What's Sup Forums drinking tonight?

White russian

-half and half


Water. 2 weeks sober. Enjoy buddy, don't let it own you.

>racemixing: the drink

Very clever OP.

I'm not drinking because it's a Tuesday night and I'm a wageslave who has to wake up at 7am.

But that's a shit drink you're having anyhow, made for cucks and women.

Fuck you, they are great.

enjoy throwing up curdled milk.

>never again

Grats on turning 21

Wtf is wrong with you retards. White Russians are fine.

At least im not drinking a mojito or a some bullshit.

>Swedish vodka

Jack Daniels or GTFO

Leaf Whiskey and Coke infortunately

Liquid crack

Russian standard and I also have some strawberry diesel shatter

>he drinks blended scotch

I love Jack Daniels. That's all I buy. I lie to myself and buy these white russians so i can say im not an alcoholic.

I fucking love white russians. I go cheaper with sobieski, montezuma, and milk but w/e. Titos or Ketel One are both far superior to Absolute


Very nice shatter. You know it's pure and clean when it has the honey look.


>drink is made with a women's coffee liqueur
>and thick white cream

What isn't gay about this fucking drink?

Real men drink whiskey sours or Manhattans if they're having a mixed drink. White Russians, Brandy Alexanders, etc. are pleb-tier faggot starter drinks.

Start drinking straight scotch you goddamn manlet holy shit you disgust me.

>not sucking down your 18 year old GF every Friday night

What about Stoli?

don't drink but i'll be smoking a mix of weed and tobacco all night.

Jim Beam Rye on the rocks, and Ninkasi Helles lager.

delicious drink, but i no longer drink the ethanol jew

Haha, I 've never drank a white Russian.

Dammit, I wasn't planning on drinking tonight but now I've gotta go make a White Russian.

Molson and big joint of dank ass power plant as soon as I'm off work nigga

skip the half and half and kahlua.

fill glass with ice, two fingers of vodka, splash of irish cream 'till your tits fall off...

>consuming alcohol

Drink water you fucking degenerates.

Whiskeys don't get you fat though, anything with kahlua will

That's all I usually drink is Jack or Crown. Every now and again I get a Johnny Walker green label.

straight vodka tonight mate.

Thanks. Yea, and no co2 or butane bubbles.

It was pretty cheap too, $20/g

Irish Carbomb to start the night.

Congrats, is that your longest?

Enjoying one or two of these tonight.
Tasty as fuck

>drinking alcohol
what are you? some sorta degenerate?


Knob Creek bourbon, ice, splash of sour mix.

>or Crown

Are you a 19 year old college girl?

>Tuesday night
>those unnecessary calories

you degenerate pussy

Iced coffee

Last drink I had was on a date in November last year. Irish coffee. Before that I think it was more than a year I drank alcohol.