Kek! network ten has gone into receivership, that will teach them for supporting that retard isis sympathizer waleed

kek! network ten has gone into receivership, that will teach them for supporting that retard isis sympathizer waleed.

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Bumpety Bump. So what does this mean? They out on their arses or someone buying it and then try to rescue the network?

i doubt it mate. the share holders dont want to risk anymore of their money. it nearly failed 5 years ago and again before that i believe

also i would be bad if rupert murdock was to buy it, senile old coot already interferes too much in the workings of Australia

Makes sense, their shows are mostly awful. Getting harder to compete with pay per view stuff now anyway.

you mean people arent tuning in to hear Waleed rant at them about how racist they are?

>talks about muh inequality
>wants to ban the plastic bag
>forcing poor people to buy green bags

Aubros please explain to us Americans. Also translate to Arabic if possible for German bros and Leafs.

>shitty TV station gone into debt

Now fuck off this thread is full

the fact that he says everybody is racist and predujust against foreigners is exactly what he is supposedly protesting against is just moronic.

we are full so we had to make room

Australia only has 3 main TV channels : 7, 9, 10.

(theres also channel 2 and SBS, but theyre for hippies, like your PBS)

channel 10 hosts shows that are hyper-SJW and theyre now crashing. hundreds of mil in debt.

Waleed, one of the main presenters of their main talk shows basically promotes islam every chance he gets, and often gos on 2-3 minute rants, directed at viewers, about how theyre shitcunts for being racists.

What are the chances of no more 7pm Project?

Shit channel gets what it deserves, and its few good shows (Have You Been Paying Attention) are resurrected and bought by other channels

To view the link replace baka with s m h, stands for Sydney Morning Herald, but s m h autocorrects to baka here

kek being a seppo you should know what it means to be succsesfull in buisness.

Some other channel better start playing MASH episodes in the afternoon or I'm going to be very angry.

>wants to ban the plastic bag
Aren't they already banned?

abc and sbs are the best. they have intellectual programs and non biast news reporting unlike that big retard cuck andrew okeefe on 7

Good they only had American trash tv and cucky leftist shows

pick one

yeah and becker, also everybody loves raymond. but king of queens can fuck right off thats cringy.

Need more of this cunt on tv.

I was surprised to see he is still alive. For some reason I assumed he had died.

Bring back Burke.

Even normies are flooding FB happy about the demise of wally. I follow sky news, every second poster is saying theyre hoping its the end of the project.

id doubt that pal have you ever seen leigh sales rip into the pm lol. also shes hot as fuck imo

I'm sick of the project. It did expose me to Steve Price tho.

link posts ? im not on 'cuckbook'

does this mean 11 and one are out too? All I watch on tv now is cartoons and van damme movies

>Most overwhelmingly divisive and disliked TV presenter in the country
>Is given a circle-jerk award for being literally the nation's best television personality
>Probably personally responsible for the majority of the entire network's loss of viewership.

It's fucking poetry is what it is mate.

Yeah, damn shame he has faded away a bit; a true Aussie ledge.

SA faggot detected

>good shows
Don't exist. All our TV is pure concentrated cancer. If you're still watching any of that shit stop.

id say so mate, but they would likely be picked up by 7flix and stuff. what im hoping is that there wont be four channels all playing the same episode of family fucken fued.. literally 10, 11, one and 10hd on the same night at the same time! like wtf

L.Sales is fucken tenacious. Love it.

>SA faggot
Is it just here they are banned? I never knew.

Reusable bags are worse for the environment unless used literally thousands of time lel

>also everybody loves raymond
Kill yourself. Becker is the only half decent show you mentioned.

quick rundown?

>No more Frasier re-runs


>It's another romantic family comedy tv show about some slag and/or her ex husband and their friends and all the bad things that happen to yuppies in melbourne tv series episode

they make a new version of this show every year and ive never seen anyone watch them

Who was/is funding this?! Losing 100M's means someone has been supporting this blatant propaganda. Wtf.....

Are you saying that is a good thing?

Does bolt still have a show on it?

Young liberal the donald cuck please go

It's not perfect but it's the best option


I use em about 5 times before throwing them out. They get one final use as a trash bag though.

