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>Newest Interviews with Assad

>hohol livemap
>Military map
>Syria conflict map

>Fan maps

>E Aleppo/Raqqa Jun 7
>Mosul Jun6
>Palmyra Jun5
>N Syria/Iraq Jun4
>DeZ Jun4
>E Ghouta May 29
>E Qalamoun May26

Developments Jun8
>Palmyra:SAA advances 10km in SE Palmyra, and gains more ground in N around Arak oil fields&town
>US strikes pro-gov forces 2nd time for entering "de-confliction zone" that don't exist, after being fired upon by a drone they claim
>SAA captured Dakwah hilltop - E Damascus
>SyAF bombs positions in Raqqa of IS & 1 group part of SDF
>Turkish-backed militants attack Kurdish forces in N Aleppo,Tall Rifaat city
>UN investigates reports of US bombing in Mosul that killed 80+ civies
>IS raids SAA in rural Hama, capture mines, arty shells, anti-tank missiles, AKs,2bulldozers+pickuptruck
>FSA attacks SAA positions in Zuluf area
>PMU liberates Safouk Border-Crossing into Syria
>50+ rebels defect to SAA in NE Aleppo
>Qatar puts army on high alert, Iran offers to ship food/water
>WHO:Yemen cholera cases pass the 100k mark
>Houthis claim hit a Saudi F16 over Sana


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>Unconfirmed: Reports that US mercenaries captured Tel Al Musitma southeast Damascus

Ass*d cucked again.
U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

>Reports that US mercenaries captured Tel Al Musitma southeast Damascus


Anything new since yesterday?

>Military Situation in #Ithiriya-#Raqqah axis


Fucking yellow Zio-Saudi kurds need to be removed.

see, IDF uses barrel bombs as well

>tfw stealth roach invasion of north Iraq
Good morning /sg/!

>If you want more zoom, open in a new tab.

>America autistically screeching when anyone gets too close to their Jihad factory near Al Tanf

Fuck off already America

>122 killed and injured in ISIS suicide attacks in Karbala & Musiib, Iraq.

From Press TV:
> On Friday, Turkey’s Foreign Ministry warned the decision announced earlier this week to hold the independence vote on September 25 would be a “grave mistake.”
> "The maintenance of Iraq’s territorial integrity and political unit is one of the fundamental principles of Turkey’s Iraq policy,” it added.
>Turkey is wary of Kurds, especially those in its southeastern regions and others living in Syria and Iraq.



>what the fuck are you talking about? look, the SAA is advancing everywhere and doesn't lose positions, every offensive is successful. You want to know where i follow news? read almasdar, it's pretty based with military sources to them, it's absolutely reliable, read what they say. Stop lying, they never lied and they never promised Arak and Deyrezor offensives before today, they only talked about Tanaf and the offensive is ongoing right now, trust me the SAA is few kms far from Tanaf and they'll take it in few days, can't wait to see Tanaf under government control. Palmyra what?what are you taking about? what ISIS offensive are you talking about? they never retook palmyra lmao go read almasdar. As for Hama, almasdar and the other loyalist medias never lied about what was happening lmao stop being such a liar. No, the moderates never took Manshiya, please stop lying, the medias told that their attacks were repelled so it must be true. N-no the current governmental offensive in Deraa is to retake the few buildings at the southern outskirts of that district, the terrorists have been controlling them since the beginning. What video? p-please s-stop, it was shot in qatar by zionist filmmakers to make people think that terrorists advanced there, now i'm going to blo- n-no i'm not a coward please s-stop harassing m-me and r-read almasdar and NatDefFor they have such good sources they never l-lie !! NO they never lied plea- what proof? IT'S FUCKING FAKE PLEASE N-NOW S-S-STOP ! G-Give me link to see their lying p-posts as you say.. n-no it's i-impossible, syrian geneal p-pasted them it can't be f-false s-stop h-hurr.. h-hurr HURR DURR HURR DURR HURR DURR HURR DURR HUUUUUUUUURRR DUUURRRRRRRRRR
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the state of ass*dists

>the moment he smells the soap made out of gassed children tho

Send in the roaches!

