIGATION. I realize it is difficult for you to leave your hugbox where you cherrypick a few quotes out of a multi-hour testimony, but I encourage you to try, since it is unlikely you'll ever leave your job at McDonald's with this kind of thinking. Poor kid--sad!!

They're addicted to losing

Way to miss the point. For months now the mainstream media has been attacking this new President like never before on history. Tearing him down daily. Calling him every name in the book. Making all kinds of serious accusations about how he won the election, how horribly he deals with foreign leaders, how much of a liar he is, how he steals ice cream from people. They claim he's stupid, corrupt and fat. They claim he's impeachable for wildly speculative reasons. Celebrities do the same thing. They joke about him, wishing all manner of vileness on him and his family, including his young boy. Oh, but he's the childish one?


Kind of goes to show just how childish he is.

This, fuck ghrunk #resist

You guys are retarded if you don't think the Trump-Russia story is complete fabrication.

The memos are government property. Also the talks were classified. At this point i think you're just shit posting so others correct you and red pill the retards lurking

Bro you are just fucking retarded.

Again just show me 1 shred of proof of the Trump-Russia conspiracies.

Give me 1 shred of proof.

You are a child for believing in this.

So you're just going to sit there and give the media in the celebrities a pass as they whine and stomp their feet like little children because their candidate didn't win? What part of this is going over your head user?

Hey at least that kid is conscious of keeping his grades up and is moving to the right politically.

And the president HIMSELF does the same thing. Treat others how you want to be treated--most people learn this before they are 5 years old, but then again when you grow up as a spoiled rich little boy, you never truly reach maturity I guess.

The fact that you worship him says volumes about what kind of child you are. Your parents must be ashamed.

>"The president of the United States was not under investigation," Risch said, looking for confirmation.
>"That's correct," Comey replied

I know you're going to continue to LARP because you have this magical high-fantasy that somehow, someway, Trump will turn out to be a KGB agent with a brain implant put in his head by Putin and then Hillary will be ushered into the White House by grand decree from Glorious God-Government, but it isn't going to happen. You bought into a lie, and that narrative has utterly and completely collapsed. Maybe it will sink in in 2024 how badly you were deceived. Or maybe you'll stay an adult child forever.

There's no evidence Russia hacked anything, Trump will be president for eight years, and Flynn will never be indicted. Enjoy! :^)

The argument isnt about proof, it's about whether there is currently an INVESTIGATION. Considering comey clearly stated he cant share any evidence or proof with the public, asking a random user on Sup Forums for "proof of russian collusion" is absurd. But to deny that the investigation doesn't exist is even more absurd. Seriously--are you 13 years old? Were you even old enough to vote in 2016?

Show me one example where Russia influenced the election. Oh right you can't you fucking retard. Get over it, trump won and life goes on!


Still conflating the issue, because you have no argument. There is an INVESTIGATION INTO RUSSIA COLLUSION INTO TRUMP'S ADMINISTRATION. Since you like to cherrypick, he was also asked whether trump is now under investigation for obstruction of justice, which comey declined to comment on since it pertains to SAID ONGOING INVESTIGATION.

Keep flipping those burgers, boy--maybe you'll get promoted to manager soon!

>repeats himself

Christ, you really are a child. Your poor parents probably cry themselves to sleep every night.

sup donald
nice thread you made here
can i post innit

Top kek. Nice try idiot. No I don't worship the guy. I'm just smart enough to see what this is. You're very quick response to my extremely intelligent post says it all. You've got no response. The Comey hearing corrected a lot of the bullshit lies that the mainstream media has been pushing for the past few months. Trump is now throwing it all back in their faces and folks like you can't handle it. Meanwhile all of the fake ammunition and fake evidence that you and the mainstream media have been pushing has been quashed and you are holding nothing in your hands. Maturity is a funny thing. I find it absolutely hilarious that Trump is being called out by some on his maturity while these same people have given the mainstream media and the celebrities and all of the other anti-Trump bedwetting children a pass. Absolutely hilarious. And it absolutely exposes them for the hypocrites they are.

Trump will make this announcement near the end of his presidency. Making anime real.

