Too hot for jail

>Winner allegedly told her sister she was "pretty, white and cute" and that Winner believed her bond hearing would play out in her favor

>pretty, white and cute
Well Sup Forums? Will the judge give her the pussy pass?

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Pussy pics pls

I'd fug her from top to bottom

serious case of moretz-syndrome


This bitch is going to get into a lot of fist fights in prison.

She just got denied bond, so it didn't play out in her favor.

Hope she gets shanked by a based negress in prison who wants to avenge her white massa daddy Trump.

this is a PSYOP smear campaign against white women.

Is that young costanza

turns out you got to be cute first. Get cucked!

Had bond hearing yesterday. She was denied bond, declared a flight risk.

>named reality
>totally disconnected from it

keep in mind this chick was probably pulling six figures as a govt contractor

Pretty fly for a white guy

And she's dumb as a fucking rock.

No, but I'd pardon her for whistleblowing, provided the disclosure was responsible.


Whatever you say, white knight virgin boy

She looks like a fucking male in that pick. Its a trap.

She already looks like an inmate. She'll be fine.

She is going to get lesbo raped so hard in prison.

Bitch looks like Chuck Liddell in drag

How does lesbo rape work? Forcibly scissor?


That kid gets it.

Probably fisting


facesitting with violence probably

No, forced penetration. Hope she likes being held down and having random junk shoved up her hole.

She's too buffed to be considered hot.

Honestly, I like bricc if she didn't have the degenerate tattoo.

That's not a good looking women. Not even close. Nothing female about that dork

>fake newser

She looks like Giovanni Ribisi in drag.

Looks like a man to me.

One day she'll wake up as a fully functional refrigerator, and that's Gods revenge for endorsing Hitllery Rotten Cunt.


She literally has the whole unhinged Hillary supporter look. Sad. And she's a leaker.


would fug

also wtf is up with your names in USA?


Looks like Jared Loughner's little brother.

That's what her cellie said...

This little fella also pledged allegiance to the Taliban


>white privilege is real and will save me from any repurcusions

Not surprising since men look like women in leafcuckland.

Ha ha, yeah. Now post the shoop.

News in GA USA
She's getting held down and rapped by some large black woman and that upsets you, jew mad bro.

White women are like jews. they are well aware of their social advantages

she hates white bois. that's all you need to know about the state of her vagina.

>those fat fucking low pros

Wtf. This pic isn't real, is it? It has to be modified in some way.

Yeah unfortunately it's real. Kind of amazing how they can hide such a hideous figure on tv and movies.

why can't drumpfkins handle an alpha female like this?

I'm seriously jealous of her shoulders and traps.

She obviously has no mirrors in her home.

yeah I read on AJC last night she was denied bind top kek

What genetics produce that smug cow face? I'm really sick of seeing it on bitches.

Genetics of the beta male too afraid to ever tell them how wrong they are about every facet of their existence.

She's Jewish.

where are the birthing hips?

She looks like that Eggman guy who killed all those people.

As much as this gal is mentally repugnant
Am I really the only one who finds her physically attractive?
I like buff blondes
Imagine the offspring...
I want to fuck the stupid out of her and raise her line to be strong warriors for Christ.


Dude I honestly think she's already chosen Allah.
Once we institute white sharia we have to honor kill her. Sorry.

She's probably taken miles of shit colored dick.

Maybe 1-3 generations ago someone lost a lawsuit... That doesn't make her a legit Jew.

I'd hate fuck her.

You'd be surprised how often reasonable and non-violent debate with leftists at parties has lead to hate sex for me.

I don't know why it happens and we never speak again after, but damn hate sex is best sex.

She's not a whistle blower. A whistle blower is someone who exposes corruption or wrong doing within an organization they work for(like the government). Reality released classified evidence being used in an ongoing investigation solely because she thought it would hurt someone she didn't like politically.

