There are people on Sup Forums right now who believe there are """"good"""" jews

>there are people on Sup Forums right now who believe there are """"good"""" jews.

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I mean, Jerry Seinfeld is a bretty cool guy.

I think I'm pretty good Jew. Maybe not by Nazi standards but by any normal metric of morality or social integration.


>there are people on Sup Forums right now who believe there are """"good"""" jews
>there are people that believe any major position of power since the Persian empire AT LEAST hasn't either been held or controlled by Jews in some way
Hitler was a Jewish plant, concentration camps were a way of getting the Jews away from the line of fire during the war so they'd be safe, and the holocaust never happened. Yet it remains that what Hitler said was right: the Jews must all be exterminated.

Could this be (((reverse psychology)))?

It's bullshit attention seeking to show there are ""good Jews"" when there aren't.

Have a serious discussion with any Hasidic Jew even neuterei karta and they'll admit they believe all gentiles must eventually serve Jews, but only after the messiah comes, it's the only difference between them and Zionist Jews. It's literally their religion.

>there are people on Sup Forums right now who believe that EVERYONE is a jews

might as well relax and enjoy it, eh jew?

I don't believe that everyone's a Jew. There's plenty of innocent people that have never held a position of real power in their lives. Most of the world's population is the workers, going about their day blissfully unaware of what's happening behind the scenes. Most white people, Indians, hispanics, Asians and yes, even the niggers we all hate so much are just pawns in the Jewish game

Hitler believed that too. See Emil Maurice

Most Jews have never held a position of real power in their lives.

But everyone that's even remotely held any position of power or influence is auto-jew.

I know a lot of people here have severe trust issues with popular figures, so do I, but you're just blowing it way out of proportion.

If the Jews are in control, and the Jews love money, why is the world going to Socialist? The social system the west seems to be embracing, would mean there is no money for the jews.

Name a single world leader that hasn't done anything to benefit the Jews in some way shape or form. I'll just list some of them awhile
>Abe Lincoln
>Freed the slaves and won the civil war so the Jews' greatest ally country wouldn't split and so the racemixing would start sooner
>Gave the Jews a scapegoat to milk for the next century
>Alexander the Great
>Early attempts to complete the global race mixing and takeover that the Jews desire
>Globalist policies that make it easier for the kikes in media and trade to control a larger population
>Muh Israel
>Enacted the security state after 9/11 so Jews can watch your every move without you knowing

See All Jews believe themselves to be in positions of power and each one is a weasel that will do whatever he can to gain power/influence over others.

They desire power and influence. In a capitalist society, money is a valid means of achieving that. In a socialist society, they will put themselves at the heads of various groups to influence those below them.

>there are people on Sup Forums right now that believe """"all whites"""" are ubermensch

>Hitler was a Jewish plant

Have we reached peak Sup Forums yet?

Of course thier is good ones, problem is they won't speak against the bad ones.

Secretly they all want greater israel and we'll pay the price in 3rd world refugees

>Gave the Jews a scapegoat to milk for the next century
So you're saying he caused and lost the entire ww2 on purpose. Yea, I don't think we can talk further, call me a kike if you want but I can't be that edgy sorry.

Why is that so out of the realm of possibility to you?

>he caused and lost the entire ww2 on purpose
Oh, and all the world leaders were in on it, not just Hitler

Not many, but there are some.
>pic related
>he was good enough for the F├╝hrer

Not to mention Bobby Fischer:

Well there's at least one, although he left his family and crossed the world in his 20s
He's a bit of a wuss, but apart from that, he's sterling

I think of the Jews like Italians and the Mafia. Only about 1% of Italians were part of the Mafia, but 100% of mobsters were Italian. Also maybe 10% of Italians knew a mobster and could get some benefit from it (like cheap stolen goods).

Similarly only like 1% of Jews are in the "club" which is like the mafia but for media, finance and government. And maybe 30% of Jews get some benefit from the "club" (whether they know it or not).

When you retards start stringing up Jews on lampposts, the "club members will have already escaped to a save haven, just like all the elite Jews escaped Europe in the 30s. Then they will start over until they are expelled or exterminated just like they have done 100+ times over the last two millennia.