Goals, causes, careers, survival, chasing good health, friends, family, love, morals, empathy, happiness...

Goals, causes, careers, survival, chasing good health, friends, family, love, morals, empathy, happiness, intellect and reason are illnesses for the body and traits of the superfluous.

Modern man suffers from a lack of selfishness due to placing himself second to other things but himself.

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Alright egoist ancom edge lord I'll bite. What's wrong with altruism and capitalism?

>traits of the superfluous

Learn to words

Turns you into a degenerate cuck, that's what.

Heard a very profound analogy from Jordan Peterson in his discussion with Sam Harris.

It starts at 13:20 and is Jordan discussing a hockey game.


>"The goal of human life isn't to win the game. The goal of human life is...to win the whole set of possible games. And in order [to do that] you don't need to win any particular game. You have to play in a manner that ensures that you will be invited to play more and more games."


No, pussy ass european philosophy does that. Look at you all. You're complete panty waste pussies. Russia is capitalist. The US is capitalist. China is capitalist. India is capitalist.

Stop blaming everything but yourselves for being pussies. Your behavior typifies your own problem, an inability to accept the responsibility that necessarily goes along with self-actualization.

Altruism is merely pity extended generally.

Pity is the act at looking down at someone lower than yourself when you could be looking up to improve yourself. Nietzsche saw pity as an insult and unhelpful to those lower than yourself.

Also, ain't nothing wrong with capitalism. Nietzsche was about morality not economics or politics (at least not directly).

How dare you, as a communist of some sort, promote Nietzsche. Your ideology literally WANTS to bring about the Last Man and degenerate man into something that is less. The bow of our longings will no longer whir and the tensions in its strings will be laid slack in the world of equality and mediocrity you communists so want to create.

Fuck you.

>Altruism is merely pity extended generally.

Altruism is the result of not being a sociopath, a necessary quality for having a decent society. It isn't just "generalized pity", it's instinctual game theory. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. It's how civilized people operate from ancient Japan to modern America.

civilization and living with others only makes subhumans

>civilization and living with others only makes subhumans

You're a moron and your ways would lead to a chaotic Earthbound species and eventual extinction.

Meanwhile, capitalism will keep on inventing bad ass technologies and making the world better, colonizing and profiting from the entire universe.

>making the world better
but you're making it worse

>Altruism is merely pity extended generally.
Empathy is constructive.
Don't be a kike

Pathological empathy or altruism is just bad judgement.

trying to be something that you are not for the sake of 'progress' is the root of human suffering

indirect benefits

I bet you're asian, fuck off chink

>but you're making it worse

>my cloth stuck on a rock

A different rock than the only rock humans currently exist on, the only basket containing our eggs. One vulnerable thread that, if severed, ends us all.

But it won't be that way for much longer. We capitalist American patriots have got dis. You eurocucks sit around sipping your covfefe from tiny cups, we'll fucking save humanity. Again.

>play in a manner that ensures that you will be invited to play more and more games
so you have to be clever and pretend to care to get free stuff?

that's a lie, people now work to buy things that they like, people are too secluded in themselves that they dont care about anything else, nietzsche was a cuck

>caring about anything outside
nigga please

Not free stuff. The analogy explains that, although we all think that life is a hockey game, the real wisdom is that life is actually a hockey tournament, and no matter how many goals you score in the current game, if you're rude, selfish, angry, self-satisfied, etc., you'll remove yourself from competition and the tournament will go on without you.

I thought communists gave a shit about something? I do not.

what if I dont play?

Then you get to experience true misery, the kind of misery that is programmed into your brain and your chemistry when you fail to complete any or all of the things which we're programmed to value and pursue. It's not at all a contrived misery or depression; it is a chemical, genetic, evolutionary depression that can only be cured by pursuing and achieving the things that we're programmed to pursue and achieve.

What bothers me op is that you're not defining a chategory nor are you promising to at any future time.

sucks to think you are here to be a donkey doing donkey work for others

yes, I am describing a state where your concepts dont apply. Hard to grasp but its right in front of you and what you are.

Please educate me. Wtf is the 'Last Man' and what do you mean by "The bow of our longings will no longer whir and the tensions in its strings will be laid slack in the world of equality and mediocrity..."?

I dont think you understand Nietzshe ther than to promote your OWN agenda thus you call me a communist and spew memes that you think will help you live better

>civilization and living with others only makes subhumans

Yes, but civilizations are still more powerful.

Each cell in your body is a degenerate, helpless piece of shit that can't survive on its own for 2 seconds. But combined, they are millions of times more powerful than an amoeba, a self-sustaining unicellular organism.

Likewise, while any given civilized man is no match for a lone hunter gatherer, the combined society can stamp them out of existence.

What you're proposing is that individuals within civilization act more selfishly than they need to.

Do you know what it's called when a cell starts hogging up more resources than it needs to do its job? Cancer.

then you will be happier as cancer, trust me

no matter how many analogies you present like one them 'scientists', you wont fool me.
Science is modern day shamanism, just theories unrelated to what you are.

science focused on improving you, that is, like medicine.
The rest is just creating hell on earth and trying more 'effcient' way to be less of a nuisance like using solar power instead of coal.

>Science is modern day shamanism

It's only by destroying the ego that we can become who we are.

My concepts help me communicate with people.

compare info you mean

However you want to put it I value the shared experience more than I do myself

im not saying dont go to the doctor if your dick is sour so he can massage it. Im saying dont believe them when they say this pill or activity (like jogging) will help you live better and that being (((fat))) will kill you

>muh sensuality
are you a girl?

No. I'm not promoting hedonism either if that's part of your implication.

me neither but only thru hedonism will you find balance, my son

Elaborate please.

I have sex that's enough for me.

They need to split the flags - syndicalist, and primitivist.

Yes, but isn't the entire point of this site to preserve white people?

White people acting selfishly is why other white people suffer.

everything you know about life, more specifically how you should be, is given to you by others.

>trying to be something that you are not for the sake of 'progress' is the root of human suffering
That's stupid as fuck.

It's called reading your environment. You have to have empathy or you're out of touch

I assure you that everything you try to 'be', that you are currently not, is not of your interest and not who you are. Its theories created by others for you to folow - like love or god.

Healthy living and making money/succeeding in life is the new religion.

so its not that millenials are entitled, they are just waking up to the fact that everything they know is a lie.

Mankind has never made a single celled organism go extinct.

sick burn.
you are alone and thats all you need to be.

just cus we share the same planet and species, dont mean we are rely on others

Yes, so is your genetic material. So are your instincts.

You seem to be implying that it's a bad thing...

so I should do what science says and what my culture/state says because what they say is who i am?

and I should believe that what happens in the ecnomony of a country like where I was born is what happens to me?

NatSoc Germany was the live action re-enactment of Nietzche's philosophy you fuckin' tard.

or that what humans have created such as economics and science applies to me?

No, not necessarily. You should do what most humans do: judge everyone and every idea based on its merits. Look at it fairly and judiciously and decide if its good or bad, useful or pointless. As well, you should not pretend that you're a self-made, self-created entity with sourceless knowledge and wisdom. You are the product of your genes and your environment. And there's nothing wrong with that.

He's not technically wrong.

and with that ''here are the mechanics of who you are'' you can control me

I must ask you to elaborate again...

What's wrong with learning from your experiences and the experiences of your family and friends and predecessors?

what you are is not described with words.
words only make it seem controllable and destroyable.

death to the bourgeois

Okay. You're incomprehensible to me. Have a good night.