I don't think Trump will be indicted. Ignoring the whole gray area of "can you indict a president" I think he is literally too stupid to have personally been involved. Look at how he has conducted business in the past. He selects people that have the knowledge or skills he needs and while acting like every annoying boss you've ever had, generally lets them do whatever as they think best. It just so happens that he's a terrible judge of character and this time around selected some people who would choose to support what is historically our greatest geopolitical foe. If he had been more discerning in some of his selections, we'd be be talking about how disgusting it is that he puts catsup on steak instead of this.

You're the 13 year old if you don't think the FBI has to play the political game. I said there is no real investigation because there isn't anything to it.

Read those words carefully. Please, prove to me you have a reading comprehension above that of a 8 year old with rabies.

Also, why you don't you actually watch a video of a Putin speech to get a real sense for the man instead of being a mentally enslaved American retard:

Before the election, Putin basically explains he doesn't even really trust Trump and he thinks Hillary is being 2-faced when she criticizes Russia, and that if she wins she'll back down from the harsh language.

That's real fucking politics right there.

Check the id's, you idiot. You're so blind in your hate for trump that you're willing to fuck over your own country just to spite him. You are the worst kind of trash and you should be ashamed of selling yourself out to be a liberal because it's just fucking fake. All it is muh feels and shit and you guys get duped by policticans who pretend to cater to you and then secretly sell our country out behind your back. But it's all ok because they're at least pretending to acknowledge your policies and make you feel good.

Lol fuck your feelings Lil bitch

Answers with proofs are here but you refuse to accept it. Lurk more and enjoy the two shekels for shilling.

very intriguing numerals in sequence here
only i will be able to appreciate them to the fullest
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>roughly speaking


Trump, just let them have this side of you day in and day out until they learn. Be the savage you're meant to be. Point your blade, we will follow.

No, I just don't think bitching about it will do anything, just like liberals bitching about Fox/Fox News, rightwing radio, or conservative celebrities and how they talked about/treated Obama didn't accomplish anything.


No, there literally isn't.

>A major New York Times story that helped spawn the unproven Trump-Russia collusion narrative for months in Washington was debunked Thursday by former FBI Director James B. Comey. Asked by Sen. Tom Cotton, Arkansas Republican, whether the story was “almost entirely wrong,” he answered, “Yes.”
>In response to a similar question by Sen. James Risch, Idaho Republican, Mr. Comey said that “in the main, it was not true.”
>“The challenge, and I’m not picking on reporters about writing stories about classified information, is that people talking about it often don’t really know what’s going on and those of us who actually know what’s going on are not talking about it,” Mr. Comey elaborated.
>Mr. Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee that when the Times story appeared Feb. 14, telling a story of numerous contacts between Russian intelligence and President Trump’s campaign people and associates, he knew it was not true.
>He first double checked with the intelligence community and then alerted both Republican and Democratic senators not to believe the Times.
>It was a rare public moment in Washington. A former FBI director was totally discrediting a major investigative story by the nation’s most influential newspaper and, in doing so, backing President Trump.

The "Russia Collusion" narrative is dead. It's so dead that all your favorite (((media outlets))) are beginning to issue retractions

At least pretend you understand what you're talking about, next time.

>You'll have to ask the FBI. They will decide whether there's any charges to pursue,

you do realize that is totally incorrect don't you?
>mfw in burgerland the FBI investigates and the DOJ decides what to prosecute.


> a leaker
does it mean another pissgate is looming on us?

Conservatives do know how facts work, right? Or does reality have a liberal bias?

Bob Mueller is not nearly finished.

>reddit spacing
>isn't actively shilling against trump

I'm not sure how I feel about this.

hahahaha heres your (you) you pitiful shill faggot


You're speaking to a libshit. They fail to understand very basic things, such as the fact they're getting mad at Trump for supposedly interfering with an FBI investigation, when Comey blurted out during testimony AG Lynch and Obama ACTUALLY DID interfere with an FBI investigation... of Clinton.

So they're mad Trump -MIGHT- have done something (without evidence), but give Obama/Lynch a pass for actually doing the thing they're mad at Trump for theoretically doing.

Such is the nature of the modern perfidious libshit.

>There's also the fact that the lawyer's statement was factually incorrect.
[citation needed]