I support the Syrian govt 100%, but that is 100% staged. Its good for normies tho.

Technically sending the roaches would be a scorched earth policy this point.

this could be tabloid material

isis is fucked
also will kurdistan gain independence after the war or will the roachs and iraqies cock block them

I didn't know the Iraqi army had a stronghold in Makhmur
Can anyone tell me more about it?

Most Iraqis at this point only want Kirkuk and Assyrian Turkmen and Yazidi land
The rest is a literal tumor for them


This is reality of Sweida /southewastern Damascus:

#Advance ongoing in three directions

#Also Russian airstrikes on US allied ground forces in Syrian desert near Iraq

southeastern Damascus *

Erdo will press the attack button a second after the Kurds declared a Free Kurdistan State
nice trips btw

"Nevertheless, the current situation around the Panorama roundabout remains favorable to ISIS as the SAA lacks armored vehicles while government forces are yet to retrieve the Panorama farms, Panorama school and adjecent SyriaTell hill, three important sites which the Islamic State captured last week."


he just translated that statement, which , i repeat, is an SAA statement so not trustworthy without proofs even if they say that they are losing.

syrian g*n*al and al irani crying again (as usual).

you still don't understand how important arabic and primary sources are to follow this conflict's news

>Independent Kurdistan
Good meme

>Protesters have surrounded a mosque in Maarat a-Numan in which armed HTS men are holed up and reportedly fired from at protesters previously.

are the HTS guys, based defensors of the free syrian people going to be ok?
Civilians want to lynch them!

Someone said scorched earth?

#army recaptured all lost points which is east of panorama near villas / deir ez-zor

#ISIS have 150 casualties which is 60 of them dead during the failed attacks

>Heavy SAA losses in rural Hama

> also will kurdistan gain independence after the war or will the roachs and iraqies cock block them
Also Syria and Iran will block them. If this kurdish shit ever happens (by force) they will turn it to an Afghanistan.

>lose everywhere
>g-guys we really gotta take deirezzor this time, come on now g guiizee

Iraqi sunni officerscorps, not even once. Couldnt even deal with iran during 8 years of war with ((superior)) western tech and support.

post yfw Raqqa is liberated before Mosul

Where's your source, kike?

According to some syrians I know, it wasn't THAT uncommmon to see him with family at a restaurant in Damascus or something similar
He also drove his own car even before the civil war


is this true /sg/?

I mean, im /fit/ as hell but im not so pretty

There's something about ISIS fighting tooth and nail in Palmyra, Hama and Deir ez-Zor whilst getting absolutely steamrolled by k*rds with no combat experience and literally abandoning their capital...

Iran actually had superior weapons due to Shah days while only France and Soviets were 100% behind Saddam while America didn't like him enough to give him their best weapons .
Can I ask you something?


> post yfw Raqqa is liberated before Mosul
Fuck off saudi kurd, Raqqa is being captured by another terrorist group and not liberated, only Assad liberates.
Also, look at the map of Mosul, thats a real siege, what your kurdish terrorists are doing isnt a siege.

You mean now or before the war? I highly doubt he can do that now the Israelis will kill him.

>no combat experience
Either they're just PKK who has decades of war experience or they have no PKK and have no war experience, make up your mind.

Before the war, of course.

I'm fit, fa and handsome as fuck, it's true 100%


Insurgency in T*rkey hardly translates well into regular warfare in Syria. Anyone can lie down in a bush and snipe. Conquering a city is a whole other thing.

>not realizing that federalism/autonomy for kurds is the only solution after Assad is done with jihadists

They'll cooperate because they have to, both of them.

Legit question: Are you guys officially employed by JIDF?

How many shekels do they pay you?

