Italians = Rapeo Bambinos(Moors)


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You referring to all those church going old guys lining up in broad daylight for African kids backsides?

why do americans have such smelly anuses?


>posts a gypsy from gypsy camp in sicily

why don't you go and get some hummus ya damn sand nigger

italians are mostly descended from farmers who came to europe from anatolia in the neolithic. basically turks.

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map of arab gene markers

>most of Europe is nearly 50% Turk

i wonder how it spread to vietnam but nowhere else in south east asia?

Varg in suicide watch

unfortunately, its true though.

t. Alejandro

what happens in Belgium ?

a lack of proper hygiene perchance?

>basically turks
WRONG, "turks" were huntings chinks and shit in the steppe , those weren't turks those were anatolian

his facial bone structure is semitic/european he's just tanned,in italy we get from pale to brown with the sun

>what happens in Belgium ?

rape. what else?

>posts a sicilian
You're not very bright, are you?

in all seriousness now, it's not
ENF doesn't exist, it's an old metacomponent before we actually got better ancient samples from the near east

nearly pure EEF like Sardinians always cluster pretty far from Turks

>in italy we get from pale to brown with the sun

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unlike americans who are always brown

This is like calling Southern Italians Nordic because of the Normans, that being said they still aren't White. As some random guy in the thread said, they're descended mainly from Middle Eastern farmers A LONG time before any Arab invasions took place.

>those weren't turks those were anatolian

modern "turks" are mostly descended from ancient anatolians. they have very little central asian blood. the nomadic people who brought the language were just a ruling elite.

he's a gypsy retarded fuck not even a terrone

>what happens in Belgium ?

remove kebab happened.

Looks like an average sicilian to me

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Comprehensive PCA plot of who's White and who's not, 100% scientifically accurate.

Why do you smell American anuses?

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you can't help but notice

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if we judge by facial bone structuren pic related is Jordanian and looks more European than that (((Italian)))

how can one NOT CONCLUDE THAT ITALIANS ARE NIGGERS. its so fucking obvious!

Some sicilians -not many-have 1% North African/Arab DNA and that's it, please educate yourself. Norsemen had way more genetic influence than Arabs.

never said he looked 100% european you stupid croissant, i said semitic/european just like the man in your pic

This. I switch from paler than a dane in winter to looking like a moroccan terrorist after 2 months of summer.


Quads confirm, Sicilians wuz Vikangs

Italians could be modelled as half-Jew half-White hybrids, into the trash it goes.

that's a gypsy, probably romanian diaspora.
There are gypsy camps all over italy just look at the background of OP's picture

what does dimensions mean ?

All you need to know is the closer two marks are together, the more related they are.

how the fuck we are related to you inbred fuckers ?

>says the half European half Siberian

Its more .1%. I've been fucked with the .1% Arab/North African and am whiter than anyone on this board


saged and reported
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Some Italian-Americans, like pic related, aren't child-molesting rapist moors but are based as fuck neo-fascists.

it's pseudoscience

the groups have diverged since the neolithic. im guessing if we had an ancient sample from anatolia it would be closer to the iceman. maybe iceman had more hunter gatherer blood in him too.

>American flag
>Deciding what is White and what is not White

Looks like a lot of Abruzzese to me

redpill me on Sicilians
are they really mafia or is it just stereotype?

there's plenty of neolithic samples from Anatolia

they haven't diverged, there was a massive movement after the neolithic from the Iranian region towards the west, bronze age anatolians were already influenced by these movements
its why you barely find any single Y-DNA J in Europe and Anatolia before the bronze age while the whole near east and southeast Europe is full of it nowadays

>Its more .1%. I've been fucked with the .1% Arab/North African and am whiter than anyone on this board

i got 0.1% north african on 23andme and im anglo. sicilians must be much higher than that.

Nice troll faggot

Who /R1A/ masterrace here?

>there was a massive movement after the neolithic from the Iranian region towards the west,

know any good articles on this subject?

Iranian region is key here. It could very well have been the Indus valley as well...hard to pinpoint exact sources of ancient migrations.

No source

So according to Varg only Scotland, Ireland, and Iceland are white.

it's becoming more and more clear with all the ancient papers coming out in the last year or two, although it was already in the air
it's only last year that they finally sequenced some DNA from the ancient near east, before that it wasn't clear what kind of populations were living there and what their relation was with neolithic Anatolians/Europeans

start from

im R1b L-21. my paternal line comes from ireland and its the most common there. are you scottish, scandanavian or slav R1a?

>start from

ok. thanks.

I miss the good old Italy, before the sandniggers came.

0% feels good man

>late middle ages
>sandniggers came

They're successfully dissolving our moral foundations. God damn it

Yep. Italians may have some North African admixture in the south but America has a rapidly declining minority white status problem on their hands and instead of turning their attention inwards and desperately trying to fix their shit before it's too late they just mock other countries.

In typical American spirit I suppose.

so who brought Y haplogroup J to europe if it didnt come with anatolian farmers?

might be related to pic
if you compare it with the spread of Y-DNA J2 it also fits fairly well

True master race is Proto-European l2, don't be stupid!

> couscous al pesce
Couscous with fish soup is a traditional dish in Trapani, Sicily.
prooves why all the sigilianos look and act just as wild, aggressive and miserable as berbers and latinos. fuck moors

Il cuscus o cuscussù[1] (in francese couscous; in arabo magrebino كسكس; in berbero seksu con un significato in berbero) è un alimento tipico del Nordafrica e della Sicilia occidentale, e della Sardegna sudoccidentale (Calasetta, Isola di Sant'Antioco e Carloforte) dove prende il nome di Kaskà (pron. cashcà), costituito da agglomerati ovvero granelli di semola di frumento cotti a vapore (del diametro di un millimetro prima della cottura, poi dopo la cottura diventano sempre più grandi).

Couscous (Berber: ⵙⵉⴽⵙⵓ, Seksu) is a North African Berber[2] dish of small steamed balls of semolina, usually served with a stew spooned on top. Couscous is a staple food throughout the North African cuisines of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania and Libya and Sicily.

Less than 5% of European Americans have any black in them. On the other hand almost all blacks are at least 25% dna from male Europeans.