Women dont care about politics

name one single time a womans vote has ever made a diffrence

If that babe lets me motor boat her breasts I'll vote for anything she wants



It was a mistake to give them the right to vote in the first place.



When you're mother voted for my dick last night (and the morning after).

nice read.

as i get older i realize that the family is the backbone of a nation and so is a homogenous culture.

this was a bit of a red pill that put some pieces together for me. we're fucked

Women are the most active voters in Russia.

You cucks are joking right?
everything he said was fucking retarded
this kinda shit is laughable

Ill blow everything he said out of the water with one word
[spoiler] neoliberalism [/spoiler]
get fucking cucked nazis


no one should vote. by voting you explicitly demonstrate you are OK with dumbocracy.

>womans vote has ever made a diffrence
Literally since they were enfranchised you fucking retard. You think these government gibs were men's voting patterns?

Although this likely wasn't your point, I honestly think that a change in the system of government to a more Authoritarian system is the only way we can change the vote (and the status quo) back. Democracy (especially in our time) assumes that everyone is equal, so of course it favors Liberalism.

Conservatism is a futile cause with absolutely no chance of doing anything but slowing down this degeneracy, as they are the opponents of not only an ideology, but the very system they inhabit.

bourgeois democracy should be dismantled

She might not vote, but she might touch the winky.

wasted trips

Your elitist flag isn't showing...

>Mr. "I'm too good for being a family man"

Get out redditfag

Thanks for sticking up for us! :3