>inb4 he calls you a kurd

How is it that Moroccans are more conservative and nationalists than Algerians yet they don't mind their king close relations to Europe?
Algerians hate that "Hizb Franca" deeply influences their country get Moroccans don't seem to care

ISIS terrorists are definitely not fighting the kurdish terrorists. This is all a setup. You would have to be "Assad gasses his own people" retarded to think the kurds and ISIS are actually fighting seriously.

The only time kurds fought ISIS was in Ain Alarab, and their best forces got fucked big time.

How can you do this and not get mossaded / assassinated?

are the syrian secret services that fucking good?

Tru, but insurgency warfare could at the very least be a base for later learning urban warfare, they've fought in a few cities now so they should have some experience.

> >not realizing that federalism/autonomy for kurds is the only solution after Assad is done with jihadists

This goes to show how little you know about the region and about how the Syrian govt works. Your understanding of the Arab World is limited to posting pics of kurdish sluts here.

*calls in a shartstrike*


Its staged. People were searched, maybe all known mukabarat or involved with the govt. Its for normies to think he can do this and is safe. Very arab thing to do and it works for average westerners.

Hello lads, how are all of you today?


>how the Syrian govt works.
>implying it's still up to them to decide
The minute they invited Russia is the moment when the syrian government forfeited 100% control of the outcome
>Very arab thing to do and it works for average westerners.
So what's the point then, the avarage westerner won't see this footage
Pretty good, how about you?

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Im fine as well thank you for asking. Any new gains today?

I know its staged, but we have seen assad in a lot of crowded places, even near the frontlines.

Just one 'actor' outside your control angry enough and its all over. idk man, he exposes himself too much

Unlike what /sg/ thinks, nobody is interested in seeing Bashar dead. If he dies, someone competent might take his place and end this joke of a civil war within a month or something. It is better to have him fuck around, (((they))) know him better than anyone in this world (including poor Bashar himself) anyway.

Well damn, hope you get better soon Bulgaria bro.

Different histories and roads to independence

Morocco has almost never been conquered in its history, having been an independent nation since the berber revolt and consistently being a strong regional power. It has kept its leadership with a stable monarchy that's been in place since the 1600s. When we got colonized by France, it was through a protectorate that still let us keep (facade) sovereignty and our independence was negociated peacefully before Algeria, which let us remain good partners
Don't forget all the shared history with Spain as well, Hassan II has said that "Morocco's roots are in Africa and its branches in Europe"

Meanwhile, Algeria has almost never been an independent nation since it got annexed by the ottoman empire, and it was considered an integral part of France during the colonial era, which led to a goddamn bloody war with hundreds of thousands of martyrs. They acquired their independence through fighting and adopted a much more socialist policy, which led to their constant support to revolutions in the middle east and abroad (along with their staunchly anti-imperialist in a "we don't even want to do anything with you" way).

I think this may be the reason

thanks lad

Yeah i dont like that about him. I mean his father would always control things behind the scenes and divide responsiblity. I dont agree with Bashar's method, but I guess it improves morale.

How does this even happens?

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>Any new gains today?
Mountainroaches moving in on Raqqa,
Unclear information but the SAA might have regained controler over lost points in DeZ.
SAA reached mountainroaches near Raqqa

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Could be true, but i just find it odd how ISIS prioritizes things... Like there's someone ordering them to fuck with SAA more than the k*rds. Even when they're right beside eachother ISIS solely focuses on fighting SAA.

Stop proxyfagging.

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I kinda miss otto. He was a funny guy.

Staged? Are you special? All he need is security team who will screen people. That's it.

You sound like pathetic liberashka we have here. Stop it.

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>@mod_russia announces "civil war in Syria almost stopped"
What did they mean by this?

Fucking with the SAA historically yields better results than fucking with the kurds.

all of this applies to me

They meant Syrian Civil War almost stopped and turned into WWIII

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Colonwise at least

> Staged? Are you special? All he need is security team who will screen people. That's it.
Which is why it isnt "Assad randomly appears" like the original arabic report stated. Those people knew he was coming, searched, waited, the whole thing was staged in that sense and wasnt "Assad randomly walking around town".