Be ugly, old woman mired in decades of scandals

>Be ugly, old woman mired in decades of scandals
>Be under criminal investigation
>Constantly halting a speech to hack and wheeze due to a chronic cough
>Disappear from campaign trail for weeks at a time, prompting wild speculations about health
>Pass out, get thrown into back of a van on national television
>Still win popular vote

Reminder that Donald Trump is only in office because his opponent was the worst possible candidate ever put forth by a major party in modern history
Reminder that Donald Trump barely scraped past Hillary in the states that matter and still failed to secure the popular vote
Reminder that there is no real alt-right movement and Donald Trump's presidency is just a small blip in history before he failures culminate in the pendulum swinging very hard to the left in the coming years
Reminder that after Donald Trump loses the next election and the smoke clears historians will consider the damage he did to the republican party will be one of the best things that has ever happened to the democratic party's hold on power


Reminder that due to her corruption the DNC couldnt have had anyone else run

Reminder that the democrats will put forth a charismatic male that will stomp Trump next election.

Only rural and suburban retards don't like Hillary.

With all the murders that happened before the elections, can we say that it was a government take over by the Clinton Foundation? All the people that could have talked are dead now.

Reminder that they'll double down with a black woman and calling anyone that doesn't intend to vote for her racist.

They have learned nothing.



California gave her the popular vote. California is a cesspool of Left-wing lunacy and degeneracy.

I hate this state

If she is still alive she will be the nominee. Her ego requires it and the DNC cannot stop her.

we'll get em next time cap'n. Next time.

>have chronic caught due to Parkinsons
>have named tied to pedos
>defend rapist husband

Anything else?

I think a lot of the identity politics bullshit they ran on last year was due to Bernie Sanders making it an issue in the primaries. If another candidate like him poisons the democratic primaries next election then maybe they will be forced to double down simply to hold their base together but they will probably do their best to avoid that shit like the plague next time around.
We'll find out what direction the DNC will go after the 2018 election. They might be able to purge some of the members that base everything on identity politics in those primaries.


>304 to 227

Good joke. Everyone laughs.

How did Bernie "poison the democratic primaries?" He was a legitimate candidate who we now know never stood a chance to DNC corruption. I don't think him being a candidate at all influenced the Democratic narrative, they would have run it regardless of whichever sap ran against Hillary. That's their only MO. You say they'll do things differently but I'm yet to see Democrats acknowledge any faults within their own and instead seem content to put responsibility on voters for not voting for them.

The issues that can win a party's primary are not always the same ones that can win the general election. Typically candidates run with some fringe ideas that play well within the party then soften their position when they need to refocus on moderate, undecided voters after securing the nomination. That's why the general election is often called the race to the center.
The primaries usually set the platform for what candidates will need to run on in order to maintain voter turnout within their own party in the general election. Bernie came in with ideas that played well with liberal-minded people who vote in democratic primaries but still serve as a big turn off to undecided voters who don't participate in party primaries.A better candidate would have been able to shut an aging, uncharismatic socialist down immediately but Hillary was so unappealing that she was forced to absorb a bunch of Bernie's views just to ensure his base turned out to the general election (she failed and they still didn't). She gambled on the idea that Trump's unpopularity meant she didn't have to recenter her positions to appeal to more undecided voters.

I predict Podesta makes a power grab, and based on this new information, I'll be supporting him this time.

You had me in stitches at

>Be Ugly

that's your own fault, retards

Don't be cruel to Hilly. At least she would know what she's doing right now. She was more like a finely researched documentary but America wanted crude reality tv.

>Still win popular vote

That's like saying she won the moon dancing pie eating contest. Protip: nobody was competing for popular vote.