>employee of Pluribus International, a private intelligence agency
>contracted to work with NSA
>speaks Pashto and Farsi fluently
>held top secret clearance
>pledged to side with Iran in the case of an America-Iran war
>pledged allegiance to the Taliban
>wanted to burn down the White House and move to Kurdistan
>rumored to be in contact with the leaders of Qatar
>rumored to have allegedly advertised on the darknet to other NSA/CIA spooks a 89,200 Bitcoin bounty (~$200mm) on Trump's head backed by the Qatari government
>rumored that investigation concerning her treasonous activities and arresting was being obstructed by Comey
>rumored that Comey and his wife and family were under personal threat to let her continue her activities
>rumored that Comey was fired for failing to do anything against ongoing conspiracies inside the US Deep State to assassinate the President by USA Deep State parties
>arrested fifteen minutes before the Gulf States enacted their embargo of Qatar
>this threat on President's life rumored to be reason behind fake Syria attack in April, to appease the Qataris, CIA, and NSA
>Bogdanoffs bow to her
oh fuck
Pluribus international employs mostly young women with military background. She's a fucking assassin.
Pledged fealty to Iran on Twitter? Israel convinces Qatar to put out the hit on Trump because they both want him dead, and because of her fluency in Farsi and her Iranian connections, the first successful assassination of an American president since Kennedy is casus belli for the Iran war that Israel desperately wants.
Comey was letting his happen and was sitting on it. Because he's a coward.
NSA/CIA/Mossad were planning it and counting on it.

This rampant moron was making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Meanwhile we have actual geniuses vegetating in front of a computer monitor for years playing Vidya.

Just collapse already

Right... And she did a selective leak.

My sources tell me there are thousands of such reports, with the subject being just about every nation.

Cyber war has been going on for a while... We try to penetrate other countries' systems, they try to penetrate ours...
The context is that this is really a nothing report.

how do you manage to get sex due to debates?

>>T. defense attorney here. White people are sentenced just as harshly as everyone else. Especially when they actually commit a crime.

Agreed. That doesn't change the fact that leaking classified information is a crime and based on the nature of what was leaked and her own (apparent) reason for doing it, I think it's a stretch to give her whistle blower status.

This is a better pic and yes denied bail.

>"i'll be ok because white privelege"
>it's not real
>"oh fuck"


If you're civil and make rational arguments that counter theirs, it seems to turn them on. I have gotten 5 or 6 one night stands from it.

Forced ramming in of objects, fisting etc

It's not nice.

no she wasn't lol

Would hide her in my basement in exchange for certain favors.

really? well that's new
seems to me that those chicks needed an authority figure to punish them with dick

That is the real pic the one posted before is fake

Apparently the prisoner have rallied around her.

>Since being detained, Winner-Davis says her daughter has found a sense of community in prison. They’ve rallied around her, she says of Winner’s fellow inmates, and have vowed to protect her amid the complicated circumstances she finds herself in. Winner told her mother that when a reporter showed up at the prison, the inmates shielded her from photographs. When she had used up the limited number of phone calls she could make from jail, her cellmate was quick to surrender hers. “She said they will take care of her,” Winner’s mother said.

Sorry fellas. Looks like she'll be getting pussy licked and teaching yoga on the reg.

>>modern stupid cunt
>>go to the gym to be pretty
>>gets hooked on thestosterone and dopamine
>>push ups and bench press all day long
>>cunt looks transgender now, her dick is growing
>>no man interested anymore, blame men

I am fairly certain they all had daddy issues.

If you guys can't tell she's a lesbian your gaydar is non-existent.

Damn, her sister is fucking cold. She ratted her out. What petty spite. Reality made a mistake in trusting her sister to keep her mouth shut lol.

Fridge Jew.
This one goes to das cooler not das fernace

only gay people have a gaydar, talk bout it or is proud of it.
If she was a lesbian she would be open about it, holywood love them

Reality Winner? More like Reality LOSER!


You really can't tell she's gay can you?


>keep in mind this chick was probably pulling six figures as a govt contractor
No, she was a former mil-linguist. She was pulling between $60k-$80k.

If Amy Schumer lost 30 pounds, this is what she'd look and be like. Still not funny and a jihadi lover. Chuck Schumer is a child rapist too.

>tfw no buff muscle gf

Nothing is free in prison.