The Amish

Are communities like the Amish (Pennsylvania Dutch) and Mennonites the ultimate redpill or just degenerate escapism.

>qt modest women
>stay out of politics
>don't welcome outsiders

Are they just escaping the shithole of modern life at the cost of being utterly irrelevant, or are they living well and preserving their way of life and ensuring a future for their people?

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I wouldn't want to give up Sup Forums and tendies

degenerate escapism, but hey, what's the point in being red pilled if you're still a slave to this society ? At least they live a simple life and are autonomous in pretty much everything. I respect that.

They don't allow photos. Also nail polish.
fake and gay

Wasn't Belladona raisaed amish or something?

As someone who grew up Mennonite and left when I was 28 I can tell you it's not the answer. They certainly have a lot of very positive things about their lifestyle but it doesn't scale. You could not have a country with only Mennonites and Amish.

inbreed subhumans just like OP's family

Watch this documentary on the Amish seeing how degenerate the world really is.

>just degenerate escapism

How do you define escapism? They have established communities and a strong ethnic identity that are hundreds of years old. "Escapism" to me implies a way to ignore reality, but I think they're more authentic than the average American today


Staunch religious Christians can't compete with Chinese technology and the ruthlessness of Muslims.

Guessing there was something wrong with her dad.

I agree... but having a nation that is both forward looking technologically speaking while having a rock solid moral compass could work! It's the middle ground..

There's something very appealing about this kind of small self sufficient communities, and they all work in a similar fashion until they grow larger than 500 individuals.

They're very slutty they let themselves be photographed barefoot

>tfw my gf's parents are ex-old order mennonites

still conservative as fuck and anti-degenerate.

>amish Don't welcome outsiders
They're one of the most hospitable people on Earth. How are they not welcoming?

They may be welcoming, but they don't proselytise or want outsiders to join.

We have Amish and Mennonites in La Pampa province.

Most of them still speak German.
They are my "Plan B".

If by my late 30s I'm a failure with no kids I will join them and start a proper family.

They're just protective about their communities I think, which a nation actually should be. Modern societies have lost this aspect. Most people are now in it for themselves instead of living life for God, family and community/friends. In these dark times, people like them are shining examples in a dark and twisted world.

>rejects technology
>still uses the wheel, the horse saddle, the buggy, the spinning jenny, public roads, barns, etc
Religion is fucking retarded and most practices only serve to virtue signal.

They may be welcoming but i doubt you get to live in their community just because you wanted to become one. I think you have to go through some vetting process to prove you have what it truly takes to live their way of Christian life and let go of modern conveniences. Of course, if you wish to become like them but not totally isolated from use of modern tech, you can go with the Mennonites. I hear they hsve a great community but dont really isolate their community from the outside world.

No, they have horrible health problems due to the inbreeding. Ask any Doctor.

>I agree... but having a nation that is both forward looking technologically speaking while having a rock solid moral compass could work! It's the middle ground..
It can't. As long as you use anything capable of synchronous two-way long distance communication, or significant data storage and processing, you're fucked, God will leave you and your people forever.

Read Technopoly.

>joining in 30s
So they'll let you take one of their Downs syndrome girls off their hands?

What makes you think that some outsider fuckup that's over 30 is going to join and be welcome to marry one of their prize qts?

good catch. Try to catch a liberal with that and then lay down paki interbreeding

Wrong. They are susceptible to some genetic disorders but aver all they are very rare.

"While the Amish are at an increased risk for some genetic disorders, researchers at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center—Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute (OSUCCC-James) have found their tendency for clean living can lead to better health. Overall cancer rates in the Amish are 60 percent of the age-adjusted rate for Ohio and 56 percent of the national rate. Tobacco-related cancers in Amish adults are 37 percent and non-tobacco-related cancers are 72 percent of the rate for Ohio adults. The Amish are protected against many types of cancer both through their lifestyle—there is very little tobacco or alcohol use and limited sexual partners—and through genes that may reduce their susceptibility to cancer. Dr. Judith Westman, director of human genetics at OSUCCC-James, conducted the study. The findings were reported in a recent issue of the journal Cancer Causes & Control. Even skin cancer rates are lower for Amish, despite the fact many Amish make their living working outdoors where they are exposed to sunlight and UV rays. They are typically covered and dressed to work in the sun by wearing wide-brimmed hats and long sleeves which protect their skin"

>If by my late 30s I'm a failure with no kids I will join them and start a proper family.
Good luck with that

Regardless of whether you agree with their moral philosophies communities like that could not exist without the protection of the very society they hate.
There is no future in their way of life. They will stay stagnant in their small communities until either the state that allows them to exist tires of them or is replaced by less polite governance.