Youtube rolling out blocks on searches for "Tucker Carlson" and "Tucker" but not just "Carlson"

Tucker Carlson BTFO's Kurt Eichenwald so hard, Youtube starts censoring searches for his show.

Tucker Carlson - blocked
Tucker - blocked
Carlson - not blocked

Tried the first 2 and they didnt work. The third did. Then retried the first 2, again, they didnt work. Fox works.

Sean Hannity is also blocked. This is intentional

Wait really?
Isn't that extremely shady to do?

Nah it's just your horrible government, working fine in Real America.

What is the best jewtube alternative?!?!

Go tell me if its only my computer, because Im going based off my own results here. If Tucker, and Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity dont work.. but Carlson (and Hannity) both work, something is fucked up.

Ha you faggot leafs are so cucked

Did you try turning your computer and router off and on?


Come to America Op we have Free speech.

That should make no difference, someone else go search "Tucker Carlson" and post results if it actually finds searches, or if it gives the error.

worked for me on the first try.

It seems like they have blocked the searches Tucker Carlson, Tucker, Sean Hannity - but not simply Carlson, and Hannity, because they are names that other people might just search for without being related.

>Tucker Carlson
>circa 800k results

Carlson= The fresh Prince of Bel Air
Seriously, that's why. I spent 2 years working in content management for a jewtube partner company. That still make money off that show

Oh, now magically everything is working. I dont buy this crap, something is being done behind the scenes.

Nothing. Because faggots on here just bitch all day about liberal media and do nothing about it, you know, like make their own media. Plenty of programmers on here too. Many cases, very sad!

I had the error searching for something non-political a couple minutes ago.

Stop being paranoid.

The fuck you even talking about? I can search all that just fine

Hes the new face of the right wing, and hes a liberal. He regularly compares people to ebil Nazis, and announces at the start of his show hes against smugness and groupthink. Thats us.

Works fine for me leaf, maybe your computer is virused

Stop being naive. Youre the same type of person who said I should put on a tinfoil hat when I said the NSA spies on peoples phones when Bush was in office. You people lost, shady shit goes on all the time and more often when it comes to censoring anti-marxist viewpoints.

This leaf is correct.

Youtube will often block and then unblock certain terms. One of the most blocked terms that will get you that error message is "alex jones".

Its working now, but random times during the day, if you search these keywords, you get that same error.

Did not realize Tucker Carlson was part of that list too.

Pay your internet bill, it's working fine for me.

mine works,

must be your isp or government

>Tucker Carlson
worked for me fgt.

>be me
>see post on Sup Forums about youtube blocking particular searches
>go to youtube like an idiot to search "Tucker Carlson"
>youtube now knows that i browse Sup Forums by cross referencing the timestamp of my post and this thread.


OP has a case of the downs

>Google puts in an error message at a 1% probability for certain material
>get to subtly influence politics while even Sup Forums defends them because it affects few enough people to not be obvious

Because it doesn't just know through Google's captcha?

>Hating the invisible hand of the economy and free market



OP is fucking retarded, check the HTTPS Headers when you do that and you will realize it is not a block.

We dont have free markets in the west, we have mixed markets. Also, National Socialists are anti-capitalist.

>youtube owned by google
>you fill out a google based captcha everytime you post
>implying the government doesnt already have a list of every single Sup Forums browser

just dont break any laws and you are good to go

>leaf has internet trouble

I like a wierd russian song called russian road; They fucking blocked the term "Russian Roads" WTF ?

First of all its obviously not related to internet, second of all I never said it was Jews, I said it was youtube.. which would imply its jews, so yes, jews.

Youre a shill. You dont belong here. No one thinks youre part of this board, you stand out like a white person in Sweden.