Rebellion thread

this thread is for my fellow blacks on this board, we need to start a rebellion and rule over the white man

>tfw the niggers get upity

B8 saged and ignored

>capable of governing a country
pick one


How about you kys?

who else but the WE WUZ KANGZ
its gonna be like rome vs egypt (but this time theyre actually black)

fuck off nigger

lets do it.

Black-Asian-Hispanic-Arab-Persian-Native American-Slavic alliance

against the whites

Ayyy yo hol'p

i will support your efforts. cumskins need to be executed with flamethrowers, every last one of them

holy fucking christ my sides

I want a real race war right now. I'm ready to go. Let's do it.

bruh we gotta think of uh plan befo we go rebellioning n shit cuz. we gotta do some of dem protesting befo we be makin da white house black again

ay who wit me doE? lets get this paper and squad up cu SUWOOO

How about you try swinging from a rope instead, it's your more natural habitat


rise up

Shut the fuck up

I wish obama would run and win again.

hello my fellow blacks
fuck whites fuck trump

don't put me in your side commie shit.

To ensure on th' seven seas, I decree that scallywags of negro complexion are not ta be allowed on any honest sailer's vessel.

daily reminder that black people beat jews, spics, and asians to the white house


Start by being able to rule over your own people


They think they beat the jews to the White House.


Day of the rope coming soon.

I'm black to guys look! Ogabuga click click



really not that funny. cringe