>shitty TV channel borrowed 300 million dollars
>got murdoch to sign up as guarantor
>murdoch pulled out a few weeks ago
>they have to pull 300 million dollars out of their ass or go bankrupt


The only thing on Channel 10 that has EVER been worth watching was American television. Australian television is universally awful and with the advent of Netflix etc, dinosaurs like 10 can't really keep up.

>It's not perfect
That is a massive understatement. It is cancer.

magnet link please m80.


Gina Rineheart owns 10% controlling share in Channel 10
Same person who shills for population ponzi to keep her mining employment expenses down

Let's archive it

They basically put a hyper SJW version of "The View" on during prime time for 2 hours each night for years because they could afford to.

pic related is the full extent of their regular TV shows in my area and only one is even remotely conservative: Blue Bloods.

ultra babe

The rest are cancer. The ABC has loads of good shows compared to anything 7 9 10 churn out.

>Documentary about whatever on ABC
>TV show about some sluts doing a reno and getting married to a farmer and losing a food competition on 7 9 10

Thanks Aussie bro

Receivership was the plan all along for Murdoch. Buying a network for 1/3 its value without making an offer. Smart. Hopefully he converts it back into based news. (Not so sure with though how is new acquisition Vice is going. Maybe it takes time to convert)

Love your work Norbro

>Bull (you cuck)

what the fuck is that

does channel 10 actually broadcast their church services? Is that at 2am or something? They certainly never advertise it

Around August last year I was having a few with my mate and talking stocks and he said that I should buy Ten shares.

I laughed at him and shorted the fuckers the next trading day. I got out of the position less than a month ago. I believe in God now

>The ABC has loads of good shows
There literally aren't even "loads" of good shows in the history of television, let alone on one channel at any one time.

you can count the number of TV shows actually worth watching on two hands and one foot. That is for all time.
they have some good shit.

Do you think shaun's going to stay centrist in the age of trump?

their comedys dont have canned laughter like most shit on other channels.

I'm so happy right now

They don't have any laughter at all.

>we dont do reunion shows

thanks for the chuckle.

also have you ever watched landline. only channel that reports on regional Australia news and important events.

Is that the bush tucker man?

I haven't been happy since 1996.

Shitty commercial TV station that always plays reruns of Mash, The Simpsons and Judge Judy has gone bankrupt and will probably shut down soon.

Who cares. The last time I watched Australian TV was on election night last year.

Remember how the newest biggest loser season was such a failure they made new episodes air in the middle of the day because they didn't want to waste any nighttime slots with shit nobody wanted to watch?

he'll probably get a gig with the ABC

>the weekly starring charlie pickering and waleed aly

If it made it past the ABC censors to broadcast then it is something purely benefiting women (house envy ala Grand Designs, costume play drama with 2 suitors in "her" love triangle, etc).

Sorry to tell you they are only targetting effeminate followers as a bi-product of their main aim.

If you dont watch landline you're unpatriotic.

It's litrially the only program on telly that shows whats happening in Australia outside of the cities.

lmao nice work 10

>I haven't been happy since 1996.
i know how you feel

It is full of women reporters and stories about refugees saving rural towns now.

>tfw SBS will never go back to being totally uncucked and play more fresh lesbian erotica at 7:30 on Friday nights followed by 4 hours of classic anime again

It hurts.

burkes gone m8. he was too good for us

The internet rendered SBS's erotica and anime services obsolete

Don Burke?

new host of Q&A

link dat sheeeeit niqqa

i reckon itll be worthwhile

No-one else would get a word in. It would just be a full hour of close-ups on his smug face while the audience claps non-stop.

>tfw this psycho will soon be out of a job

>all these fucking plebs still watching Aus TV

It's disgusting.

I am way ahead of you nigrito.

>that one lesbian who went to Italy movie
>those dutch girls putting condoms on bananas

>buy ten shares


he'll become the new sunrise weather man

when i was in highschool (25 years ago?) SBS would be like this:

all day while i was at school
>wogs arguing about soccer

Get home from school:
>Some kungfu Ninja shit (the only place you could see jackie chan)
>lesbian erotica
>best cartoons from MTV oddities, Aeon flux, the Head, Beavis and Butthead

TV will never be that great again.


he will cuck. they will all cuck, bigtime. there is no slimier parasite on earth as the "Aussie celeb"







>bad mouthing GRAND DESIGNS

Fuck off cunt