Down with the Putin regime!

Arrested Russian qts from yesterday's anti-Putin protest.

Feel free to join in if you have more.

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she looks like a racemixed loon you faggot white knight




and you're upset because she still wouldnt fuck you







I hope they never allow feminism or faggotry




Fuck then traitors. They are sluchas and antiwar Jews. They hate based Putin and his regime. I hope someone will rape them in prison. Da


t Central Asian illegal Muslim terrorist

Bien Ahí, Putín

Get your hands off of her, pig

Putin is father of nation. He is smart, kind and we all love him. This is Soros agenda

I would gladly grant them all political asylum on my dick
Back to autozak with you

What exactly are they protesting and what do they want?

Sweden/Germany please.

>Ivan it is time to liberate in back of van

Basically they protest against the 18 year old dictatorship of Putin. Want to end the stealing of national resources by Putin's cronies, want closed borders, want to deport illegal Muslims, want gun rights for self defense against Putin's Chechen roaches and so on.

That's like a 2 in Russia you retard

those degenerates got off easy
they should have been made to ride the cossack carousel as punishment

Giving women freedom is like giving niggers freedom. They will inevitable use to destroy nobility and civilization. They would be far, far more qt, and worth dying for, as the property of Western males, functioning as traditional wives/mothers. Not that I think the Putin regime is Traditional, in any way. He's just a representative of a different band of plutocrats, from the band of plutocrats that run the West.

No you are wrong. They are Soros agenda, thay hate right wing policy and conservative christianity regime by Putin. They are jews

t Saudi Arabien

Muslims are our friends, they are red pilled conservatives and their woman know their place.

There's nothing conservative about Putin's regime. Even the church is ran by the secret police and only serves the regime like during Soviet times, everybody knows it.
Stop shitposting in my thread, troll.

you just know

This is rusophobia lies. You must watch Russia Today and see how good we are really lives.

So this is basically Russian SJWs protesting against the evil Conservative Putin regime

The ppl protesting Putin look like Liberal SJWs. Who are you trying to fool?

Yes thay are SJW

No, see People like you don't understand the difference between oppressive and conservative.

i thought you were posting QTs op ...

We love Putin, everyone happy here.

Archive the shills


So they oppose circumcision?

>Down with the Putin regime!

Hell no, Putin is the only person in Russia who wants Russia to stay white. Without him Russia would be lost to Muslims!

Based Putin

A father only has one keep his daughter OFF THE POLE!

I'll go with no.

>they oppose circumcision
>with a nose and forehead like that
I'll go with no.

Sup fâm, when are you guys going to build obstacles to stop cars from driving on the sidewalk? Or even implementing license revoking penalties for driving on it?

oh look, a bunch of soros backed cucks.

LOL, spend a little more time in the Alt-Right, and what you'll notice is that photos and videos of the most vile, disgusting, insane leftist demonstrations (pro-"refugee", et. al.), are dominated by white women and non-whites. Trust me brother, white knighting is a wasted, even treasonous, endeavor, in modernity.

what the fuck happened to the flags? this place is looking like reddit

>look like
They are city dweller women, sorry they don't look like your kind of redneck woman.

Yes, Russia is white Christian country.

She looks fucking disgusting OP what are you on about

No, they are liberal kikes.

>sex gulags

Putin wins again.

Fuckin Soros

I know you're russian you fucking piece of shit.
Stop shilling against your best leader Russia ever has had.

>le lets go to war with Russia they dont want niggers and feminism!

You are destroying the West. I am not going to fight in your war. Fuck off

Fuck I wish Antifa were treated like this

Putin is true white leader of Mother Russia


Daily reminder that Central Asian mongrels are not Russian, and therefore are not Slavic or white. They are the result of Bolsheniggers allowing steppe gooks to integrate within white Russian society. I say good riddance, would have been better if the fair officers threw them back into their shitty little yurt villages and Chuvash communities, where they belong.

These protesters explicitly support a nationalist leader with a right-wing agenda. Over 1000 people were arrested yesterday, BTW.

>bunch of stupid woman and hipsters in they yearly 20.


No he is pro Ukrainian jew.

Are you surprised? Old Russians were brainwashed to worship Vladimir (Lenin).

You posted 13 posts in my thread and all are trolls, you fucking illegal Muslim.

Any of you remember that anti-Russian protester that shoved an ENTIRE FROZEN CHICKEN inside of her pussy.

That's exactly the type of people that protest against Russia

Were women a mistake?

>second from right's rape face

She's going to get swarmed.

I am not trolling. Putin is awesome leader for me and my family and i am not muslim. I am russian mordvin.

If you actually knew which side Putinists are on you'd know that you have no choice

The only person protesting that doesn't look like complete shit

Putin is the best thing to happen to that shit hole

Reply to

>I am russian mordvin.
Like I said, every post is a troll.

I bet I will see some of these faces in some spanish streets.

Daily reminder this is Amerifat tax dollars at work.

Ok bro, you got me. I'm really tired of all shit after fuckin Ramadan and fuckin Siberian mancy mayor of Moscow. Tomorrow we will have an open chat with Putin and i bet he well go on 4 presidential term

Like every MAGA hat wearing guy is paid by the KGB.
Every Republican supporter is paid by Koch brothers and every patriot receives a check from the Military Industrial Complex.

>they're all a bunch of roastie cunts

Really, fuck this WHITE CHRISTIAN RUSSIA meme, i hate this fuckin sandnigers.

Not a fact-based narrative. Go bother your supervisor.

Thanks for bumping though.

>Go bother your supervisor.
Stop projecting, paid shill.

Lift your mask, liberal.

Everybody hate
Don't know what to do about it, because half of them are actually a part of Russian Federations so they are "russians" and we can't do anything about it.
But Putin is the best leader of the world in foreign policy and this matters very much.

so much RIDF in this thread

Didn't Putin make Russia a much better place to live

Liberal bydlo got wreckd.

>best leader of the world in foreign policy and this matters very much.

Maybe, but his soviet love to give money to all mudslims and all Bazookistans on map makes me sick.

why do sjw's across the globe always look the same?

Moscow? Yes. Other Russia? Nope

why dedicate and entire thread to the russian equivalent of sjws?

Just a bunch of disgusting attention whores.

I hope they are punished severely.

Since when protesting for freedom of speech makes you an SJW?

This money is strategically important.